The best mobile payment apps

Carrying out our monetary transactions through mobile phones is becoming more common. It is a payment method that little by little has been imposed, especially among the youngest sectors of the population. In an increasingly digital world, in which cash seems doomed to disappear, the new digital payment methods through apps Specialized cards are becoming even more popular than traditional bank cards.

The wide range of existing services through the network seems to be the main reason for the growth of this sector. Users can currently make purchases of all kinds on the Internet, but also consume various forms of entertainment. the casinos and the bookmakers on-linein this area, are one of the most popular formulas among the public, and also make up one of the most innovative sectors in the introduction of new forms of payment.

Are appsIn addition, they provide a lot of specific functionality that other methods don’t. Likewise, many of them allow a high degree of configuration in terms of security, so that they can be blocked by PIN, but also through more advanced methods, such as fingerprints or the new ones. facial recognition systems. However, which application will be the most appropriate for each field? To answer this question, today we are going to review the best apps intended to make payments through the smartphone.

Google Pay

This well-known application is currently one of the most popular for making all kinds of payments. The name Google, after all, seems to offer certain guarantees; but it is also that it is a apps very easy to set up. Of course, another of its main advantages is that it is compatible with numerous banking entities, which makes it a very versatile option.


Paypal, which was born from a project in which Elon Musk himself was involved, is one of the great veterans in the world of payment applications. That is why, to this day, it is still one of everyone’s favorites. It is an option that is compatible with Android and iOS and allows you to include the details of any bank card to make payments or receive money without problems. In addition, it makes it possible to make small transfers between users at the moment.


Fpay is what is known as an electronic wallet and allows charging and paying in many situations. Another of its functions is that, by means of a QR code, it makes it possible to pay in certain affiliated businesses from the same smartphone. This, in turn, allows you to accumulate points with each purchase, an advantage that must be taken into account.


This app was designed for those who want to make transactions without going through long and tedious procedures. Thus, Chek can function as a virtual wallet and allows you to load money from your own bank account. Of course, it is also possible to send money back to the card or to any other account. In addition, it has a QR code system to avoid having to register your contacts when making payments.