Traditional games revolutionize online downloads

Traditional games such as Dominoes, Parcheesi and Bingo, have always been one of the best forms of entertainment and even learning. Its history is estimated to go back some 5,000 years ago.

Since then the evolution has been continuous, and in recent years we have seen how they have been transformed through technology, achieving a greater reach and adapting more and more to the digital world. Now, these traditional games are even more social, since they have been breaking ground through mobile applications and you can play with other people online without having to share the same board.

During the year 2020 the downloads of traditional games have increased exponentially, due to the pandemic and the distancing of families who wanted to continue playing games suitable for all ages despite the distance. This increase in downloads has not only not been reduced during the year 2021, but it continues to grow due to its new functionalities that make them completely renewed games and adapted to the latest trends of the new generations. From integrated chat chats in games until possibility to send virtual gifts.

Only during the first quarter of the year 2021 the board game app downloads 231% with respect to the same quarter of the year 2020, which makes these games once again considered one of the most relevant in the categories of “Games”In the App Store of ios and the Play Store of Android.

A clear example of this adaptation has been the Bingo free of Playspace (available on Android and iOS), which not only allows you to play with family and friends, but also encourages you to meet other people with the same interests through chats and friend lists, private and public rooms, prizes and mini-games and many more features that make this traditional game a whole new experience.

About Playspace

Playspace is a company of development of free social games and for mobile devices. Since 2011, he has focused on bringing classic board games to the world of mobile applications. Among the games developed are Dominoes, Parcheesi, and Bingo.

These types of traditional games aim to eMeet and gather a group of friends or family and have a fun time. For this, the platform has added social functions to make each meeting more fun through the chats integrated in the games and game rooms accessible to everyone to meet new people. Playspace currently has 10 cross-platform games (IOs, Android, web, Facebook, Amazon, and other secondary platforms) in more than 10 countries.

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