How to Activate a Claro Chip in Argentina step by step

Know how to activate the Claro chip in Argentina It will allow you to receive SMS messages or make calls on your new cell phone or line. Yes buy a clear chip and you still don’t know how you can do it activate the chip Either with a control or prepaid plan, we will explain all the steps so that you can activate it.

Activate Claro chip in Argentina

By performing this procedure to activate the Claro Argentina chip you can access all the benefits of the 4G, 3G or even the new 5G network.

Activate the Claro SIM card It is very simple, to do it we leave you a series of steps to achieve it correctly:

  • You must identify the slot where to place the SIM card.
  • Enter the Clear SIM card having the cell phone turned off.
  • Wait for the device to get Claro’s 3G or 4G signal.
  • You should receive a message confirming the number that was assigned to your clear line.
  • Turn your phone off and on again.
  • Call the number *234#.
  • Answer the questions and activate your Claro phone line.

This guide will work for both clients of Claro who have a balance or who are without a balance. To enable a Claro chip the steps are quick and easy. It should be noted that it works for both customers with prepaid and postpaid accounts.

In the event that you have a postpaid chip, it is not necessary to activate the line since it is done automatically. On the other hand, prepaid lines that have 4G have to be activated manually.

Activate Prepaid Chip

The steps to be able to do the activation of a Claro prepaid line it is super easy and simple. You must have the mobile device connected and the chip installation done first. The process is the following.

  • You must insert the prepaid chip into the mobile device.
  • After that, you must dial the number *234# that corresponds to Claro Argentina from your cell phone in order to activate.
  • You have to upload the complete ID number, gender and answer the questions that allow you to validate your identity.
  • Once the form is submitted you will have the active line.

On the other hand, the clear line must have the 3G activated chip or prepaid chip in personal name to be able to use all the company’s services.

Activate 4G chip

Now, you have another option that allows you to activate a Claro chip which has 4G. If your cell phone has a modern network with maximum speed through 4G, you must follow this procedure to enable:

It is recommended that you save all the information on your cell phone such as phone numbers and email address to prevent things from being lost.

You must have all the data of the line in hand to start the activation process.

  • Communicate from your clear line to the number *746#
  • Follow each of the instructions that the system tells you step by step.
  • Now you must insert the 4g clear chip.
  • Activate the line from the “Settings/configuration” option for Android.
  • Then you have to access “Mobile Networks”.
  • Go to “Network Mode”.
  • You choose “Automatic configuration” or “LTE”.

If you follow these steps you can have the 4g network line of clear activated.

How to register a Claro chip?

How to Activate a Claro Chip in Argentina step by step

From the Claro website there are the steps you must follow to be able to activate a Claro chip quickly and easily. This means that when buying a Claro 4G cell phone you have to first insert the chip into the cell phone slot and call the customer service number *234 from where you can activate it.

The registration of the line implies that you have to upload the last name and first name together with the ID of the owner. This is very useful so that, in case of loss or theft of the line with Claro, you can automatically report and block.

Activate the Claro chip

if you have a clear chip which is in idle status and you want to activate the line, the easiest thing is to first write down the ICC serial number next to the SIM card number.

The SIM number contains 19 digits and is printed on the chip, generally the acronym is 8954.

Then you can contact the Claro customer service center calling the number *234# to be able to follow all the instructions that are explained to you and thus activate the line correctly.

Can’t activate your Claro chip?

Next, we leave you a series of tips and recommendations to be able to activate the clear line Argentina in case you have some problems. The most frequent solutions are:

  • You have to verify that the clear chip is correct in the slot.
  • The chip has to be loaded into the corresponding Micro SD slot.
  • It is verified that the CHIP is correctly entered. After that, you should contact Claro’s technical support center.
  • Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult to the customer service center to activate the line.
  • Customers who have more than five prepaid lines have to activate the chip in person at a Claro branch.

The foreigners who seek enable clear chipthey have to do it in a branch presenting the corresponding documentation.

Why can’t I activate my Claro chip?

Follow the procedure mentioned below where you can find the main reasons why you can’t activate the Claro chip.

  • Verify that the clear chip is placed correctly.
  • Don’t confuse with the Micro SD slot.
  • Go to a Claro customer service center where you can present your DNI for activation.
  • If you are under 18 years of age, go with a responsible adult.
  • If you have more than 5 prepaid Claro lines, you have to activate the next one at a branch.

With these recommendations you can anticipate any situation that requires activating a Claro chip in any circumstance.


Activating a Claro chip in Argentina does not require additional elements beyond using your mobile phone and calling customer service. The above procedure is simple even when the technological world is not essentially known.