Is it safe and legal to buy games on sites like Instant Gaming?


If at some point they have thrown you to look for cheap online games, surely you have come across the famous page Instant Gaming. There are some similar ones, such as G2A, that also offer this service for the sale of games at a good price directly.

There are different opinions and doubts about if it is safe and legal to buy games on Instant Gaming, since many times we find some at half price and it can make us suspicious. We are going to show you a guide on everything you need to know about Instant Gaming.

What is Instant Gaming?

Instant Gaming It is a catalog sales platform in which, beyond selling games for different devices and consoles, what they do is provide sales codes. It will be through them that you can purchase the product at the price marked on the original sales platform.

In this way, buy cheap games here It is one of the best methods to save money on each purchase. The platform works as follows: when you choose the game and make the payment by card or usual methods, rYou receive a code that you can redeem on the platform for which you have purchased it.

You just have to add it in the coupons section and you will have the game in your collection Definitively and as if you had bought it directly on the platform.

Why are games cheap on Instant Gaming?

Although it may seem strange, finding hundreds of cheap games at Instant Gaming It shouldn’t surprise us as it is totally reasonable. First because the games in digital format they are much cheaper than physical format ones. Obviously we are saving certain phases of the production process, which lowers costs.

Furthermore, this platform buy large amounts of games, which allows them to offer them later at very low prices if we compare them with those of the main sales stores. To be sure that the purchase will be effective and that the generated code is correct, you can read the ratings and opinions of other users in the game itself.

We also recommend making payments through PayPal. Even if Instant Gaming is safe, it’s always nice to have extra protection during your purchase.

Online Game Codes in Instant Gaming

instant gaming code

You already know that when you shop at Instant Gaming lor what do you do is buy a code to redeem on the sales platform where you bought it. As a result of this, some doubts arise about how to use these codes and if this process is really legal or not.

How are Instant Gaming codes used?

Once you have received the code, which is usually automatic and very fast, you must redeem it on the website you have chosen. The process is simple:

  1. To get your game you have to enter the password or keys that you have received after the purchase in the card of the game itself.
  2. There you will find the option of “Activate“.
  3. Now already it will depend on the platform where you made the purchase. Each one has a different activation process, you just have to follow the steps that they mark you.

Legality of Buying at Instant Gaming

Beyond talking about safety when it comes to buy at Instant Gaming, Since any purchase we make online has the slightest risk, the important thing and what many users wonder about is the legality of the codes.

You can rest easy because the purchase and download of games it is totally legal. This website uses official platforms such as EA Origin, Ubisoft or NCSoft to redeem their codes. As the final purchase process, through which you obtain the game itself, is carried out in these official softwares, the purchase through Instant Gaming is legal.

Final opinions

Under our experience and taking into account the opinions of other users, buy cheap games through this website is totally safe and reliable, so you can rest assured that you will not fall for any scam. In addition, it is legal and with the money saved in each game you can buy new ones.

If you want, visit our app guide to download free games and also expand your catalog of games for your mobile without spending a euro.

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