Download Google Play for PC ▷ Free 2021

Do you want to learn how download Google Play for PC free? Without a doubt, the Google Play Store is one of the most important stores to download or buy applications and games for mobile phones.

It is no secret to anyone that since the birth of the internet, Google has become one of the major corporations and complete of the world. For this reason, you were not going to be left behind when it came to making your own app store.

While it is a fact that we do not have the ability to download Google Play for PC in a Windows operating system in a straightforward way, yes we can get hold of it in other completely legal and easy ways to perform.

In the following article we will teach you how to enjoy Google Play applications on a Windows computer.

Download Google Play for Windows PC

As we said earlier, there is no direct way to download Google Play for PC, but we will have to get a android emulator on our computer.

An Android emulator is basically a program that allows us to use the functions offered by an Android mobile phone, but on our computer. Being a universal application, it will most likely not come in your default language, so you will only have to change it in the emulator settings.

The best known and most reliable emulator through the years is undoubtedly the emulator Bluestacks, which allows us to emulate the functions of an Android phone safely.

download bluestacks

Once you have finished the installation, you will have to log in with your account of Google. Click on log in, and once there you will have to enter your Google account data, either your email or mobile phone. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you will have already installed the Google Play Store on your computer, through which you can get hold of any application in the store.

How to install and configure BlueStacks

We leave you an explanatory video where you will see in detail how to start using BlueStacks.

Other interesting emulators:

Download Google Play for Mac or Linux

Download Google Play for PC

There are other Android emulator programs with which you can also download Google Play for PC, as is the case of Android Studio. In this case, it works on different operating systems, so it can be interesting if you have a Mac or Linux operating system.

download for mac download for linux

Once you have installed it like any other program, you will have to choose the option of start a new project, leaving the settings as they are. Once inside the program, choose Tools > AVD Manager and select Create Virtual Device.

Now you will have to choose a mobile phone that you have Google Play and press Next. Then a virtual interface of this device will be created and you will only have to start the application as if it were the Android mobile itself.

How to install and configure Android Studio

We leave you an explanatory video so you can see how it works.

Final recommendation

The great variety of mobile applications that the Google Play Store offers us is immense and undoubtedly very useful, due to the large number of productive tasks and the great entertainment that it can provide us. Hence the need for some people to get hold of many of the applications they have on their mobile phone, also on your computer.

With so many applications on the Play Store, it is very dangerous search for them on the web, as it would be difficult to verify their legitimacy. It is important to note that the Google Play Store is the only official store for all Android phone applications.

The advantages of the Google Play Store is the wide variety of applications it offers, as well as the intuitive and very easy-to-use interface. In turn, it offers us a large number of categories to get the applications we want in a simple way.

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