How to know if my iPhone is charging off


Many times it happens that when an iPhone runs out of battery and the charger is connected, the screen still keeps me completely black. This can happen because the battery is completely drained and requires some charging to turn back on. It may also be that some of its internal components have been damaged.

You must remember that Apple phones are designed in such a way that when you connect the charger while the phone is off, it turns on. Also, you can only charge it off if you plug it on and then turn off the device, in this way you can only see a battery symbol on the screen while charging.

This can happen on any iPhone, regardless of its model. For this reason, below, we will mention what you must do when you iPhone won’t turn on and keep with black screen.

How do you know the iPhone is charging?

To know if your phone is charging you must first make sure that none of its internal components have been damaged. Therefore you must:

Let the phone charge

If your phone has been completely downloaded, just let it charge for about 30 minutes. At that time the battery symbol should appear on the screen, this happens because you allow the cell phone to completely discharge its battery. If after half an hour your phone still does not turn on, wait another half hour and see if it turns on again.

Check the USB cable

How to know if my iPhone is charging off

It is important to know if the charging cable is in good condition, you can try it with another device or verify that it is not worn or broken, as this may be the cause that your phone is not charging. It may also be that the cable is dusty and cleaning it starts working again.

Also, you must connect the cable well to the current or use another plug if necessary.

Force restart the iPhone

If your phone does not turn on and you have already verified that the cable is in good condition and does not turn on after one hour of charging, you should force restart it. To restart the device you will have to press a set of keys depending on your version of the phone.

You must keep the buttons held for 10 seconds and wait for the Apple logo to appear. In the case of being an iPhone 6s press the start button and the upper side, if it is an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus press the side button and volume down and if it is an iPhone 8, 8 Plus or later press and quickly release the button volume increase.

If none of the methods we have mentioned above solve your problem, possibly some internal part of the phone has been damaged and therefore does not turn on or also it may be some software problemTherefore, if your phone does not turn on with the tricks that we have given you, we recommend taking it to a technical service where it can be repaired.

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