ITunes gift cards


A gift that never ceases to amaze. With an iTunes gift card, a world of entertainment possibilities can be giftedThousands of apps on the App Store, new games for all ages, millions of songs from iTunes and Apple Music, series and movies for all tastes, and a wide selection of books and audio books. The user will be able to choose the amount they wish to give away.

Gift cards they are a kind of prepaid debit card, which by means of a code or a plastic card, can be exchanged in a wide variety of shops and online or physical stores.

ITunes gift cards are the cards that allow users to get items from the iTunes Store or App Store or Apple Books. In them you will find information such as:

  • Link to website where you can check the balance and redeem the gift card.
  • A message where it is indicated if the card can be used in applications, games, music, movies, TV shows and iCloud.
  • A link to Apple Support to visit if help is needed.

What can you buy with an iTunes gift card?

When an iTunes gift card is redeemed, credit is being added to user’s Apple ID balance, with which it can be purchased in the App Store, iTunes Store or Apple Books. With this credit you can not buy gifts for another person, or to buy other gift cards. When redeeming a gift card, you must enter the card’s 16-digit redemption code, which can be found on the back of the card.

Why is an iTunes gift card the best gift?

In these times of globalization, the number of consumers who make their purchases online is increasing, due to the comfort of doing so from the tranquility of their home, office or other space where they operate through all their devices, personal computer , laptop, Tablet or smart cell phone, and take it home, thus avoiding traffic, going to different shops, queues to pay or park, crowds, etc. Many times this type of trade is preferred not only for the comfort it represents, but also that sometimes it is difficult to get a certain item in the vicinity of the place of residence or work. Despite all the above, many consumers are jealous when providing their bank details for payment, especially if it is account numbers or credit cards.

For those consumers who wish to control as much as possible the consumption they make in different stores, iTunes gift cards are offered, since they only allow consumption for the amount that has previously been paid, without having to use another banking instrument, such as credit cards.

Every time a celebration of a family member, friend, coworker who uses an Apple device is coming up, giving an iTunes gift card is the best option, since the recipient will have at their disposal a wide range of applications, music, games, movies, series, books or Apple services in which to spend the prepaid amount. ITunes gift cards can be purchased at a large number of merchants, but they can also be purchased online, which will send the recipient the code via email.

Free iTunes gift cards

ITunes gift cards

If you want to get free gift cards and codes to redeem on iTunes, there are many pages and websites known as “code generators”, where they offer codes by paying a small sum of money, but these pages do not work, since they are scams, scams or waste of time. They only want to obtain the personal and banking information of the consumers through data, surveys, payments or registries. They also include a large amount of advertising that is annoying or dangerous.

Where to get free iTunes gift cards?

  • King of prizes: It is a new website created in 2011.
  • Points Prizes: It is one of the most popular platforms to generate gift cards.
  • Plaufulbet: It is a gaming site where you can get various items ranging from iTunes gift cards and other platforms, to video game consoles.
  • Friendz app: It is an application of Italian origin that allows you to accumulate credits to be exchanged in stores or for vouchers and gift cards such as iTunes gift cards.

On all these pages points can be earned to be exchanged for prizes, vouchers and various gift cards, especially from iTunes.

How to redeem an iTunes gift card

From personal computer or laptop:

  • Open iTunes
  • Enter with the registered username and password
  • Click on the iTunes Store page
  • Enter the iTunes gift card code
  • The balance will be credited to the user’s account to start shopping.

From a mobile device:

  • Open the iTunes application from the device
  • Check the option “Redeem” and enter the 16-digit iTunes gift card code.
  • The balance will be credited to the user’s balance to start shopping.


  • Don’t buy impulsively or spend the entire card balance at once. Many times the user regrets a purchase made in a hasty manner, which reduces the balance of his account and prevents him from buying the song he really wanted.
  • It is recommended to check the iTunes store, since some categories offer offers, discounts or free downloads.


  • Tax collection must be taken into account at the time of taking out the cost of a download, if there is no balance left on the card or in the account, the charge will be made to the credit card registered by the user.
  • ITunes gift cards only work when activatedIf this step is not completed, the amount is not charged to the user’s account and there will be no balance to buy.
  • ITunes gift cards are not allowed to be resold, nor are they exchangeable for cash. They cannot be returned or exchanged for Apple products.
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