Granny cheats and guide

Escaping from Grandma has never been more difficult than on Granny. That’s why we leave you some tricks, tips and curiosities regarding this hilarious game.

Imagine entering the house of an innocent grandmother by mistake, but when you see the house from the inside – and the grandmother – you realize that appearances can be deceiving … a lot. So you have to escape from there asap. That is Granny’s proposal.

Available for Android or iOS mobiles, this room scape game It places us inside the house of an unconventional grandmother. Our objective will be to flee from there before without it discovering us. For this feat we will have only 5 days and four nights.

Your Tecnoguia brings you the best granny tricks, as well as a small guide for each object and tool that you will have throughout the plot to be able to free yourself from the clutches of your grandmother.

Game controls

Let’s start with the most basic, the controls to play Granny. These are few, so it is better to know what each one does and how they work in order to win granny asap.

  • Movement: like any mobile game, we will move from one place to another with the left stick from our screen.
  • Look: move the view camera dragging or sliding your finger across the screen. Quite simple but useful.
  • Take objects and interact: to take objects in Granny or interact with some element we will have to approach it always seeing the white point that will appear on the screen. With this in mind, it will be as easy as entering the range of the object – we will know because a hand will appear in the upper right corner – and taking it by pressing the hand symbol. If another icon appears, we press it to interact with that thing.
  • Drop objects: it will be as easy and intuitive as pressing the button that says “drop”On the screen while you have an object taken.
  • Crouch or lift: in the lower left corner you will see a person symbol; when pressing it we will crouch, if we press it again, we will get up.

Game objects

As in any room escape type game, in Granny objects are the most important and fundamental. These are the ones that will allow us to get out of Grandma’s house. Therefore, you must pay attention to your entire environment and use each one of them wisely.

We leave you a list of the most used objects in Granny to perpetrate your formidable escape.

Tip: you can only use one object at a time. Keep this in mind when thinking about your escape plan.

Padlock key. A blue key. This is for the front door; with it you will make the bar of the latter fall.

Pliers. Pliers will be indispensable to you in this game. You will have to use them at least 3 times to beat Grandma. Here is the advice for where to use the pliers on Granny: door alarm, circuit wires, fan keys.

Winch handle. With this we can go up to the bucket to get more objects. Use it in the patio fountain.

Cantaloupe. Although it may not seem like it, you will need him. Cut this fruit (with the guillotine in the yard) to get an object or a key.

Hammer. This will be useful for breaking the wood in one place but on two sides. A track? Look at the main entrance.

Screwdriver. With it you can access a secret behavior that will allow you to have other objects. Use it near the basement.

Alarm code. This will be essential to go through the lock of the door above. It is a yellow paper with the word code written on it.

Weapons key. Without this you do not win, since it allows us to open the weapon locker of the secret passage. There you will get a tranquilizer gun to stun Grandma.

Security key. It is a golden key. You will have to use it to enter the safeplace in the basement.

Master key (red). It is a red key as its name implies that opens the front door to escape the house once and for all.

Playhouse key. This will be useful to enter the playhouse from the patio. In it you will get secret compartments with objects.

Granny: Object Locations

Granny cheats and guide

Granny, in order to give a more entertaining experience, changes the location of the objects in each game. However there are some key sites that will always give us an object important.

We advise you to open and check all cabinets and rooms that you can. The paper with the word code is usually pasted on a wall or door, be careful. Likewise, we leave you some hotspots that are usually forgotten, either because of how small or how not very flashy they are.

  • Playroom machine. If in the yard on the wall of the playroom you get a sprocket, this will help you open a new space in the machine.
  • Stair compartment leading to the basement. On the sides of the stairs, going down, you will find a vital compartment to get objects
  • Cell fan. At secret passageNext to the sewing room, go to the room there. It has a rocking chair inside. Look at the walls of this little room; you will see a fan. Cut off the power and then check behind the fan.
  • Refuge. This is essential. You need the golden key that we discussed above. You find the shelter in the basement.

Granny bugs – how to be invisible

As you know, a bug is a small flaw in the game. This can benefit or harm us. In the case of Granny, you have an interesting bug that makes the game easier for us, such as becoming invisible.

To achieve this you will require some technique, practice and follow the order that we will give you below.

The first thing you should do is noise in the room near the table Five days; later you crouch between the table and the bed. When you get to grandma press at once and repeatedly duck and hide. If you have done it correctly, already you will be invisible for grandmother’s eyes and claws.

This has been all in the post of Granny cheats and guide. We hope it helped you to beat the evil and terrifying grandmother. Did you like Granny? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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