How the Impale spell works in Minecraft


One of the most difficult missions in Minecraft is to fight underwater against underwater creatures; To facilitate this task for the players, the developers an essential weapon such as the trident and a variety of enchantments. This article explains how the Impale spell works in Minecraft, so that you know more about this valuable element and you can apply it to increase your power in water combat.

To understand how this spell works, it is necessary to know the processes to obtain and repair tridents, obtain the enchantment, know how to apply it to the trident and finally, use the enchanted trident.

How to get tridents

The trident is a weapon that should only be used underwater. It is a three-pointed lance that can be used both in close combat like fighting at a distance. The way it is generally used is by swinging it and throwing it.

They are very strong weapons and have the ability to deal greater damage in a melee fight than you can deal with a diamond sword. Its durability is as strong as that of an iron object, and it is very likely that you will want to store this weapon for all your special occasions, due to how powerful it can be when it is enchanted with Minecraft’s Impale enchantment (Impaling).

The steps that you must follow and the aspects that must be taken into consideration so that you can obtain and repair the pitchforks are those mentioned below:

  • The only way you have to obtain a trident is by defeating several drowned zombies; however, it must be borne in mind that only some of these drowned carry tridents and of these, not all of them drop them when they die. Therefore, you must be aware that in order to find two or three tridents you must fight against a considerable number of drowned zombies.
  • It is appropriate to clarify that in general these tridents are already damaged when a drowned man releases them when he dies and since a trident is an exclusive object of drowned zombies, it cannot be manufactured in Minecraft. Then, you are forced to find several tridents to be able to repair one of them, therefore, it is necessary that you must kill several drowned zombies.

  • At the moment in which you have several tridents in your inventory, you can proceed with the manufacture or, make use of an anvil. In order to repair a trident it is necessary that you join the damaged ones to the new one, so that in this way you can increase the useful life of the trident.
  • The perfect situation for you would be that you could leave it as if it had never been used, although it is very likely that many damaged pitchforks will be required to achieve that level of repair and the experience price necessary to fulfill this objective in the correct way is very high.

Options for finding the Impale spell

A spell or enchantment is an item that is used to increase power in armor, tools, weapons, and various other items in the game. It can be achieved by means of an enchantment table or an anvil, combining an enchanted book with an object.

In case you are playing in creative mode, you simply need to navigate to your inventory and search the Combat section to find all the spell books in the game. From there, place an anvil on the ground and right-click on it, and let the spell begin.

The options you have to get the Impale enchantment or spell (Impaling) are as follows:

  • In Minecraft, finding the spells is not a task that is going to be very easy for you at all. On multiple occasions you have to resort to visiting villages in order to trade with the villagers who are usually located in them throughout the map.
  • There is another possibility that actually rarely occurs and that is that the trident is already with an enchantment applied. The Impale spell It will allow you to be stronger and that you can defeat any enemy underwater, with the only exception of the drowned zombies, which turn out to be more difficult to kill.
  • Tridents are objects that have a very fast wear process, for this reason it is recommended that you keep several constantly in your inventory so that you can repair yours or obtain another spell such as durability, with which you will get your trident to reach to last much longer.

How to apply the Impale spell to the trident

The Impale spell in Minecraft It can be added to any trident in two ways: simply by using an enchanting table or by using an anvil. The two methods are described in the following paragraphs.

Through the table of enchantment

In the case of using an enchantment table, what you need is to have three lapis lazuli, in addition to the table itself. To achieve this, you must follow the procedure composed of the steps indicated below:

  • The first step of Minecraft Impale spell It specifies that you are required to have the item you wish to enchant, which should be present in the quick access bar, and the available enchantments should be maximized by placing fifteen shelves in a particular wraparound design around the enchantment table.

How the Impale spell works in Minecraft

  • Next, you have to find the table and stand in front of it, and then you will notice that your enchantment table is open, where it is also possible to see the menu Love.
  • At this moment you will notice that this menu is made up of two boxes; the first box must include the object you want to enchant, in this case it is the trident, and the second box must contain the three lapis lazulis. In it you can find three enchantment slots on the right, where the possible options of the Minecraft Impaling spell they will be visible to you.
  • In order to know which of the options you can take advantage of to Impale in Minecraft, You must previously see if you meet the experience level mentioned to achieve the unlocking of all possible enchantment options.
  • You can unlock the first enchantment if you have eight levels of experience. Unlocking the second enchantment level is possible if you have 17 experience levels, while you will be able to unlock the third enchantment if you have 30 experience levels.
  • In the case that you have the creative mode, you will not be asked to place the lapis lazuli in the second frame. Also, you have to take into consideration that the higher the experience levels required to unlock the spell options, the better and more powerful the spell will be.
  • Once the trident is enchanted, you can hover over it to visualize the new powers the item has acquired.
  • At this point, you can add it to your inventory and feel very comfortable with what you have achieved, because it is a powerful element and it will be very useful when you have to fight underwater.
  • To confirm that the trident is indeed enchanted, you will observe that all your experience points and lapis lazuli have been spent; In addition to this, your Trident will glow purple.
  • It can be ended with one spell or more because the enchantment table incorporates more than one spell that was originally selected.

Through an anvil

Another option you have to apply the Impale spell to the trident, once you have already obtained them, it is through the use of an anvil; For which you just have to follow the steps indicated below:

  • Before you can use the Impale spell from Minecraft, you must enchant the trident. You have to add the anvil that you have to the quick access bar, so that it becomes an element that can be used.
  • After doing this, the pointer should be displayed, which is a plus sign placed towards the block where you want to place your anvil. Now the block should be highlighted in the game window.
  • There are different types of game controls for placing the anvil. They vary from a right-click on the block to a simple tap.
  • At this moment you have to stand in front of the anvil; then you have to open the menu Repair and rename.

How the Impale spell works in Minecraft

  • Now it will be possible to enchant the article; for this, you need the item itself and an enchanted book, after which you must move it to inventory.

How to Use the Enchanted Trident with Impale

Now, you can use without any inconvenience the trident with the Impale spell applied and for this, you only have to comply with the following aspects and recommendations:

  • Once you have your trident enchanted with Impale, make sure to hold the item you enchanted in your hand.

How the Impale spell works in Minecraft

  • You must bear in mind that you will not be able to cause the damage with your enhanced attack against sea creatures until you have the object firmly in your hand and in this way use it.
  • At this point you can already fight with your enchanted trident and notice how quickly and effectively you kill sea creatures, such as dolphins, squid, guardians, elderly guardians and turtles.

How the Impale spell works in Minecraft

  • It is recommended that you add the spell of Loyalty to your trident so that the object returns to you each time you use it.

Other spells available for tridents

It is known that the trident is one of the most common weapons to use in Minecraft; However, using it only with its basic functions is not recommended, so incorporating enchantments or spells will really help you improve the effectiveness of this weapon.

Selecting the right spell is not an easy task, as it is going to be different from player to player. Below are mentioned the main enchantments for tridents in Minecraft, in addition to the Impale spell, considering its usefulness and the ability that each one provides.


With this enchantment whenever you target an enemy and throw your spear at them during a thunderstorm, lightning will strike them, whenever the Trident makes contact. Thunderstorms happen very rarely in Minecraft, so you will have to be very patient to make them happen.


This is a must-have spell for fans of gun tossing, as it saves a lot of time and effort. Whenever you throw your Trident bewitched with Loyalty, it will return directly to your hand, much like a boomerang.

Water Propulsion (Riptide)

When a trident is thrown, the riptide enchantment propel your character forward, whether in the water, the rain or in some places with snowy weather. This enchantment is unique to tridents and very beneficial for achieving a means of transporting quickly.


This spell increases the durability of the elements, which is always an important benefit when it comes to being implemented in any armor or weapon piece. Enchanting all weapons with this spell is a good habit.

Repair (Mending)

This is an enchantment that allows players to repair the trident instead of increasing the player’s XP. This ability uses the collected XP orbs in order to repair the trident over the course of the game.

Curse of Vanishing

This is an enchantment that provides a great help to players by making their trident disappear the moment they die.

Frequent questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions by Minecraft users regarding the use of the Impale spell, are the ones mentioned below:

What is the Impale spell for in Minecraft?

The Impale spell is useful for increase damage level which causes your attack against sea creatures like dolphins, turtles, squid, guardians and elder guardians.

What is the maximum level that the Impale spell can reach?

The maximum level that you can obtain for the Impale spell is Level 5, the lowest level being Level 1. This means that you can enchant a trident up to Impaler V. The higher the level, the more powerful the spell.

Can the Impale spell be applied to other items or weapons?

You cannot, as this type of enchantment is only available so that it can be used on the trident.

Is it possible to combine the Impale spell with the other enchantments on a trident?

Indeed, it can be done. Moreover, complement Impalar with a spell of Durability or from Repair, This is an amazing idea, as these weapons wear out very quickly, and by using any of these spells, along with Impale, you prevent the spell from being lost. Similarly, adding the Loyalty spell to it ensures that the spear will return quickly to you, the moment you throw it at your enemies.


You could see that with the application of the Impale spell in Minecraft, you can make your trident significantly increase its power to cause damage when fighting against aquatic creatures, both at a distance and in close combat.

In addition, using it in combination with the other enchantments that Minecraft offers for tridents you can obtain an essential weapon to take on your excursions and adventures to the underwater worlds.

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