How to remove PlayStation 5 apps


PlayStation 5 has become one of the products that has the most demand today, due to the benefits and functionalities it offers. However, the console only has 667 GB of free space on the high-speed SSD, so it is likely that after installing a few games, you will run out of storage capacity. Because of this it is necessary to know how to delete apps on PlayStation 5, This being a process that can be done very easily in a matter of a few minutes, so that you can free up space.

Reasons to remove games and apps from PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 has a 1 TB capacity hard drive, but only about 660 GB can be used as storage. Therefore, if you are one of those who download many games and applications, you can quickly run out of space to download more content. The solution for this problem is delete games and apps to free up space storage.

You also have the option, not to delete anything, but move everything to a compatible USB external hard drive. One of the latest PS5 updates lets you move files to free up space. In this way, when you go to play, it should only be copied back to the internal storage. The game is updated automatically, in case there is a new version while it was stored on the USB. In addition, other types of content can be moved to the external device, in order to save space.

Delete games from PlayStation 5

The process for remove games and apps from the PS5 It is very easy, just by following the following steps:

Delete games from the home screen

All games and applications that have been played or recently opened are displayed on the home screen of the console. In the event that the game is available in the start menu, the way to remove it from the console is as follows:

  • Select the game you want to delete from the start menu.
  • Then press the Options button on the console controller, which is the small button to the right of the touchpad.
  • Select the Delete option and click OK.

Delete games from the game library

How to remove PlayStation 5 apps

If the game is not on the home screen, you have the option to delete it in the game library:

  • Go to the game library from the Start menu.
  • Now select the Installed tab.
  • Select the game you are going to delete and then press the Options button on the console controller.
  • Select delete. In some games, the option to remove expansion packs and individual DLCs is available.
  • To finish the process, select OK.

Delete games from the PlayStation settings

Another way available for delete games from PlayStation 5, is to do it from the settings menu:

  • Select the Gear icon for Settings, which is in the upper-right corner of the home screen.
  • Then select the Storage option, and Games and applications.
  • Select which games you are going to delete and check the Delete option.

How to remove PlayStation 5 apps

Delete games from the app

They can also be delete games from the PlayStation 5 app, even without needing to be at the console. In order to free up space in this way, you must have the PlayStation application installed on your mobile. This application allows you to use different functionalities to manage the console, including deleting games. It is available for both Android and iPhone.

The steps to follow are:

  • Log in with your PlayStation account information and connect to the console to continue.
  • You must bear in mind that the console must be in sleep mode and online, in order that memory can be managed remotely. In the event that you have turned off the console in its entirety, this action cannot be performed, since the application must activate the console to use it.
  • Go to the option Tap tab, which is at the bottom of the screen, and which has an icon that is represented by a controller.
  • Next, click on the Gear icon at the top right. Here you should be able to see the Storage option. If this does not appear, you must verify that the application is updated.
  • After you select storage, you will see the list of games that are installed on the system. Select the games that you are going to delete and when finished press the Delete games option, which is located at the bottom and confirm the action by clicking OK.

Delete saved game data

When you delete a game you do not delete the data that has been stored and that are associated with the game. To delete this data you must follow these steps:

  • Select the Settings option at the top right of the home screen.
  • There select the option Saved data, Settings of games and applications.
  • Choose Console Storage.
  • Click Delete.
  • Select which files you are going to delete, click Delete and confirm the entire process by clicking OK.

In the event that you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, You have the option of making a backup copy with all your information, in order to save them in the cloud, with the ease of downloading as many times as you want.

Remove deleted games from the home screen

It is common for many downloads of different files for PlayStation 5, and that these are then deleted, and that the image still occupies space on the home screen. These apart from the space it occupies, produce a visual disorder. To avoid this and have everything organized on the home screen, follow these steps:

  • When you start downloading a game, you must exit, press Start, and select Delete.
  • Keep in mind that you may need to wait until the download is 25% complete before clicking Delete.
  • You can also try the option Restore the game license. Go to Settings, then Users and Accounts, then Other, and finally Restore License.

Another option is to rebuild the database, turning off the PS5 console and holding down the power button, until the moment it emits a second beep. Connect the DualSense remote through a USB cable and select to finish, the Rebuild database option.

Redownload games that have been removed

After you have removed the digitally purchased games, you can install them again, without having to buy them again. To do this, you just have to go to the Games Library from the home screen, and once there, select the game you want to install again. Games cannot be moved to an external drive, but recorded videos of games and some types of content can be moved to an external device.

Remove the pre-installed game on PlayStation 5

How to remove PlayStation 5 apps

Astro’s Playroom is a free game that comes pre-installed on all PlayStation 5 consoles. This game is 10.98 GB in size, but since the storage space is small, the question arises whether can be uninstalled to free up more space, and thus be able to carry out additional installations.

This game room can be deleted by the user, in order to save memory. To remove the Astro’s Playroom game from a console, just follow these steps:

  • Select the Astro Game Room from the console’s home screen.
  • Then press the Start button.
  • To finish, select the Delete option from the list of options and confirm the action.

Keep in mind that there is no risk if you decide uninstall Astro’s Playroom, and you also have the option of being able to reinstall the game again, whenever you want. To do this there are several alternatives:

  • You can download the game by browsing the Game Library on the console’s home screen. Look for the Astro game room, select it and you just have to click on the option to reinstall the game.
  • You also have the option of downloading Astro’s Playroom through the PlayStation store. Being a 10.98GB file, it doesn’t take long to download. It is recommended that you give it a try before uninstalling it from the PlayStation 5, as it is a good game.

Clear cache on PlayStation 5

In the event that the console has slowed down, one of the most commonly executed options is clear the data contained in the cache. To clear the cache follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, you must turn off the PlayStation 5 to clear the cache. To do this, press the PlayStation button found on your controller, and then go to the power settings, which is on the far right of the menu, there select the Turn off PS5 button.
  • After you turn off the console, wait a few minutes and remove the power cord from the back. Wait a few minutes and reconnect the cable.
  • Turn on the console again, in order to reset the system cache, this action being what allows the system speed to normalize.

Restore factory settings

In the event that for any reason you must carry out the process of reset the console to factory settings or that you have thinking about doing it, the necessary steps to complete it successfully are the following:

Save your games before starting the restore

The first thing to do for factory restore is to save all your games in the cloud, since the Sony console does not allow saved games to be saved to an external USB drive. To be able to store in the cloud, you must have a subscription to PS Plus, and so on store the games you have saved to the console until this moment. If you had a PS4 console, this may surprise you, since there you could store the data on a USB memory, but on the PS5 it cannot be done.

To save all the games and configuration profiles found on the console, you must perform the following route: first go to Configuration, then to Game settings / Applications and saved data and finally to Saved data.

Another option that you have available to save all the data of the games that you have in the console, is to do it through a complete backup. You can also make a full backup of all your data on your console, including game installations. This will help you to copy in the future, all the content that is on the PS5 console to another PS5 console that you may have later.

For make a backup, You have to connect a hard drive to any of the USB ports on the console and then follow this path: Configuration, then System, then System Software, then Backup and Restore and finally back up your PS5 .

Delete all data from PS5

If you have already saved all the information and you are completely sure that what you are going to delete is well saved, or if you don’t mind losing that information, you can do the complete deletion of the console. When this deletion is carried out, completely reboot the PlayStation 5, and only the initial setup menu will remain, which is the same as the one you see when you start the console for the first time.

The steps to clear the console completely They are the following, taking into account that you are going to lose all the information and that once the process has started there is no going back:

  • Go to Settings on the home screen.
  • Select the System option and then System Software.
  • There you will find Restart Options, enter and press Restart your console.

PlayStation 5 has little storage space, as with just a few games it can fill up completely, preventing you from making more downloads. To the remove apps from PlayStation 5 you can reclaim space. You also have the option of removing both the game that is pre-installed and leaving the console only with the factory settings, in case all the data from the PS5 is necessary.

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