Character Guide in Darksiders III


Darksiders is an action game set in the apocalyptic age. Among the functions that you are going to develop in this game are the battles that you will face with the various bosses. Below is a complete list with all the bosses and some battles that you will have to fight when it is time to face them.


Character Guide in Darksiders III

Kill the undead. This enemy always appears in a group. Stand at a distance and try to spank several at the same time. You will also see some stronger enemies. Stay alert and dodge to avoid damage. Executing a dodge and attacking later will do extra damage.

Killing enemies will give you Soul Lurchers.

  • Blue Lurchers are used as currency to level up and buy items.
  • Green Lurchers replenish your Nephilim’s Respite to restore health.
  • Yellow Lurchers fill your rage bar to execute more powerful attacks for a limited time.

How to get to the first boss in Darksiders

Follow the path, you will turn left at the abandoned cars and continue past the bonfire until you reach the 3 raised, grassy stone platforms. Jump to the top of the 3 stone platforms and look for the metal bar covered in chains. Use it to jump and swing to the next area. Head left down the hall to confront your first boss, Envy.

Envy’s strategy and walkthrough guide

Battle against Envy in Darksiders III

Go left and you will face the first boss, Envy. This boss, and all the fighting in Darksiders 3 consists of dodging. Patience is the key.

  • Envy will start hitting you with his cane. Prepare to dodge while attacking him. Envy will also raise its right arm and launch a small blast above where you are. Finally, he will teleport. When it appears again and touches the ground, it will drop a ring that will expand towards you. Jump on it.
  • After enough hits, a little cinematic will show Envy crashing to the ground, sending you far below him. Head towards him by climbing onto the stone slab in the corner, jumping onto the platform above, and balancing on the metal bar. Keep moving until you are close to Envy. Jump towards him and attack as many times as you can.
  • Envy will have the same attacks. Do enough damage to him and he will break the ground one last time. Find the stone in the corner and head to the top again.
  • After attacking Envy in midair he will now teleport and will hit the ground 3 times in a row, dropping a ring every time it lands. Kill Envy.

Exit the Envy Boss Battle

Now that Envy has been defeated here’s how to get to the next area.

  • Once Envy is defeated, exit through the hole in the wall.
  • Climb the stone cliffs.
  • When you get to the top Watcher will tell you about the journey ahead, keep walking along the trail while talking. There are no enemies here.
  • Finally you will reach the bottom and move on to the next area, West End.


Wrath is another of the Seven Deadly Sins that Fury must defeat in his quest. The road to Wrath it will include your first environmental puzzles. Before reaching Wrath you will have to finish off the mini-boss Brood Mother.

Warth sections in Darksiders III

  • Young cesspool, part 1
  • Hatchling Cesspool Part 2 – Cobweb Puzzle Solution
  • Chipped Station, Part 1 – Isolated Spider Web Puzzle Solution
  • Chipped Station Part 2 – Minboss Brood Mother
  • Chipped Station, Part 3 – Red Web Puzzle Solution
  • The Hollows – After defeating Wrath


It is one of the Seven Deadly Sins that Fury has to fight on his journey.

Sections of Greed’s tour at Darksiders

  • Bridge of Blisters – Path to Avarice
  • The Hollows – Red Net Puzzle
  • Catacombs – Continuation to Greed
  • Catacombs – Hidden Passage Puzzle: Sword
  • The Hollows – Continuing to Greed
  • Catacombs – Red Web Puzzle: Sword
  • Catacombs – Exit


Sloth is one of the Seven Deadly Sins that Fury must defeat. This boss is found through the Chipped Station, past the Cistern, near the Tangled Grotto. It is a slow and challenging battle.

Sloth Walk Sections at Darksiders

  • Chipped Station, Part 4 – To Sloth
  • The Chipped Station, Part 5 – Purple Stone Puzzle
  • Chipped Station Part 6 – Get to the Next Checkpoint


Lust is another of the seven deadly sins that you will face.

Character Guide in Darksiders III

Lust’s tour sections at Darksiders

  • Crossroads – Lust
  • Far North – Lust
  • South end – Lust
  • The Hulking Corpse – Lust
  • Pond of Lust – Lust
  • Hell Pool – Purple Stone Bomb Puzzle
  • Festering Pool – Tentacular Creature Puzzle
  • Angelic Champion – Minboss
  • Hangman Tree – Lust
  • Drowned District – Lust
  • Drowned District – Across the road
  • Vandalized highway
  • Drowned District – Moving Door and Purple Stone Bomb Puzzle
  • Flushing Pond – Further inside the building


With Lust defeated and a new Hollow ability at your disposal, It’s time to face the next of the Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony.

Gula trail sections at Darksiders

  • Cargo hold
  • Cargo ship – Gula
  • Forgotten lake
  • Eroded pipe
  • Forgotten Lake – Skeleton Room Puzzle
  • Forgotten Lake – Puzzle of moving stone cubes under water
  • Sunken slopes


Now that you’ve defeated all the other Deadly Sins, Pride will allow you to fight them. Use the Serpent Holes of Vulgrim to fast travel to the far south. Approach the church and enter the portal on the left. From there, go upstairs to fight Pride.

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