Best free proxies for surfing the Internet

Every day users expect higher levels of privacy and anonymity when browsing the Internet. This is why the use of proxies has spread. Although this type of tool can be enjoyed through the payment of a subscription, there are also several that work very well without having to pay. To provide you with detailed information, this article describes the best free proxies for surfing the internet.

Best free proxies for surfing the Internet

Next, the best free proxies for surfing the internet anonymously. These proxies are not going to give you the same advantages that a paid proxy can give you. However, they are useful to be used when you do not want to pay or in case you want to try to see if you are going to hire one of these services in the future.


ProxySite It’s about a Free web proxy that offers optimal speed and security within its features counting with encryption of the type Secure Socket Layer (SSL). In addition, its website does not show any type of advertising and it has direct accesses to the most popular portals such as YouTube or Facebook. In a drop-down menu it is possible to choose 15 servers in the United States and 10 in the European Union.

On ProxySite The use of scripts such as cookies can be controlled, being able to customize the level of anonymity according to your preferences and needs. Through it you can enter all the websites, just by entering the URL and choosing the server of your preference from among those you have available.


It’s a free web proxy that has a portable browser. You can use it without installing it on any computer. KProxy It has extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and it gives you the possibility to choose between ten different proxy servers. In addition, it offers a paid Pro version whose speed is higher and there is no advertising.


With Whoer there are availability of the most important browsers and it does not have a web version. The extension it has for Google Chrome has been well evaluated by users and has also had an acceptable number of downloads.

In this case, there is the possibility of choosing between choosing a proxy server of your preference, such as leaving it to the software itself. Which he will do randomly. Another remarkable feature is that it has a speed test and that it presents your IP. In addition, it gives you the option to try the VPN they offer for free.

Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass It is one of the most popular servers in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic. Among the functions it offers are to allow URL encryption, the disabling of cookies and the elimination of scripts.

Hide me

It is a free paid proxy that has achieved high recognition and also has three servers in its offer in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. Hide me it also has all the common functions in proxies. In your offer a VPN is included that you can download for free.

Best free proxies for surfing the Internet

Presents the option to choose the country from which you want to make the connection. In addition, a menu that helps you configure privacy. Although it has a web version, it should be noted that it has extensions to install it in various browsers.

Proxy Free

This free proxy is known for intermediate server latency, a very useful feature to select between one or the other. In addition, within the functions it presents Proxy Free you can allow cookies, remove page headers and much more.

VPN Book

VPN Book it has servers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and France along with 256-bit SSL encryption. In addition to this, it provides you with a free VPN along with the proxy, so it is advisable to have it, since it will be useful according to the need you have.

VPN Book it is really easy to use, so that the most novice user who has never navigated with a proxy can use it. You just have to choose the country, enter the page you are going to enter and click on the button GO.

With this tool you can block certain scripts automatically without being able to be unlocked. With this, privacy is increased. But it also consists of a limitation, as some sites will not work in the most suitable way.

It is a very easy-to-use proxy and makes it possible entering the sites with the most visits through shortcuts, without having to write the address. What’s more, allows you to hide the IP and location. In this way, you can avoid geographic restrictions and provide you with greater security and anonymity.

This proxy server is advertised especially for YouTube, however can be used for other services. You cannot select the server, but it is possible to activate or deactivate certain functions. It is very easy to use and free. In addition, it has a frequently asked questions section in which they will provide solutions to most of the problems that arise.


Hideoxy it is a free proxy that does not have many features. For this reason, its use is generally a backup. Especially in cases when there are problems with other, more complete proxies.


Anonymouse It is a suitable solution for anonymity that has been active since 1997. However, to obtain the free version you have to follow several steps. Also, it is not possible to select the server or customize anything.


This proxy has a web version and also an extension for Chrome. CroxyProxy You can have direct access to the most popular portals. Nevertheless, CroxyProxy it has no advanced features or the ability to change the server.


With this proxy you can choose a server in Europe or the United States. In addition to that you can activate or deactivate cookies, encrypt the URL and a variety of other functions. It has an extension for Google Chrome and 128-bit SSL encryption. One of the aspects that stands out the most in Hidester is that it does not include advertising, although it is completely free.

Best free proxies for surfing the Internet

Netmap Anonymizer

Netmap Anonymizer It has servers in the United States, the Netherlands and Italy. It is also possible to make changes in the navigation agent, which is not very usual in the other alternative proxies that are described.


Zalmos has a well-crafted appearance for a web proxy with few options, but has direct access to the world’s most popular pages.

In addition to having all the usual functions of a proxy, It has the option that you can work by overcoming a firewall that blocks the ports that are used.

With the use of you can bypass security restrictions and view any site that has been blocked while maintaining your security and anonymity.

New IP

New IP is a web proxy that offers a considerable amount of Servers classified according to their IP addresses and locations and for free. Beyond that, there aren’t really many options it has to offer.

Fast USA

This web proxy server has a somewhat obscure presentation, although it shows options for URL encryption or to allow cookies. On FastUSA Unable to select server.


Site2 It is a very simple proxy and it does not have functions to access it anonymously. However, on some occasions it may present problems.


NNTime is a proxy is free with a paid version of 2.96 euros per month. It has to offer an extensive list of servers with enough information about each of them.

Don’t Filter

Don’t Filter It is a useful proxy server to avoid blocking that does not allow you to choose the server and shows a slightly outdated appearance.


The proxy Unblock It looks very similar to the proxy mentioned above. Similarly, you have few options for customization.


Yellow It favors URL encryption, as well as encrypting the landing page, eliminating scripts, allowing cookies and many other functionalities. The proxy has shortcuts to several of the most popular services.


4everproxy, your offer includes too many web servers and a lot of options to choose an IP from different countries. It also offers the other traditional options for cookies or delete scripts.


ProxyScrape has both free and paid proxies. There are hundreds of options to choose from. In the top menu it is possible to locate all the available options.

By pressing Free web proxy you can directly see the address bar to enter anonymously the site of your choice. One of the relevant aspects of ProxyScrape is that the available proxies are frequently scanned.

SSL Proxy

With SSL Proxy It is also possible to obtain a version with a paid option and a free one. With the latter it is possible to choose between several countries and see the list available in each case.

You will be able to see a list with dozens of proxy servers. What’s more, HTTP proxies are updated every 10 minutes. You can enter their website and find the lists with all the available proxies.

Free Proxy

Free Proxy it is considered as a good option to have access to free servers that work well. It has an availability of thousands. You can choose from several options such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4 or SOCKS5. Also, it presents three different levels of anonymity.

Best free proxies for surfing the Internet

In addition, you can choose proxies specifically according to the country that interests you. It also visually shows some interesting facts.


ProxyNova presents a extensive list of properly functioning proxy servers. One million servers are checked every day and many of them are tested every 15 minutes. Also, the list of servers is updated every minute.

The website can filter by country and by level of anonymity. You may also see options such as speed, proxy port, or uptime. It should be considered that the update has to be done manually, since it is not done automatically.


The list that ProxyScan It presents more than five thousand free and available proxy servers. Each of them is checked every 10 minutes. In addition to different features that allow you to select which one interests you the most.

It also has other functions, such as a proxy checker and a filter among others. It is an interesting option for privately browsing the web without putting your data at risk.


To use SmartProxy it is necessary to create an account in advance. It shows a series of interesting features such as having access to more than 40 locations, a search engine and even the extension for Chrome. All this helps you navigate the Internet and be able to overcome the geographical restrictions that may exist.


With XRoxy you have to choose before by country or by port. You can have a directory that includes IP, port, type of connection, SSL availability, reliability and latency. In any case, it is possible to filter directly through these options.


In this case, the filtering process is based on whether the proxies are HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS 4, or SOCKS 5. The server lists Proxy-List They are updated every two hours and in them you can see IP, port, anonymity and the country of each one of them.


On HideMyName you have filtering parameters such as country, speed and proxy type, port number and quality of anonymity. In addition, if you register you will have the possibility of downloading a spreadsheet with the information.


As you may have seen by reading this article, the offer of free proxies for surfing the internet that you can find today is too extensive and with a great variety.

Through the information provided you will have the possibility to evaluate each of the different options you have and according to their availability you will be able to choose them.

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