5 ways to check HP printer ink levels

You always have to check the ink levels of the HP printer. Why? Having a printer, and moreover an HP, solves our lives on more than one occasion. Except at that moment when we feel that luck is leaving us and we notice that the print does not come out complete or, failing that, it comes out discolored.

When we see HP, the first thing that comes to mind after Harry Potter is a computer, laptop or printer from the renowned brand. And it is precisely in the world of HP printers It has stood out widely over its competition.

5 ways to check HP printer ink levels

Stay up to date with our toners or cartridges it is essential to avoid running out of ink at the worst possible moment.

So that this never happens to you, we are going to leave a series of ways in which you can check the ink levels of your HP printer without major inconveniences. Go for it!

HP Printer Assistant

HP has been able to optimize its products, that is why when we want install an HP printer This comes with a complete software that includes an assistant to be able to verify certain technical details of our equipment.

So all you have to do is search Printer assistant between the programs downloaded to our PC linked to the printer and check in its window of “estimated levels of cartridges” the approximate percentage that has the toner. From this window you can also configure your printer and solve problems in its operation.

From HP Online Support

check HP printer ink levels

HP on its official page explains in a simple way how to see the ink levels of an HP printer from the panel control of this – the little screen that has your printer.

HP Customer Support

So below we leave the verbatim quote that HP gives us: “Look for an ink drop icon or a cartridge icon, a ink levels menu or a toner level indicator to check the estimated levels of ink or toner ”.

There you have it, simple, right? But, read on, there are still ways to check the ink levels of your HP printer.

Programs for Windows

Programs for Windows

Lately it is more profitable for companies like HP to compress functions and others in a certain application or program to help the user. This is the case of the following applications that can be downloaded in Windows to view ink levels at HP. In this case we will talk about HP Smart and HP Print and Scan Doctor.

  • HP Smart. This is the application of choice for check the ink levels of our HP printer. It is easy to download from the official Windows store. If you have Windows 10, you probably already have it installed by default.

to download

You just have to open this application and link the printer in question with it. It will automatically detect the cartridge status and, of course, the ink level.

  • HP also recommends its app HP Print and Scan DoctorThis is also used to view the status of your printer or scanner and check ink levels.

to download

On Mac or iOs

On Mac or iOs

Apple no longer provides HP print drivers through Apple Software Update (ASU).
You can find HP print drivers at HP software and driver downloads.

go to page

Your printer may be compatible with AirPrint from Apple. AirPrint is an embedded printing solution for Apple computers and mobile devices. You can print from most applications that have a print function.

On Android

On Android

Yes, it is also possible to see the ink levels of an HP printer from the screen of your Smartphone. Because HP has optimized its HP Smart app, it is now possible to view the status of your HP computers at all times.

download hp smart for android free

For this you will only have to download the application HP Smart on your mobile device, link the printer in question to the app and you will have everything you need to never be in trouble with your cartridges.

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That was all about how to check ink levels in your HP printer. We hope it has been useful to you and that you are always aware of which cartridge needs a change.

You like the post? Could you view your printer’s ink levels? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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