Best pages to watch Formula 1 online


Are you a Formula 1 lover? Is there no race to miss? Do you want to know what the best pages to see Formula 1 online? If you are a true Formula 1 fan and you want to be able to enjoy all the races that are broadcast over the Internet, you should know that you have different web pages through which you can easily view your races.

In this text you will find a list that includes the best pages to see Formula 1 online without having to pay for it and live and direct, so you do not miss any details of any race. These websites are completely reliable and with quality images, and on very rare occasions they may suffer from mismatches or crashes during the broadcast of the race. What more can you ask for considering that they are totally free websites?

Logically, you can also contract Movistar Plus to be able to see your Formula 1 competitions (dial 57), but as is well known it is a paid service that is around 10 euros per month. Everything will depend on your budget and preferences.

Methods to view Formula 1 via the Internet

Basically accounts are two ways to watch Formula 1 through the Internet: streaming and P2P TV.


Through these websites, the videos of the races will be distributed live, that is, in real time so that you do not miss anything and you can be aware of everything at every precise moment. In order to enjoy your Formula 1 races via streaming, it will be necessary to install it in the computer’s browser a flash support and a free VPN.

It should be noted that its correct operation will depend on the number of people connected, therefore many pages limit the number of users who access their platforms.


The well-known P2P networks will put the videos of the races on a tray without needing the help of fixed servers. The computers that are connected function as both servers and clients.

This system allows the viewing of live races to be with a higher quality. In this sense, Acestream, iPTV or Sopcast is worth noting, since they are the most popular.

Best pages to watch Formula 1 online

Below you will find a list that includes the best pages to see Formula 1 online. Take note!

Batman stream

batman stream

With many years online, Batman Stream is one of the reference pages to watch the Formula 1 championships for free and live. In its channel grid you will find the links to watch the F1 World Cup races live for free.

But Batman Stream has not only become one of the best pages to see Formula 1, but also offers the Champions League matches, NBA matches, Football leagues, and much more. All free and live.


Another of the best alternatives at your disposal is ArenaVision. To be able to see the Formula 1 competitions on this website first You will need to download a plugin on your computer called Acestream.

Acestream has a list that has up to 42 television channels where you can not only find Formula 1 races, but you can also enjoy other sports such as the NBA, tennis, all football matches (League and Champions), and much more.


online sports

This website allows you to watch the Formula 1 races in streaming every weekend live and direct. But, the thing does not end here, since in addition to F1, this website also It offers you many other sports such as soccer, boxing, among others.

To all this, it must be added that it also offers users the possibility of consulting the next race broadcasts, as well as the calendar and classifications of each of the races.



Another of the best proposals that you can take advantage of is Lacasadeltikitaka. In its grid you will be able to see all the events with the schedules in which the races will take place and in this way connect in advance so that it loads the page before the race begins.

It is a very popular site among sports fans thanks to the totally free live broadcasts of football matches, as well as many other sports.



Nor can CricFree be missing from this list, a US website where not only Formula 1 races are broadcast, but also many other sporting events of the NBA, boxing, soccer, and much more are broadcast.

After connecting you will see a list of links with all the races and their schedules. Remember that the hours are from the United States, an aspect that you should not ignore if you do not want to be late for competitions.

VIP League

VIP League

This website will allow you to watch Formula 1 for free live and direct on the Internet, in streaming. Many are also issued other sporting events of MotoGP, NBA, soccer, among many other alternatives to choose from.

One of its main advantages is that it barely has advertising, so it cannot be considered one of the most annoying pages to enjoy your favorite competitions and races.

Mama HD


This website will allow you to watch Formula 1 online, as well as other sports. In addition, you can also enjoy watching the training and qualifying races, live and live. It is a good alternative if you do not want to suffer cuts, as they rarely occur.

VipBox Sports

VipBox Sports

Nor can we forget VipBox Sports where, in addition to being able to watch your Formula 1 competitions online, you can also enjoy many other sporting events. It is considered one of the most reliable pages to see Formula 1.

On this website you can even start watching the races before they start since they usually broadcast the F1 World Cup events.



Finally we find Sportlemon (formerly also known as FromSport). It cannot be said that it is the most recommended option on the list, since having a large audience the cuts are usually quite common.

This website has an option that informs you about the moment in which you can see the race, in addition to allowing you to be aware of training sessions, races, classifications tests, and much more.

Best online sports betting houses to watch Formula 1

In addition to the pages to see Formula 1 online previously mentioned, it should be noted that you are also presented with the possibility of entering sports betting houses through which you can also you will be able to watch your Formula 1 competitions in HD, mainly highlighting the following:

  • Bet365
  • Bwin
  • Luckia
  • Sportium
  • William Hill

Wiseplay to see Formula 1

If you want to be able to see your Formula 1 competitions through your smartphone or tablet, the best alternative to consider is the application known as Wiseplay. Although following a few short and simple steps, you can also view Formula 1 through this application on your own computer. For this you must follow these guidelines:

  • Open the Wiseplay app
  • Click on the “+” sign
  • Click on “Add list from URL”
  • Add the URL:
  • Click on “Ok”
  • And… you’re ready to watch Formula 1 races through Wiseplay!

As you can see, you have many pages to watch Formula 1 online easily, conveniently, live and totally free. And which one do you prefer?

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