3 Best Websites to Share Netflix, Spotify or Disney + Subscriptions

If you want to save money to watch streaming movies and series, we are going to show you the best websites to share subscriptions from all types of platforms.

Although it is true that most such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO or Disney + have subscriptions in which we can have several profiles and play content on various devices, you may want to have access to all of them yourself at a very affordable price. In this way, you will not have to be the one who manages the accounts or look for people to share with.

The 3 best websites to share subscriptions

At the moment, we can point to up to 3 websites to share subscriptions that are totally reliable and in which we can find all kinds of platforms: Spotify, Netflix … but also some programs such as Canva Pro, Nintendo Switch online, Microsoft 365 or Dropbox.

Together Price

Together Price is surely one of the most reliable subscription sharing websites internationally. Its operation is very simple. Once you have registered and have your account, you have to find a shared group according to the program or platform you want.

By choosing it, you will see a wide variety of groups, with the name and photo of the administrator and the available spaces that there are. Depending on the speed of response, the management of the group and the ratings of other users, a higher or lower score will be given to the administrator.

Now you just have to select the group whose price suits you best and request admission to the administrator. When they accept you, you can enter the chat from Together Price and get the keys or invitation link that they provide.

In this way, Together Price functions as an intermediary. It will be through this platform where the monthly payments will be automatically charged without having to be pending or send the money directly to the administrator. In case of any problem or not being accepted, the platform will return the money to your account.

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Another of the best websites to share subscriptions is Pulpo, a platform more focused on Spain where you can also form or join different groups. The accounts that can be shared are practically the same as Together Price even if the users reside in this country.

When it comes to monthly payments, which are also made automatically through Pulpo, a commission of between 50 cents and € 1.5 is charged depending on the subscription to be shared. The only downside is that they only accept debit or credit card as a form of payment, although they continue working to implement new alternatives in the future.

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Finally, a Spanish platform to share subscriptions is Sharingful. Although it is perhaps less well known, it works in the same way as the previous ones. By creating an account and synchronizing your accounts with the web, you can share expenses and save up to 80%.

Spotify Premium, YouTube, MasMovil, Movistar … There are many accounts that you can share for very little a month in any of the groups on Sharingful. You just have to enter their website and create an account to start enjoying all its advantages.

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Is it legal and safe to share subscriptions on these websites?

Both Together Price, Pulpo and Sharingful are totally secure platforms that simply function as intermediaries between different people who want to share expenses and save money each month. As long as the platforms themselves do not change their profile policies in each account, it is totally legal to use a shared account.

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