How to play Minesweeper

The Minesweeper is a game that everyone with a computer has come to play. sometime. This vicious game was created by Johnson and Robert Donner in 1989, since then it has always been present on computers all over the world.

The Minesweeper game has very simple rules but when it comes to putting them into practice they are usually quite complicated, because not many people have the patience to do it. However, all for reasons of boredom or lack of Internet have tried to win a game of this game. If you want to know how to play Minesweeper keep reading this article.

Rules to play Minesweeper

In the event that you do not have minesweeper on your computeryou can play it from the official platform or on this linkthis is characterized by having the classic interface so you will feel very familiar. The first thing you should know is that this game has four different levels for the board:

  • The Minesweeper beginner level It is a 9×9 grid with 10 hidden mines. It is usually a small box to make it easier.
  • The intermediate level minesweeper In this one you will find 40 hidden mines in a 16×16 grid, which makes it bigger than the previous one, so you must have more precision when making a move.
  • The minesweeper expert level It is considered one of the most complicated because it has 99 hidden mines and its grid is 30×16, which makes it excessively large. Many users consider this level as impossible to overcome.

However, the game Minesweeper has a customizable level where you can set your own parameters. Remember that it is only to move the dimensions, but this will not help you to change the rules or the hidden mines within the game.

One of the main rules of the Minesweeper game is that the game starts immediately when you left click on the game area, it is important to mention that Minesweeper is only played with the two main mouse buttons. However, nowadays you can find applications to play Minesweeper from your mobile device.

Why is the two buttons important to play Minesweeper?

Is It is important that you have access to both mouse buttons to play Minesweeper, because the left button is in charge of discovering the selected cell and the right button is used to mark the mine that you selected. When you hit the wrong button when marking a mine it will immediately explode and the game will come to an end.

One of the things you should know is that to the right clicking twice in Minesweeper will bring up a question mark. This function is used to point to a cell where you may have a mine, but you are not so sure of this action.

Remember that the main Minesweeper’s objective is to clear all areas without any mines exploding during the attempt, for this reason the player must be very observant to avoid detonating a hidden mine.

To the click on the cells in Minesweeper the cleared areas appear, but in this a number appears that will determine the proximity of the mine. One mine is mirrored with one (1), two mines are mirrored with two (2) and so on. That is why it is important to pay attention to these numbers so that you can advance in the level and do not lose the entire game.

One thing to keep in mind is that each level of Minesweeper is generated randomlyso each level will be very different from the previous one, so you cannot repeat the same steps.

Meanings of numbers in Minesweeper

The numbers are the key part of the Minesweeper game, so you should pay close attention to these numbers. The numbers indicate how many mines are in adjoining cells.

In general terms when one (1) appears it means that there is only one mine around of this number. In the event that two (2) appear, they indicate that you have two mines near you and you must be more careful.

For this reason you must look at all the numbers that appear in the cells of Minesweeper, so you don’t make a mistake and select the wrong mines. One of the things that stands out about the game is that if it indicates a (1) it only means that there is a nearby mine and it has nothing else.

By discovering more free minefields in Minesweeper you have the possibility to win the game without losing in the attempt. Remember that this is a game of patience so you must play it calmly and be aware of all the things that appear in the box.

Tricks and tips to play Minesweeper

The following tips and tricks for playing Minesweeper won’t guarantee you win the game, but it will allow you to perform better in the game, so you can improve your experience. You should keep in mind that people who play daily still lose some games, so don’t despair when doing so.

The tips you should follow to play Minesweeper are:

  • To the starting a game of Minesweeper always starts at the corners, because they usually don’t have bombs that blow everything up. Also the best way to advance in this game is to start from the outside in. Although this will not solve the game, it will be of great help.
  • Check the boxes that you think are mines so you don’t make any mistakes and so you avoid pressing them by accident. Minesweeper is characterized by being a game in which you must be patient and all the steps you take must be carefully. Also remember that in this game there is no Gulag so you will not be able to invite the game again.
  • Minesweeper is not always a game of logic, so there will be times when you have to play on your instincts especially when you’re in the endgame, where you don’t have many moves.
  • Practice at the intermediate level of Minesweeper, so that you can acquire knowledge and have greater precision what the game is about. Although remember that all the games are random, so no level or game will be similar to the previous one.

Minesweeper is a game that logic doesn’t always work and in which some tricks or tips do not help, because all the games are different and none is similar to the previous one. One of the things you can do in Minesweeper is follow the numbers and you are very aware where you press.

Alternatives to play Windows Minesweeper

The Minesweeper was one of the default Windows games that come pre-installed on the system. The objective at that time was to offer entertainment for people and that they become familiar with the use of the mouse, so that they begin to use it more easily.

At present, the minesweeper It does not come pre-installed in the Windows system, but there are some alternatives that you can get like:

It is considered one of the Minesweeper online games that most reflect the classic system of this game. One of the great advantages is that they allow you to set the level of difficulty of the game so that you can select the one that best suits you. It also has instructions so you can follow the game and have a better experience. Just like the classic game this It has the stopwatch that indicates how long the game lasts. It is considered one of the games that has an interface equal to the original Minesweeper game. Like the previous you can select the levels you want to play in this game (in the case of the levels you go from beginner to superhero and finally from superhero to alien which is a more advanced level).

The You can select levels at the top of this game and each one has an icon that identifies it in this way you can know what level you are at. You also have the option to zoom in or out on the game emulator so that you can adapt it to the type of screen you are using at that time. moment.

Minesweeper Online Minesweeper

Minesweeper Online is a Minesweeper server that is characterized by going beyond what the game offers by default, it has the option of users can complete custom missions on a daily basis and without any interruption.

This Minesweeper platform is free so users don’t have to pay to be able to use it. In this game you can participate in events and accumulate to get equipment for the games that are more complex. This way you can have a better experience in this game.


Minesweeper is considered one of the most challenging games ever., because the tips and tricks many times cannot be applied due to the fact that it is a rather random game. The Minesweeper game does not have concrete strategies to be able to win a game, but if you can apply some techniques to improve your experience.

Remember that Minesweeper is not a game to mark the bombsis a game that aims to clear the entire game area as much as possible.