What are the best POS software for PC?


Currently, in order to manage any type of business, it is necessary to have the best POS software (point of sale terminal), because they are the best way to issue invoices, keep inventory control, and most importantly, be able to correctly and timely record cash flow movements. In addition, a POS system also allows information related to customers to be managed in an orderly manner and to obtain reports on different aspects of the business.

POS software

The POS software is a computer system that has various tools that They facilitate the control of the sales process of a business. The main objective of this type of program is to make the management of all aspects related to sales easier, providing speed and efficiency to the administration of businesses.

They are an essential tool in any business, whatever its nature, the number of employees or the size. Every day developers integrate more elements and functions, so having a POS is essential to be able to be successful in an increasingly competitive market.

Factors to consider when choosing the best POS software

Before choosing the best POS software, It is necessary that you take into account the following aspects:

POS software in the cloud or on your computer

A Cloud POS It does not need any type of installation on the computer, but it works completely online and can be accessed from any device. In addition, it is 100% compatible with most peripheral equipment that is necessary for business management.

They are the best option if you need to access information at any time and from different places. But the POS in the cloud have the disadvantage, that depend on the speed of the connection, which can cause problems if you do not have a good Internet connection or access to 4G / 3G networks.

When the POS on the computer, It can only be accessed on the computer where it was installed, being for many a safer way of handling information. Its operation depends on the characteristics of the equipment where it is run. But you cannot access the information from a distance, and if there is a problem with the equipment, you lose access to the records and even all the stored information can be lost.

However, hybrid systems are becoming more and more common, in which the software is installed on the computer, but the information is displayed online and the backup copies are stored in the cloud. They are the most rrecommended with regard to safety and information protection.

Operating system and browser compatibility

Almost all POS terminals are developed to be compatible with Windows operating system and the Google Chrome browser, because they are the most used. But you can find POS options developed for Mac, Linux and for browsers like Firefox, Opera or Safari.

Free or paid POS

Many POS terminals are offered for free on the Internet, but generally these have limitations regarding access to functionalities, technical service and updates. Being necessary to make the subscription at some point.

The most advisable thing for a business that wants to establish and grow is to opt directly for the payment model, to obtain all the functionalities. Typically, the vendors who do the installations they usually charge a license in a single payment and then they bill an annual fee for maintenance and updates. If the POS is in the cloud, you do not pay for a license, but only a monthly fee, which varies according to the number of users.

When you opt for the payment option, you get better customer service, more facilities to make updates, have more security tools and additional modules can be added, as the business grows. Free options are usually more limited in all of these respects. However, you can find high-quality POS terminals with great features, which work well in small-scale businesses.

POS scalability

If you have a business you must choose a POS that is capable of growing along with it, for example, if more employees have to be hired, it is necessary that new users can be registered and if new branches are established, it is necessary that the POS has the ability to be multi-store, in order that data can be synchronized and you can unify business management.

You must carefully analyze all the alternatives, and you have the option that many providers offer demos of the POS software, In order for the client to check if the program is the one that meets the needs of the business.

The best POS

These are the best POS that are in the market for different types of commerce, and that allow you to better manage your business:


What are the best POS software for PC?

This POS is very popular because it has a large ability to adapt to different businesses and contexts, although it is especially aimed at the hotel and restaurant sector.

Its main characteristics are:

  • It allows managing clients and catalogs, managing offers and promotions, controlling the weight of products, managing employees, managing payments with cash and bank cards.
  • Inventory management in the warehouse, detailed reports of economic activity.
  • Allows you to connect different peripherals.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone.
  • Record of movements by date, employees, cash lines and other categories.
  • It allows managing the entry and exit times of workers.
  • User manuals that facilitate the customization of the software according to the characteristics of the business.
  • It can be integrated with a CCTV camera system.
  • It has remote assistance to solve problems that may arise during handling. It also offers a temporary free version.

Yes OK Agora it is an online software, you can also download to your computer. The cost of the program depends on factors such as the option you select and whether you want to pay it monthly or make a single payment. You can get the standard version from € 235.95 for a single license. In order to maintain the system, you have to pay a fee that is paid annually.


It’s a POS for all types of businesses. It does not require installation, and its operation is in the cloud. It works very well from mobile phones and has a very low learning curve due to its simplicity. It has a trial period of 14 days, completely free, and at the end you must choose one of the payment plans it offers, having different possibilities.

The main characteristics of this POS are:

  • It allows controlling payments, inventories, customers, invoices and sales in a single module.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, with the Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers. Supports barcode readers.
  • Integrate your own online store.

Regarding its price, Catinfog It has two plans, which vary only in the number of users and boxes it supports: the Professional Plan costs € 30 per month and admits three users and one box; while the Premium Plan costs € 69 per month and admits twelve users and five boxes.

Chromis POS

This is a POS software specially developed for freelancers or small businessesI know they are beginning to grow. It only offers the basic functions, it is special the management of purchases and the generation of reports.

Chromis POS easy to configure and its features include:

  • It is compatible with different POS peripherals and with Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • It allows multiple sales and has different levels of customization.
  • The interface of user is very easy to set up and use.
  • It is downloaded completely free of charge.


It can use in any sector, especially in the retail and food sector. Gesio it’s online and multi-device, and it’s totally multi-store. In case you need an online store, you can create and configure it from the same program. Inventory is synchronized and data is flown directly into the billing system.

The program cost varies according to your choice. You can choose to make a monthly payment of € 39 per user or make an annual payment of € 29 per month. You must add € 9 a month to this price, in order to contract any of the complementary modules.


What are the best POS software for PC?

It is developed for automate the entire buying, selling and inventory process of shops and hotels. It can be found in several versions, depending on the type of business, but its most popular versions are the Mini Glop aimed at small companies, the Glop for medium-sized companies and the Glop Business for franchises and established businesses.

The program it is installed on the computer, but the data is synced in the cloud, so it is a hybrid system. If you have several stores, you can have access to the information in real time of each one of them.

Some of its main features are:

  • Allows synchronization with online stores, using plugins for WordPress and Woocommerce.
  • It can work offline and allows you to customize the interface according to the comfort of the users, the synchronization between warehouses and the configuration of the sales formats.
  • It has versions of touch POS.
  • It is fully modular, so the main functions can be expanded through modules.
  • Technical support is free, as it is included in the purchase. Remote support is also offered
  • Glop it can only be purchased through an annual payment modality and can be used during a trial period.


What are the best POS software for PC?

It is 100% in the cloud and is organized in different free modules, such as the Point of Sale Terminal, to which you can add payment complements, such as employee management for € 5 per month or Inventory for 25 € monthly. All modules are accessible via the web, or through the applications for Android and iOS. Loyverse Among its main features is the built-in database for customer registration.


Some of the features of this program are:

  • It allows importing and exporting rates in Excel format.
  • Comprehensive reports can be generated on each of the software modules.
  • It has functionalities for personnel management.
  • It allows to categorize sales in a personalized way.
  • You have the option to schedule the sending of invoices by email.
  • It can be configured in multiple languages, depending on the employee.
  • Nanopos is in the cloud and offers technical support around the clock. Subscription plans are monthly and can be installed on mobiles and tablets.


What are the best POS software for PC?

This POS operates in the cloud, so you can access from any computer. It is offered in two versions, one for small and medium-sized companies and the other for larger businesses. The functionalities of the two versions are different, but they maintain the same operational structure.

It has a free trial for a few days, so that you can evaluate its operation and it has complete manuals and tutorials, but if you still have doubts with its operation, you can access online courses, which you can take weekly.

Among its main characteristics are:

  • Access to reports and warehouse control, purchase and sales registration, inventory control, personalization of tickets, electronic invoices, barcodes, among other functions.
  • It offers a mobile application, with an encrypted security protocol, which prevents the theft of information.
  • Optional modules according to the particular needs of each business.
  • 24/7 technical service.
  • Allows data from other POS to be imported.
  • Automatic backups, which take place several times a day.
  • Your system performs automatic backups once a day.

Mygestion has no installation costs and the rate has a cost of € 14.95 per month for a user, each additional user has to pay € 7.95. They offer the opportunity to do a free trial of the program for 14 days.

POS Software – 123

It adapts to different business sectors. The POS 123 has a free version They offer on a limited basis, only for basic use. To be able to use all the complete features, as well as updates and support, you must obtain the paid version, with an annual license of use for € 60 for the basic one and for € 110 for the complete one. Runs instantly on computers with Windows operating system.


What are the best POS software for PC?

This program is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, It has a version to be installed on the computer and another in the cloud, as well as a free version and a paid version. The software is adaptable to different types of businesses. You can configure it in four modes: retail, hospitality, mixed and specialization.

It stands for:

  • It allows you to personalize digital receipts, control operations with suppliers and keep track of both employees and customers.
  • You can choose from several plans, including a free version.
  • Generates up to 40 types of reports, according to the given specifications.
  • Makes backups in the cloud.
  • It can be configured in multiple languages ​​and has an application for mobile devices and tablets.
  • Unicenta supports any type of currency.


East open source software It is also aimed at small businesses. Its entire system operates in the cloud and has the advantage that it can be used even offline, as it is automatically updated when the computer is reconnected to the Internet.

Its features include:

  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android and supports all the browsers that are installed on these systems.
  • It allows to export local information through another medium.
  • It can do barcode scanning, receipt printing, and customize the interface.
  • It is compatible with all external peripherals for barcode reading.
  • Backup copies can be made.
  • It adjusts to touch screens, so it can be accessed with tablets or mobiles.

Wallace It can be installed at no cost and since it is open source, suggestions can be made to developers to make improvements that can be implemented in order to improve their performance.

POS for hotels and restaurants

The best POS softwares for these areas are the following:


What are the best POS software for PC?

This POS is also located in the cloud and is specifically aimed at customers catering businesses. Waiter10 it can be used from mobile to computer, and runs on different operating systems.

Its features include:

  • Organization of tables by zones.
  • Menu designs.
  • Billing division.
  • Frequent customer registration.
  • Real-time reports on inventory, expenses, sales and other data of interest for management.


Numier stores all information in the cloud and it has a complete set of applications that complement the POS functionalities:

  • PDA that allows you to take orders from Android devices.
  • Cash that connects with the cashiers software smart.
  • A bracelet called the Numier Band that serves for the registration, identification and access of business employees.


It is installed on the computer and also has a version in the cloud, Hosteltáctil Cloud that allows you to make inquiries, generate reports and modify products and prices. It is a very complete and easy-to-use system. They provide specialized technical supporto and different types of peripherals can be adapted to it.


It has cloud storage, so it does not need any type of installation. It works on different operating systems. Among its main features are:

  • It integrates with different e-commerce applications, and with various payment platforms such as PayPal, and many processes can be automated.
  • Hiboutik It has a limited free version, and the premium version costs € 9.90 per month, which gives access to all financial reports and modules specially developed for the hospitality area.

Hardware and peripherals for POS

You already know what the best POS software, but to this you must connect several hardware equipment and different peripherals, in order to make it fully functional.

Some of these peripherals are:

  • Computer or POS terminal, being preferable if they are tactile.
  • Ticket printer.
  • Electronic scales.
  • A barcode reader.
  • Smart drawers.
  • CCTV cameras.

How to choose the best POS for my business

What are the best POS software for PC?

It is necessary that after knowing the best POS, keep in mind those functions that you can take full advantage of, so it is recommended that you choose the options that offer you tools that may be useful, so you should take into account:

Features offered

Almost all softwares POS They not only offer the basic functions, but also generally incorporate complementary tools to facilitate the management of the company. For this reason, almost all of them incorporate functions that are obtained in other administrative software, such as, for example, CRM, ERP, MRP and other similar ones.

But no matter what your choice is, verify that it has the following functionalities:

  • Allow card charges.
  • Warehouse and inventory management can be done.
  • Have the customer database built in.
  • It can be synchronized with an online store.
  • It can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Allow control in the price variation.
  • It can be connected with 3G or 4G.
  • Allow to do procedures automatically.
  • Tools to carry out financial and management analysis.

Define business needs and priorities

For choose the POS You must take into account the characteristics of your business and what is the sales capacity of your business, since the requirements of a small business are different than for an already consolidated business. Also the number of employees and the vision of future growth.

The best POS software They do not currently offer only computer versions, but they try to integrate functionalities in the cloud and are generally multi-device, so that the management of a business can be done both remotely and physically.

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