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Currently Telegram is one of the best online messaging applications. Its interface offers many useful functionalities and has a high level of security. However, for many reasons, for a large number of users it is necessary to use other tools available in this area. To do this, this guide describes the best alternatives to Telegram.

Alternatives to Telegram

Telegram is a platform with a wide variety of options for your communications. In case you do not have this tool, then the best applications that are good alternatives to Telegram and that can be used to communicate when you need it:


WhatsApp is one of the best alternatives to Telegram and of those that has had greater acceptance. It is characterized by the variety of tools it offers to communicate and by the speed with which your messages, calls and the sending of files, among others, are processed. Has versions compatible with ios and Android.

It is a simple interface application, whose design has been oriented to be used by people of all ages: children, youth and adults. The communication tools it offers are useful for both common users and participants in work teams.

Some of its main functionalities are listed below:

  • It allows its users to make calls or video calls with each other.
  • Sending text messages to one or more users wherever they are located.
  • You can share animations, audios, images and videos.
  • It facilitates the creation of groups with the selected people, they can be family members or colleagues from work or study.
  • You also have the ability to send documents to anyone.

For these and many other functions, WhatsApp has positioned itself as the best instant messaging application that can be use as an alternative to Telegram.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a platform that works completely independently from Facebook. With it you can send instant messages between users. For this reason, millions of people currently use this application daily and get the most out of its features.

Through this application, you can stay connected and not only through messaging. You will also have access to functions such as sending stickers, voice notes and calls. In addition, it allows you to create groups of three or more people.

Although Facebook Messenger does not have the functionality to send documents in PDF or Word, as it happens with Telegram or WhatsApp, With it, it is possible to make video calls and properly maintain your communications, which makes it an excellent alternative to Telegram. It has versions for Android and iOS.

Google Hangouts

It is a platform developed by Google in order to maintain communications between its users. In addition, with it you can send instant text messages, make voice calls and video calls for up to 15 people on the web, making it an excellent option for conferences.

Best alternatives to Telegram

One of the advantages it presents Google Hangouts Against other similar platforms is the sending of documents, which can also be edited as you prefer. This application is incorporated directly and free of charge in Android devices, however, it has a version compatible with devices Manzana.


Signal It is a communication platform that, although it is not so well known, is one of the safest. And it is that, unlike other similar applications, Signal offers a high level of security in messages. It has versions for ios and Android.

It has an end-to-end encryption system that is much more secure. This means that the messages are encrypted from the moment they are sent and are decrypted the moment they reach the receiver.

In addition, this application has the function of allowing your messages to have a certain duration and then automatically delete them. Therefore, it is an ideal application to hold conversations, which are not visible to others.


Line It is one of the most accepted messaging applications in the world. It now has a number of users that exceeds more than 300 million and continues to grow. This application has a service for sending messages to everyone, anywhere. And apart from this, it allows you to call your friends for free. One of its most important features has been the introduction of stickers. It has a version for Androd and for iOS.

Best alternatives to Telegram


Wechat It is the most important and most used messaging platform in China. Its expansion has been carried out around the world in a relatively short time. This application was launched in 2011 and offers a variety of functions such as sending images and videos.

Although it has not been widely publicized, it is available for Android, iPhone and Windows among others. With Wechat it is possible to send text messages; as well as making free calls in HD.


It is a good application in terms of the security of your messages. Confide makes it possible to send messages that when received are covered by blocks. It is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.

In order to read the message, you have to place your finger on the block and it will slide, revealing a piece of the message. When you have seen it, the block will return to its place.

This process has to be done with the entire message received, so you will see the message in parts and not in its entirety. This allows your conversations to have a high security, since it prevents someone from capturing your messages and, in addition, it prevents other people from observing what they send you.


Threema is a messaging application that makes it easy for you to be anonymous. This application encrypts your messages, files and calls end-to-end. This means that your messages will only be seen by those recipients that you have chosen. In addition to this, the messages will be deleted once they are sent. For all this, it is a very safe application when establishing communication with others.

With Threema It is not necessary to enter through a phone number or an email, because the application assigns you an 8-digit ID so that you can access it. Has versions for ios and Android.

A disadvantage of Threema Before Telegram and other applications, is that its use is not free. You have to make a payment of 3.99 euros if you are interested in being able to enjoy its tools.


Wire is another alternative to Telegram that you can use to chat with your friends. It offers you to communicate through text messages that offer end-to-end encryption, providing you with greater security when you communicate with your clients or friends.

With Wire You will have the possibility to verify the identity of others through the unique digital key that you have. Plus, you can make fully encrypted voice calls and videos. Wire is available for Android, ios and Mac.


Despite not being among the best known applications, Twinme you have access to its platform without having to use a phone number or an email. In addition, Twinme does not save or request personal data, so it is completely anonymous and very secure when communicating. It has versions for both Android and for iOS.

Best alternatives to Telegram to make free video calls

Video calls help you to have direct communication with other people, in addition to being able to visualize what they are doing and where or how they are. Therefore, it is necessary to have applications that present this direct communication function.

Although Telegram is one of them, Here are other alternatives with which you can make video calls anywhere in the world:


Zoom It is the application most used by people to communicate through the video calling service it offers. This platform in its free version can make a connection of a maximum of 100 participants for a time of 40 minutes, and it is the ideal option to carry out meetings with friends and family in order to be connected.

Zoom It is not only currently used by normal users, but it has also had an important growth in companies and companies that need means to communicate at a distance. It is one of the best alternatives to Telegram currently, in terms of video calls. It is available on Google Play and on the App Store.


Although this application is known more for being directed towards the publication of images, since 2018 Instagram added to its tools the option of making video calls. In principle they could only share up to 4 people per call, however, now the support covers up to 8 people. Has versions for ios and Android.

Best alternatives to Telegram

In order to make a call on Instagram, the process is simple and these are the necessary steps:

  • The first thing is to enter the messages section, in Instagram Direct and there choose the person with whom you want to communicate.
  • After this, you start the conversation between the two of you, as it is necessary to be able to call.
  • Then, you go to the video call option that you will distinguish by the symbol of a video camera.
  • By pressing on it, you can start a video call with anyone in any part of the world.

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet It is an application of Open Source that you can use to make video calls as an alternative to using Telegram. It is a free multiplatform tool that allows you to enter your website without the need to enter an email or phone number, being unnecessary to register.

This way you can access a chat room by entering your name. You can also create your own room to invite your friends. It has versions for ios and Android.

Its functions include the possibility of making calls without having limitations in the number of participants. Only the power capacity and bandwidth of your server should be taken into account. This application is being widely used by companies that require massive videoconferences.

Google Duo

Google Duo is another of the Google applications with which it is possible to communicate via video calls with a maximum of 8 people. With Google Duo you can enjoy a very easy-to-use interface, which has a menu for settings and one for video calls.

This application is available for Android and iOS. And it also has a web version that can be downloaded and installed on your computer or laptop.

The main feature it presents is the option of Knock Knock, where you can see the image of the person you are calling, before he answers and she can also see yours. However, for this to work, both people must have enabled this option.

I grumble

This application has become quite popular in the video calling industry. You can enter its interface without having to download or register. You just have to enter their website and write the URL of the channel. Those users with whom you want to communicate must access that same address. With I grumble Up to 12 users can be connected and they can do it both from the mobile phone and from a computer. In addition, the application makes it possible to record your video calls and share screen if that is what you want. Available for ios and Android.

Best alternatives to Telegram for creating groups

The creation of online groups is becoming easier every day, especially in the field of online video games. Telegram offers you the possibility of creating communication groups that can be used in the family, work, study, or also in gamers’ groups. But this function is also offered by other applications that can serve as alternatives to Telegram.


Skype It is one of the most popular applications for creating groups and for this reason, it is one of the best alternatives to Telegram. Its use has spread widely among the online gaming community, as it has already been connecting people around the world for several years. Among its functions, it stands out the connection to video calls of up to a maximum of 10 people in its free version of payment. It has versions compatible with ios and Android.

If you prefer to connect the groups by means of audio calls, the participants increase up to 25 participants. Its interface is very simple and multiplatform, so you can easily connect from your mobile or computer and it also has a web version. In order to use this tool, you only need to have an Internet connection. In this way you can begin to enjoy its communication facilities.


Discord It is today one of the most used applications to create groups. In the same way as Skype, its tools are widely used by group gamers due to the multitude of functions it offers, such as group video calls of up to 50 people, chat channels and the possibility of screen sharing.

In addition to this, you can test Discord’s functions in its desktop version or in a mobile application and it also has a wide variety of bots that will make your group communications more effective. It is available in stores App Store and in the Google Play Store.


Slack is one of the applications that you can also use to create groups as an alternative to Telegram. It is one of the most used by companies to do work groups. With Slack you can create channels for your groups and share information and files. You have a call option, Slack Calls, which you can use to make voice and video calls with your device. You can find it in the App Store and in the Google Play Store.


TeamSpeak is a software that is also an alternative to Telegram. Its functionality allows the creation of channels for your groups where it is possible to chat and share files. In addition, having hired a private virtual server it is possible to incorporate up to 1024 participants and communicate by chat or voice, which will allow you to feel that you will speak as if you were on a phone call. It is widely recommended for use by online players. It has versions for Android and iOS.


A benefit of using Element is that it is software with end-to-end encryption. Therefore, group conversations are well protected and secure. With this multiplatform application, it is possible to create groups and communicate through them both by text and by voice. Available in versions ios and Android.


There are multiple options that you currently have available for you to consider as best alternatives to Telegram in the online communications sector, by making calls, messages and sending files.

Due to this wide variety of options, it is best to know each one of them to evaluate and be able to decide which of these alternatives to Telegram is convenient for you to use, according to your resources and your needs.

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