▷ 21 Best Pages to Download Free Books in 2021

Reading continues to be a favorite pastime, although with advances in technology, the media have changed, and while the paper book continues to be in high demand, electronic books are becoming more and more popular. That is why thousands of web pages where you can download free books.

If you import the format, the best pages offer download books legally And you just have to register to start enjoying reading, from the great classics to contemporary authors, of any genre, whether they are instruction manuals, theses, scientific journals or comics.

The 21 best sites to download books for free

Most authors have their works protected and have rights to them. For this, if you are going to download books In any of the formats, you must do it from sites where it is legal to do so. Many of the free sites to download books do so illegally, which represents an attack on your rights.

But there are many sites where you can download, absolutely legally and for free, thousands of books of all genres.

The best sites to download free books are:


This website is undoubtedly the best website of all where you can download free books. You can find works in English, Spanish and other languages. In addition, it offers you the possibility of convert and download books directly to your reader. It has a very complete search engine, which facilitates the search for books, which are in formats such as PDF, Mobi, Doc and ePub, all free and without the need to register, although if you want you can register and make a small donation, of a character voluntary.


Library Genesis

This time we are facing another of the best websites where download free books. Without a doubt, any book you are looking for is sure to be in Library Genesis, although this search engine has really specialized more in the field of academic articles.

You will be able to find free content books in PDF, EPUB, MOBI, DJVU, etc. formats, accessible on portals of numerous academic publishers, such as Oxford UP, Cambridge UP, Elsevier ScienceDirect, Springer, etc.

library genesis

Amazon eBooks

Not all the books they have available are free, but they have a free collection and that can be sent directly to the Kindle. The Amazon application allows you to create virtual reading communities, where you can comment on the works read and assign a rating, as well as receive Amazon’s recommendations on the best-selling books. In case you are an Amazon Prime customer, you can read hundreds of books for free with Prime Reading.

amazon ebooks


This site has a totally different format, in which the same authors are the ones who publish their works in order to make them known. They can be found from well-known to new writers. It is a good opportunity to discover novelists.

It also allows you to purchase books in PDF format and even printed versions on demand. They also have a large number of free books in PDF format. In order to download a book, it is necessary to enter the email address, in order to receive the download link.



Regarding the content, it is one of the most complete options. In it you can find more than 100,000 results, with specific sections for news and award-winning books. It has a very varied thematic classification, ranging from self-help, esotericism to religion and philosophy. They also have a large collection of magazines of different types.



Most of the books that you can download from this page are in PDF format, but there are some in other formats such as EPUB or Doc. It is a very easy page to use when it comes to making book downloads, To do so, you just have to access the book’s file and select the format in which you want to download.



It has a large collection of all kinds of book genres in electronic format. The interface is very simple, being adequate if you already know which book is to be downloaded. To download you must register Previously, in this step they ask for a credit card, in order to be able to confirm the postal address. Then the books can be downloaded unlimitedly, taking into account that the site guarantees that it will not charge the card of any kind.

free epub

The 20 Best Sites to Download Free Books

Other guides on books:

Free ePub

This site of free download it does not include excessive advertising and has a very easy download method. It has a large selection of the most talked about books of today, as well as academic, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and narrative works. There are books in all formats, completely free. You have to register and ask for a credit card, free of charge.

free epub


You can get books of classical authors of all genres and from different periods, for free and in ePub and PDF format. Not only is it limited to offering an extensive catalog, but they include the possibility for the authors themselves to exhibit their work on the site, even if they are more or less known to the general public.


Goose and Octopus

It is a page focused on Spanish literature. It is a project that seeks to recover the so-called serialized literature, which was previously published in the press. You can also find famous works from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. You can download books for free without having to register.

goose and octopus

Google Books

It has the largest virtual catalog that exists. You can find books in all the categories that exist and in many languages. Among some of its features, it offers the possibility of previewing, which allows you to better select the book to download.

google books


This page is always updating its content constantly, so you can find a wide variety of books. They can be downloaded in PDF, Mobi and ePub formats for free, depending on the book selected. They review their collection daily, in order to eliminate the books that are no longer free and add new works. You must bear in mind that it is necessary to register and that they ask for a credit card, although they do not make charges. But allow you to download books without registering, by clicking several times on the download link.


free books


Not only will you find conventional books, but you can also find audio-books, digital comics and multimedia content. It allows you to download free books classified by different genres, such as horror, science fiction or fantasy. It has two forms of payment that are very original: social payment, in which you must share books on your social networks, and the pay-if-you-like mode, in which only if you liked the book, you make a donation. You must register to download.



On this site you can find more than 5,000 books in Epub format, as well as books in PDF and Mobi, completely free. The books you can download without any registration or you can read them online. On this site you can find literature books, technical books, academics, manuals and many other genres.



It is a page that has a fairly large collection of more than 50,000 titles, classified according to their origin. It has sections of Books in spanish, of Asian, American, Hispanic American, French origin and even a section dedicated exclusively to anonymous authors.



If you are not interested in it literary genre, but to get instruction manuals for electronic devices, you should go to this page. You just have to fill in the search field with the type and brand of the product. The downside is that most of the manuals are in English, but quite a few are available in Spanish.



It is one of the options that facilitates the search for books, because it has a filter system that allows you to easily find the book you are looking for. You can search by category or language. The page includes a section for recommendations made by editors. And there are all the formats, but to be able to do the free book download you have to register, and it is one of the few that does not ask for a credit card.

many books

free books


You can download books of English literature, although most of it is in Spanish. It is oriented mainly towards the technological area. Almost its entire catalog is made up of programming books, networks, multimedia and electronics, and it also has an extensive collection of technology magazines. No registration is required to download and they accept donations in case you liked one of the books.

open pound


This site has more than 80 million books to download in PDF format, free and without registration, but downloads are limited. If you want them to be unlimited, you must purchase the premium account, for an annual amount. It has a great variety of books, which is not limited to works of traditional literature, but you can find other useful genres. There are device manuals, thesis samples, research papers, and exam guides; as well as public domain books and comics. In addition, it has an online converter to convert books in PDF format to ePub and Mobi.

pdf drive

Planet Book

On this site you can download free books, and you also have the option of reading them directly on the site. It has more than 9,000 books and its main feature is that you can create a personal library and link it with your Facebook account. It has numerous categories and they make good recommendations.

planet book

Gutenberg Project

It is considered the world’s largest digital library, the one that has the most popularity and is totally in the public domain. It has more than 53,000 free books and in different languages. It is especially focused on academic books and the great classics of world literature. Most of the books are in epub and mob format.

gutenberg project

To end

Reading is one of the most rewarding activities in all respects and there are no excuses for not reading today. The e-books They allow them to be accessed at all times, from different electronic devices. And the best thing is that you can find hundreds of websites to download from the great classics of world literature, to new authors, in all genres. Reading is becoming more and more affordable, since e-books can even be downloaded and read from the mobile.

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