How to put Discord streamer mode


For security reasons and to keep confidential data and information leak errors at bay, Discord released its streamer transmission mode. So when the video game is being broadcast, it will only be projecting the video game content on your screen to the viewers’ screen. In this way, it allows to regulate the content that appears on the screens of its fans, and thus confidential data cannot slip and cause problems.

Discord became one of the most popular platforms for gamers with its recent integration to broadcast services. A large community of players is using it to integrate and use it with other platforms and gaming tools.

Content creators have used Discord to broadcast your gaming sessions in order to have from viewers, a community or network of fans. However, due to the exponential growth of the transmission population, security concerns also grow for users.

How to put Discord streamer mode?

We will teach you step by step in this article to enable Streamer mode in Discord. Before starting in case you have not already done so, you must integrate Discord with one of the platforms that you are going to transmit, the ones used are Twitch and YouTube. Once integrated, you must enable the OBS overlay and finally you must enable the Streamer mode. In the end, you can add some additional third-party apps to help you in your streaming career.

Step 1: Integrate the streaming platforms

The first step is to integrate streaming platforms into Discord. If you are new to the Discord streaming career, you should follow these guidelines:

Streamer mode in Discord

  1. Click on the menu User settings at the bottom of the window.
  2. You must press the tab Connections.
  3. Then go to the server settings.
  4. Click on the menu
  5. Choose the platforms with which you want to sync your Discord account.
  6. Check the box Sync up next to the platform.

Step 2: Enable OBS

enable obs Streamer Mode in Discord

Once you have integrated the platform you are going to use to Discord, the second step to perform is enable Open Broadcasting Software (OBS). Which is a totally free streaming kit that can be integrated with Discord. Once set up, it can be easily customized to connect your Discord chat to streaming or play your Discord voice chat.

You must download and install the application and then OBS will notify you that it wants to access certain aspects of its Discord client. When you have approved it, you can edit the overlay in the way that suits you best.

An important fact is that Discord is also compatible with the Xsplit transmission kit if you prefer over OBS.

Step 3: Enable Streamer Mode

The last step is enable streamer mode. Now that you have finished setting up everything you need for streaming, it is important to lock down all sensitive data. To enable streamer mode, you must:

Streamer mode in Discord

  1. Go to User settings.
  2. Find the tab Streamer mode.
  3. Check the option Enable Streamer mode in the Streamer Mode section.
  4. If you are using the OBS transmission kit or the Xsplit kit, once you have selected the option Activate / Deactivate automatically Streamer mode will always be activated when these kits are launched, so you no longer have to worry about forgetting to hide sensitive data or compromising your privacy.
  5. By clicking on the option Key combination settings, you can set a designated keyboard key that will automatically activate the Streaming mode.

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