Formats Compatible with Kindle and How to Convert Them in 2021

If you want to know all the Kindle compatible formats and how to convert those who are not, stay to see our tutorial.

There are many different types of e-book readers available, and each device has its own pros and cons. E-book files also come in many different formats and no one reader can handle them all. The Kindle admits one large number of existing formats, either natively or with conversion. Some file formats require the use of special software to be compatible with the Kindle.

We’ll see what are the main formats compatible with Kindle to read e-books and how to convert unsupported others into one of them using a simple application.

Kindle compatible formats for reading e-books

Here is a list of all the formats compatible with Kindle to read e-books without problem.

  • AZW3: the format created by Amazon itself especially for the latest generation Kindle.
  • AZW: it is also possible to find ebooks in this format, also created by Amazon but in previous versions.
  • KPF– Using KPF files allows your e-book to be easily formatted and adapted to all Kindle devices. It is a reference method to avoid formatting problems.
  • MOBIAlthough it is currently also owned by Amazon, it was an open format that is compatible with Kindle as long as it does not carry DRM protection.
  • PRC: a format that we normally find in books from the People’s Republic of China and that is compatible with Kindle as long as it does not carry DRM protection.
  • TXT: flat and basic format, which you probably don’t usually find in ebooks but it can be useful if you have notes that you want to read on your Kindle.
  • PDF: Another of the formats supported by Kindle is PDF, although it may not be displayed on the device quite well due to the format of the text and images it contains.
  • Microsoft Word (DOC / DOCX): most DOC / DOCX files convert well into e-books. However, some complex format files may not convert as well.
  • HTML– Save your HTML file as a web page, filtered (HTM / HTML) (PC) or web page (HTM) (Mac). This will create a folder containing the HTML script along with the image files. Now, zip into a ZIP file before uploading to Kindle. If you don’t have images in your manuscript, you can upload the HTML file uncompressed into a ZIP file.
  • RTF: rich text format. It can be read on many programs and platforms and is easy to use.

If you have books in EPUB format and you want to read them on Kindle, we are sorry to tell you that they are not compatible. However, keep reading to find out how you can convert them into one of the compatible ones we just mentioned.

What is the best format to read on the Kindle?

The best format to read on Kindle is the AZW format, which is used for e-books that we buy from the Amazon Kindle Store. It is the preferred format to ensure maximum readability on the device. The format is proprietary and is actually a variant of the MOBI format, originally created by the French company Mobipocket.

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Programs to convert other formats to a compatible one

Kindle now supports a large number of e-book formats. However, if you have an unsupported e-book format, you can convert it to be compatible with Kindle. There are two main platforms for this.

Caliber – Convert to Kindle Compatible Formats


One of the programs that you can use is Caliber. It is ideal if you want to convert a book from ePub or.AZW to be able to read it on the Kindle without problem, or even pass them directly to PDF. You can download Caliber for Windows, MAC or Linux for free from the following link.

download caliber free

Once you have it, you must import the book into Caliber and connect the Kindle to the computer. You will see that the program detects it automatically. Now you just have to do right click on the book that we want to convert> Send to Device > Send in specific format to device > Principal memory.

The software will begin converting to a supported format and will be added directly to your Kindle.

Kindle Previewer

kindle previewer Formats supported by Kindle

In addition to Caliber, Amazon itself has created its own software for Windows and MAC with which to convert your books (.epub, .mobi, .htm, .html, .xhtml, .mobi, .opf, .kpf, .doc and .docx.) to Kindle-compatible formats. The first thing you have to do is download the version compatible with your computer.



Now, once the program is open, you must drag and drop the book into the window, go to File> Export and select .mobi to be able to read it on your Kindle without problem.