Programs to stream free


In recent times, thanks to the development of technology and the need to carry out most of the activities remotely, live and direct broadcasts they have considerably expanded their use, reaching various classes of public and covering the most diverse subjects.

If you want to enter this world, this article describes the best free streaming programs that you can download and start testing in order to make your own live broadcasts.

Stream for free

At present, the availability of free computer tools that facilitate the possibility of generating and transmitting live content is very diverse. A selection of the best is mentioned in detail below. programs to stream for free.

OBS Studio – Open Broadcast Software

OBS Studio It’s about a free, reliable and open source software geared towards streaming games and video content live to the Internet or to video files. This program is very popular as it is very easy to use. The platform is available for Windows, Mac and Linux from its official page.

Among its features we can mention that it has the option of sharing the screen, recording, connecting a camera or your webcam, as well as a large number of alternatives to make your content more attractive. You have the possibility to communicate through the application with various platforms like Facebook, Twitch or YouTube or even with a custom server address.

Programs to stream free

The interface it presents is simple and intuitive, allowing you to add multiple sources, as well as create your own profile. You can configure your own keys for quick access in order to start and stop recording by using a single key.

In addition, it has an option that makes it possible to customize the video resolution, as well as the frames per second. When all the adjustments and settings have been completed, you can record with OBS Studio a video without delay and with a quality sound.


Zoom It is a well-known program and its growth has been exponential especially in recent times. It is a very versatile tool that can be use both for live, meetings, conferences, webinar, among many other options.

It has the facility of share screen and its ability to interact among meeting attendees is one of its great benefits, sharing audio, video and providing the facility to broadcast live and direct. Its free version allows you to have a connection of up to 40 minutes with a capacity of up to 100 participants. This time limit is only for the free version, since for the paid versions there is no such restriction.

The Pro version of Zoom, makes it possible for you to link with applications such as Facebook and YouTube, so that your broadcast can be seen by those who are connected by Zoom and by these other platforms, or connect Zoom with YouTube it’s using OBS. It also has compatibility with Android and with ios.


StreamYard is a tool that helps you perform streaming and it gives you the possibility to share it with other social networks. The program can be connected to Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube among others, it also has the functionality of integrating with Twitch. This means that if you make a broadcast of a direct from StreamYard, the visualization will be taking place simultaneously on the other platforms that you have previously linked.

StreamYard is the ideal option for those users who just want to log in and start streaming right away. StreamYard works great on Chrome and Firefox web browsers, so you don’t need a bulky download.

Programs to stream free

It is important to note that the free version of StreamYard It has no time limits, the only disadvantage is that it will always present a watermark. Besides this, there is no need for it to work through a computer; you can stream from any device, tablet, phone, or laptop, as long as you have the ability to access Chrome.

XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit Broadcaster is a streaming application for PC developed for Windows users; It has a free version, which for all that it presents is an excellent alternative to start in this area of ​​streaming. In short, it is a professional production software, that favors live sessions in 4K and 60 fps. In addition to this, with its use you can load several sources and mix them according to your preferences.

Programs to stream free

Some of its main features are its minimalist and simple interface, which has positioned it as one of the best programs currently available for streaming.

With XSplit you can also send an update via social media within the application with the URL and all the details of the place from where you are broadcasting live. Plus, it has a built-in video projector feature, where you can connect your computer to a projector and use it to make presentations at work.

Facebook Gaming

This large computer company has expanded its business with the purchase of Mixer, which was previously owned by Microsoft. This is a streaming program whose main objective is in the field of video games. It can be found in the Google Play app stores and App Store.

All the functions it presents are created exclusively for gamers. It has a moderate integration with other gaming platforms, such as Xbox and Play Station, with which you can play, but it is not really a native integration.

Facebook Gaming It is a growing platform that facilitates the simultaneous broadcast of different players at the same time, so the viewer has the opportunity to watch several games on their screen at the same time. It is a completely free platform and its monetization plan it is based on subscription to channels.


Twitch is currently the video game streaming program of greater recognition and acceptance. The platform integrates well with a wide variety of consoles and operating systems, making it stand out from other similar tools. Its user community has grown considerably. You can find it in the App Store and on Google Play.

Live broadcasts are stored in the gamers channels, so that users have the possibility of viewing them whenever they wish, without having to be live. In the same way as Facebook Gaming, it is a totally free platform, which is monetized based on advertising and through paid subscriptions to the channel.


StreamLabs is a live streaming platform that it has a professional interface; to start broadcasting, all you need is a quick setup. Its operation is similar to that of a desktop program and is available for both Windows and macOS. The program also has a version for Android and another for iOS.

Programs to stream free

StreamLabs is a completely free program useful for streaming of any kind and can be linked to almost any other platform. Provides access to a wide variety of game overlays. You can find charts and streams to multiple platforms at once, plus get additional features by paying for StreamLabs Prime.

Telestream Wirecast

Telestream Wirecast is a video streaming program and a Telestream switcher. With the use of this software, user can record videos, configure scenes or stream sequentially to your favorite platform. In its latest version, it has incorporated some redesigned features and improvements in the software in order to make it work better on the computer.

Programs to stream free

Advanced gaming features have also been added. Players will be pleased to know that it will now be possible stream games up to 1440p at 60fps, which is perfect for Twitch or any other site that can stream your video games. It has a free version that has no time limit, only that it will always leave a watermark on you.

Nvidia ShadowPlay

Nvidia ShadowPlay It is a free application, however, it requires certain specific resources such as having a computer with an Nvidia GeForce graphics card and GeForce Experience installed.

This tool will be very useful for broadcast your games live quickly and simple on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. When you want to enter ShadowPlay, you just have to press Alt + Z on Windows and all the recording and live broadcast options will be displayed on your screen.

The main characteristic it presents is that it generates a very low impact on performance, but the possibilities it offers are much more limited than those of the other alternatives mentioned in this article.


1AVStreamer allows you to broadcast live video and audio content over the Internet. The software was designed for live media streaming, it also captures streams from various sources and includes some additional features to help you with the process of taking screenshots and recording audio.

The built-in broadcast assistant helps you broadcast from multiple sources, it can be from webcams, cameras, TV tuners, or from your desktop. The platform 1AVStreamer makes live streaming possible with or without sound and can store recorded copies of the content you generally broadcast.

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

This is a tool whose use has been extended to professionals to cover their needs for live transmission with audio and video files. Use Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder It offers two great advantages: it supports the best video quality and its basic configuration is very easy.

Its high video quality works with the On2 VP6 encoding process and users also have the ability to access various advanced customization tools to make their jobs easier to do.

Some of its main characteristics are that it offers an on-site encoding service, it is capable of processing both audio and video signals with very good quality and is generally used to broadcast live events such as business, political speakers, educational needs and activities. sports.


Raptr is a tool developed with a specialized desktop-based board package that presents appropriate widget options and users can easily activate them from any area of ​​the game. One of the latest features incorporated into the platform is the possibility of stream on Twitch even without connecting any other external tools.


FFSplit is exclusively focused on Windows users and is a free program that helps in capturing desktop activities with high-quality video content. By using it, it is easier record everything from the desktop and later be transmitted to different websites, as well as it can be stored for future needs.

Its features include the function of direct access keys that favor processing for beginners; the opportunity to have passage to the webcam and a wide range of overlays that is offered to professionals to meet their requirements.


Lightstream is a complete web-based live streaming studio that helps you create professional-quality live broadcasts in minutes. You can even invite people to a live streaming event. It also allows you to host a variety of events such as interviews, panel discussions, product launches, and many more. Even guests can share their screens with their own audience, helping you increase your reach.

Programs to stream free

The program contains a cloud-based architecture, which means that there is no need to download the software. The free plan offers a maximum streaming duration of up to 3 hours and a maximum output quality of 720p at 30fps.


Restream is a cloud-based streaming service facilitating the transmission of videos simultaneously to more than 30 platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, among others. One of its advantages is that you can edit and add more channels while on the air, without having to quit your broadcast or restart your encoder.

Besides that, Restream also includes additional tools to help you in promoting and analysis of your live broadcasts. Also the user can measure the success of his live broadcast on numerous platforms, from a single dashboard. Being able to identify the most popular part of the transmission, the peak hour, the total number of viewers, the minutes viewed ordered by the platforms and much more. It has a free plan, plus four additional paid plans.


OneStream is one of the best streaming shows overall, with the ability to stream and record live and prerecorded videos, and publish them on more than 40 social media platforms. With pre-recorded broadcasts, broadcasts can be recorded and then scheduled on social media platforms up to 60 days in advance.

Through live streaming, you can link OneStream with other streaming platforms, configure this tool and start multicasting. It offers four subscription plans, one of which is free. It has compatibility with ios and Android.

How to stream for free on social media

Due to the current boom experienced by live broadcasts, the most important social networks also have their streaming services.

In case you prefer to broadcast live from a social network, the characteristics that some of them present for this type of transmission are described below.


Youtube is currently the leading video platform on the Internet. Those users who have a channel registered are able to broadcast in a matter of seconds. It has versions for Android and iOS.

To stream on YouTube, you must follow this process to the letter:

  • First of all, you have to go to the top of the screen and click on the video camera that is accompanied by a ‘+’ symbol.
  • At this time, two options will be presented: Upload a video and of Broadcast live.
  • Now, you need to click on the option Broadcast live and follow all the indications.
  • Next, you have to grant the permissions to the browser in order to access your microphone and your camera.
  • Once the streaming ends, you can publish the live stream on your channel.

Facebook Live Producer

Facebook It has also entered the world of streaming; and it is available in all its options within the platform: profiles, pages and groups. In the same way as on YouTube, the live recording can be published when the streaming has finished.

The software Facebook Live Producer was created with the purpose of solving the initial problems of Facebook in its live broadcasts. And it is integrated into the platform and provides emissions with greater quality and stability. This social network also has versions for Android and for iOS.


In the last times Instagram has been growing within video with the creation of IGTV and Instagram Live. IGTV constitutes Instagram’s option to try to compete with YouTube. You have had good experience sharing the longest videos. It has applications for Android and for iOS.

With Instagram Live Live broadcast is possible in a few seconds. For which, the following steps must be carried out:

  • The first step requires opening the application.
  • Then, you have to press on the camera and scroll in the lower bar until you find the option Direct.
  • During the broadcast, you can invite one of your contacts to participate in the live show.
  • When the live is finished, Instagram offers you the option to publish it on your profile or in the stories.


A wide variety of programs to stream free, with a significant diversity among them, in terms of their characteristics and technical requirements.

In addition, its uses include the possibility of broadcast live from video games to important events and meetings of business. Therefore, by describing this guide, the user will be able to decide which program to use according to their interests and available resources.

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