9 best websites to watch series online for free in March 2022

Today, thanks to technological advances in the telecommunications industry, we don’t need a television to watch our favorite TV shows and series. You have at hand best websites to watch series online for free no need to download them.

Moreover, the quantity is almost infinite. But beware! this can be a problem when searching for a series, because you don’t know where to go to quietly enjoy the content you want to watch without waiting 1 hour, close a hundred ads and infect your computer with 4 or 5 Trojans.

There are them of all colors, with good quality, without advertising, with a wide content of series and programs, easy to use or with a fast loading speed. The bad thing is finding web portals where two or more of these characteristics are present is almost an odyssey. But don’t worry, you won’t have to keep looking for hours and hours to find one.

Here we are going to show you a list of the best portals we have found and of those that have the greatest audience and success among users and we will tell you a little about all of them so that you can decide which one best suits what you are looking for. Take note!

PelisHouse, formerly SeriesGato

best websites to watch series online for free

In PelisHous (Seriesgato) you can watch both series and movies, in addition to creating favorites lists to be able to monitor everything you are following. This is one of the best websites to watch series online for free that stores external links for both online viewing and downloading. On this page you can find information on the best series of the moment as well as completed series.

If you wish, you can make a simple and free registration on the web before you start viewing content. Once registered, simply go to the TV section in the menu or search for any title in the search bar, choose the chapter and enjoy. You can also use other search options by filtering by genre, most viewed, most rated, and most recently added.

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SeriesYonkis, one of the best websites to watch series online for free

Yonki series

Its excellent content and variety of movies and series, along with the years it has been on these top websites to watch series online for free, make it one of the best ever. The only weak point of this website is that you will have to have the ad blocker ready, since, although there are not many, the site will show us the dreaded annoying ads.

But this does not tarnish an already mythical page. In short, SeriesYonkis is one of the best sites to watch series online.

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Other guides to watch series online:



It is this website, which follows a design similar to Seriesgato, where you can watch and download series for free, both in Spanish and Latin, with subtitles in Spanish and English. This portal also has a classification of the most viewed and best rated series. Series24 offers you a long list of genres distributed in various categories such as Action, Animation, Drama, Science Fiction, Comedy, etc, and other very interesting ones such as Documentary.

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best websites to watch series online for free

Who said Megadede was dead? Another of the best websites to watch series online for free. In Megadede it is mandatory to register for free, and from there you will have access to countless series, whether current or old. This page stores external links for both online viewing and downloading.

Megadede also offers you a filter with the latest news, the most viewed, classifications by image quality, year of broadcast, genre, language and subtitles. The moderators are in charge of filtering the links that users upload to the platform, so that broken, erroneous or poor quality links are eliminated. Megadede also gives you the ability to mark series as viewed, pending or currently following.

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SeriesCube is another of the web pages that host external links to online viewing and downloading of series. On the right margin we find a menu where we can search for series by genre and latest series added.

SeriesBlanco also allows you to register for free by email or Facebook so that you can create your lists of favorite series and be able to closely monitor the episodes that you are watching. On the main page you will find a central filter where the series are arranged in alphabetical order, but if you are clear about what you are looking for in the upper right margin you can use the search bar.

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best websites to watch series online for free

Its great content of excellent quality means that we have it in this top and it is one of the best options. Previously, it was not one of the most valued options due to its lack of usability, since it was easy for us to get lost looking for the content we wanted to view. Also, like some of the previous websites, you had to activate your Adblock if you didn’t want the ad to ruin your experience.

But now they have changed and they have done a great job and corrected these errors. It is appreciated that we have such a clean and clear interface. Not only that, but they have also removed advertising from the web, so this makes Series FLV a great option if what we want is to enjoy the best series on the internet.

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Like the portals mentioned above, Seriesflix is ​​a web portal with millions of monthly visits where you can search for the series you want to see and it will show you several external sources to go to to view them. At the top you can search for series in alphabetical order, but on the right margin you can also discover which are the most watched series of the moment.

When you choose the season of a specific series, this page will show you (before clicking on the chapter) if it is available in dubbed Spanish, dubbed Latin Spanish, original subtitled version and original Spanish subtitled version. This portal also offers you a section where it notifies you of the latest episodes of series that have been uploaded.

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best websites to watch series online for free

Cuevana3 is another of the best websites to watch free online series and one of the best alternatives to the classic PopCorn. It is known for being one of the great competitors of Netflix, since it offers you great streaming content and even shows the titles in a visual way very similar to Netflix. Despite the fact that users know that the content they are viewing has been stolen, many opt for this service.

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Vidcorn is free and although it may be surprising, it does not have advertising, which makes us enjoy a high-quality experience. This is one of the many reasons why this website is one of the most visited and popular among Internet users.

In addition to this, it is a website that stands out for its loading speed, and like TV-VIP it has a very varied and extensive content, which will make our experience excellent and be one of the best websites of the moment .

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As we promised you at the beginning of this article, You no longer have to keep searching websites for hours to see your favorite series. In this list is the best of the internet and that is that at Tecnoguía we work hard to keep you up to date on everything related to the world of technology. If you liked this article and want to continue seeing more similar articles, you can see some of our related guides.

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