12 Best websites to play chess online in April 2022

If you have a little free time, why not play chess? The best websites to play chess online in 2022 they can be a great way to take a break, enjoy the game and challenge yourself against other people from all over the world. Today there are many websites to play chess online. In fact, chess has become so popular that there are even many websites dedicated specifically to playing chess online and against other players in real time.

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If you have been looking for the best websites to play chess online for some time, surely you have come across Chesszonline.com in Google. It is a simple interface that allows you to play with other rivals around the world and that also has an app for Android and iOS. All you have to do is register for free and start enjoying your games online.


With over 28 million members, chess.com is the largest chess community and another of the best websites to play chess online. Both live chess with various time controls and correspondence games with days per move can be played. Basic membership is free, but premium members have access to additional training features, videos and statistics.

Best websites to play chess online


Founded in 2014, Chess24 has quickly become one of the best websites to play chess online. The basic membership is free, but a premium upgrade allows full access to a wealth of training material, such as video series and e-books. Premium members also have the opportunity to challenge titled players during a live broadcast.


Sparkchess is another chess site worth visiting if you want to play online games and improve your level. The software is incredibly easy to use and is highly recommended for children. A great feature of SparkChess is the ability to play on a real 3D board where you can rotate, zoom and scroll. You have the opportunity to play against various non-human opponents of different strength or against other players online. Which player is more active? Who has more wins? A leaderboard allows you to see who is on top and compare.


Lichess stands out for being another of the best websites to play chess online open source. You can even integrate it into your own website. It offers a variety of online game modes as well as training features, and the competition is decent. Although it lacks the training content of chess24 and chess.com, Lichess has a slick and fast interface and tournaments around the clock.

Internet Chess Club (ICC)

ICC was, for a long time, the most popular to play chess online. If you wanted to play against international masters and grandmasters, ICC was by far the best option. However, in recent years it has been overtaken by rivals such as chess.com and lichess. Membership is not free, but there is a one-month trial period.


FICS is another of the best websites to play chess online and one of the oldest. It was originally created as a free alternative to ICC when ICC started charging players for membership. As there is no official interface, to play you have to download a compatible interface.


playchess.com is powered by ChessBase, the makers of the most popular chess database software. There are fewer strong players than at ICC, but the site is fully integrated with ChessBase software and other ChessBase programs like Fritz.

Best websites to play chess online


GameKnot is one of the biggest matching sites, with over a million members, and it’s free. The interface is nice and there are other features like a game database, tactics training and scored games.

Red Hot Pawn

Red Hot Pawnanother of the best websites to play chess online with a large player base. It has tournaments and ladders, as well as teams (called “clans” on the site) and other game modes. Basic membership is free, with a subscription for advanced features.


chessworld.net is a popular chess site founded by popular online chess vlogger Tryfon Gavriel aka Kingscrusher. The basic membership is free, but there are a number of additional features available to paying members. Another of the best websites to play chess online.


By last, ItsYourTurn.com it’s a much more basic option than the others, and is better for casual players than those looking for serious competition. The great advantage of this site is the large number of games that can be played in addition: from Xiangqi and Go to Backgammon and Battleships.

If you want to improve your level, practice as much as you can. There is no better way to get better at chess than to play lots and lots of games. Several of the best websites to play chess online they offer you the possibility to immerse yourself in the world of chess and play all day. In our list we have featured brilliant websites to play chess online. Tell us in the comments which website you like the most and which one has the features you’ve always been looking for.