Best right-backs in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 is a football simulation video game of the year 2020, available for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and it is also the first video game of the series FIFA for Google Stadia, Playstation 5 AND Xbox Series XS. With this new installment of EA Sports aims to satisfy the highest demands of consumers, who know that this game is vital in the history of the debuts on the new consoles.

This video game is played with unmatched realism, with more than 17,000 players and more than 700 teams in more than 90 stadiums and 30 leagues that come to give the most true-to-life gaming experience in the world. FIFA 21 is the only place where you can experience exclusive access to the world’s top competitions, such as the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the CONMEBOL Libertadores, the South American CONMEBOL, the Premier League, the Bundesliga and the Santander League.

All positions in football are important, in order to win you must have a concentrated and concatenated team. In this case, we will focus on the most outstanding players occupying the right back position on the field of FIFA 21, which are a fundamental piece in the field of play. Often called the “masters of the band”, they have the perfect balance between offensive and defensive capabilities. Therefore, they are located in one of the most complicated positions to fill in any team, they are quite exclusive players and they are not very numerous when it comes to signing. Knowing the best is essential to be able to form a team that is capable of closing any flank in defense and also joining the attack.

Among the best right-backs in FIFA 21 are

  • Trent Alexander-Arnold: At 22 he has already turned into a club man, one of those that inspire the value of a brand as legendary as Liverpool. The English international stands out for his regularity in statistics: 80 average in pace, dribbling and defense. With a total of 87 valuation.
  • Dani Carvajal: He is the first Spaniard to be among the best right-backs. It has considerable strength, His transfer to the Bundesliga was great for him, because it allowed him to join Real Madrid, a team where he would live his best moments as a professional player. It is fast (80), precise in driving (81) and has balanced proportions between defense and physique (82 and 80, respectively). It is essential, if you want to create a Santander League squad, since it has a total rating of 86.
  • Ricardo Pereira: At 27 years old, the Portuguese continues to seek to lead Leicester to a new feat in the Premier League. Despite not having a marvelous physique, he has an average of 76, he makes up for it with a dribble of 82 and a rhythm of 83. He’s fast, agile and focused on what he does best: defending. There is Ricardo Pereira for a while, especially for hybrid templates. It has a total rating of 85.
  • Kyle Walker: At 30 years old, this player keep running the band with breakneck speed. He has 92 rhythm, neither more nor less, for a side who knows how to withdraw very well. He does not have the best footwork (77 dribbling), but he makes up for it with a physique suitable for his position (82) and defense at the height of what one would expect (80). Being in the right corner of the eleven, it is easy to accompany him with letters from Manchester City and English players. It has 85 total valuation.
  • Jesús Navas: He is a 35-year-old player. He belongs to the Athletic team. He applies an excellent defense, although in his physical part he does not have the best average. He continues with very good speed, which can create more danger with his climbs thanks to his dribbling and the four stars of filigree. In addition to having better numbers in interception (83), heading (75), intelligence (81) and tackle (80). But it is an alternative in case a more useful side is desired when joining the attack. Although it should be noted that he will not be the most dominant when struggling with rival wingers. It has a total rating of 84.

Other players to consider

Best right-backs in FIFA 21

Likewise, there are other players in FIFA 21 that must be taken into account in the list of best right backs, and to be able to form a quality team, have a good performance on the field of play. Among these are:

– Jesús Corona: He is 28 years old. It has 84 valuation.

– Cesar Azpilicueta: He is 31 years old. It has a total rating of 84.

– Aaron Wan-Bissaka: He is 23 years old. It has 83 total valuation.

– Nélson Semedo: Portuguese player, 27 years old. It has an 83 overall rating.

– Joao Cancelo: He is 26 years old, he is Portuguese and has a valuation of 83.

– Kieran Trippier: He is 30 years old, is a British footballer and has a total rating of 83.

– Konrad Laimer: Austrian player, 23 years old, has a total rating of 82.

– Lars Bender: He is a 31-year-old German national, has a total rating of 82.

– Benjamin Pavard: French, 24 years old, has 81 total valuation.

FIFA 21 is a video game that contributes to keeping the passion for football alive, since worldwide constitutes one of the most watched and most followed sports, and who always expect to see a show of height on the field of play. As long as football exists, new modalities and ways of playing will emerge on different consoles and portable devices, which will encourage users and fans to acquire them and spend long moments of fun and competition.

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