100 Best Free Browser Games for July 2022


We have the most complete list with best free games to play from the browser without having to download anything. Search the following table for the category that you like the most and find the widest variety of free online games to spend your days entertained. If you want more variety, you can read our other guides.

Best Free Browser Games VARIETY

best variety games for browser

A Dark Room

If you handle English well, this game challenges you mentally to be able to advance in the adventure that you yourself create. It all starts with a bonfire that you must keep burning in the middle of the darkness. The rest is up to you. play here.

Blast Arena

Clear the way in this maze by planting bombs with your friends. You’ll pick up power-ups along the way to increase your strength, but be careful not to let them blow you up. Fast and addictive game. play here.


Its operation is simple: you will have to throw colored balls to the ceiling that will go down towards where there are other bags, so that you try not to leave any. play here.

Catan Universe

If you have played this board game, now you have it as another of the best browser games on its official website. play here.

Slam Club

To put your reflexes to the test, nothing better than that game where you enter a 3D cube that you must explode by hitting it with a ball. Shields and gravity fields are added that interfere with the direction of the ball, so be alert. play here.

dino from google chrome

Very entertaining and you can play offline. From Google Chrome you can play with Dino, who will have to jump over obstacles while he runs. It’s fun for when you don’t know what to play. play here.

Epic Pinball

A pinball like in the 90s could not be missing from our list of the best free browser games. play here.


For lovers of geography and travel, in this web game you will appear in a random place on Google Maps and you will have to guess where you are. play here.

Higher or Lower

Are you a Google addict or do you dedicate yourself to SEO? Well, in this game two words will appear in English and you will have to guess which of the two has more searches on the Internet. play here.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Although the pixels are old-fashioned and it’s in English, if you want to play the role of Indiana Jones, this is another of the best free browser games from LucasArts. play here.


Take on all the monsters with the character of your choice in this massive online game where you can meet other players in battle as you go. play here.

Line Rider

For snow lovers, in this web game you have to create your own track and slide your character so that it reaches the end without problems. Quite a fun challenge. play here.

Maniac Mansion

Very similar to Indiana Jones and a great classic within this genre that you can now play from your browser for free. play here.


You already know how it works, but now you can enjoy it in its web browser version in the most classic style. play here.

The Need for Speed ​​– Special Edition

For lovers of car racing and tuning, here is the version of this great game that marked a before and after after its arrival on PlayStation. play here.

Online Go

One of the most popular games in Asia that you can enjoy from the browser. The best thing is that you can join a game with another player or be a mere observer of games of more professional people. play here.

Painter 2

Watch out because you will have to guess the right word based on the drawing made by the other player before the time runs out. You can create your own private room and play with your friends or join other groups. play here.


For chess lovers who don’t want to download any mobile app, in this one you have different game modes to enjoy from the browser. play here.

Science Kombat

A great game of fighting and combat but with scientific characters like Hawking. Choose your favorite and discover the movements that each one of them has. play here.


Another classic that you can play from the browser and where you will have to explore caves to advance as you defeat all your enemies. play here.

Street Fighter II

Do you need an introduction? Without a doubt, another of the best free browser games that served as the basis for creating the line of future combat games. play here.

Super Hexagon

Nothing easy and quite a mental challenge. You become a hexagon. Pieces with only one free side will appear from the edges of the screen and you will have to point your hexagon towards those sides. Play here.


In true Sudoku style, you will have to exchange numbers on the board until you get a winning combination of 10 numbers. Play here.

Tag Pro

Two teams and a flag, do you know? Catch her in this fun game by levels where you acquire new skills in each one of them. play here.


For lovers of war games and tanks, in this you can customize yours and face enemies. Very funny and entertaining. play here.


If you want to play Tetris without downloading any app, here you can do it in another of the best free browser games. play here.

The Secret of Monkey Island

Another great game from LucasArts with graphics of the time. Surely you already know him, so become a pirate for a day and explore the world by completing the missions. play here.

The Wiki Game

A very fun game that has become fashionable on TikTok. Two random Wikipedia pages will appear and you will have to get from the first to the second through the internal links. play here.


Mathematical puzzle similar to a sudoku in which you will have to think hard about your movements in order to add up all the same numbers in the shortest time possible. play here.


Don’t let the enemies know where you are and escape between their random maps. The funny thing is that they will only move when you do. play here.

TRex Runner

A classic that you can find on Google Play and also for the browser. It’s as basic as jumping over obstacles like in Chrome’s Dino. play here.

Best free PLATFORM browser games

best browser platform games


Incredible graphics for a free browser game. If you’re into platforms and you’re a fan of Disney, you can’t stop playing Aladdin. play here.

Alone in the Dark

Mix of platforms and terror, another of the best free browser games in which you will have to go on a chilling adventure. play here.

Celeste Classic

It seems that in this case the poor quality of the graphics does not do justice to the addictiveness of this browser game. play here.

classic minecraft

Of course, Classic Minecraft could not be missing where you will have to build or dig to the center of the earth alone or with friends. play here.


In this browser game you will have to move the character with the mouse, modifying the slope of the terrain and using the tentacles on your way. Collect all the blue dots to make a perfect score. Play here.

Earthworm Jim

A game with pixelated graphics where you become Jim, who has just been returned to Earth, and you will have to overcome levels to return to the queen. play here.

FIFA Soccer 96

Soccer lovers will surely miss those graphics from the first games. If you want to remember those matches with classic players, you can do it in this online game. Play here.

Infinite Mario Bros.

For fans of Super Mario, a true classic with new levels and classic graphics that you’ll love. Play here.

meat boy

Another high difficulty indie platform game that makes it addictive. Can you overcome all the obstacles and pass the level? See for yourself in another of the best free browser games. play here.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a side scrolling fighting game. The fight is set up as one-on-one combat, allowing each player to perform a variety of punches, kicks, and special moves to defeat their opponent. play here.


Tomb Raider fans! You’re in luck because you can play this game from the browser to remember those times when these games were TOP among millions of users. play here.

Pac Man

Now you can create your own mazes to play them later. Enter the world ranking and compare with other players in your international community where you will find hundreds of different scenarios. play here.

Prince of Persia

Do you remember playing this game on the PS2? Well, now you can remember those moments in its web version, being another of the best free browser games of the moment. play here.


Rayman is a side-scrolling platform game whose character can jump and use his hair to float for a short period of time. He can also attack by throwing his fists or clenching his fists for a more powerful blow. Enjoy another of the best classics. play here.

Skunky Kart

Mario Kart clone. He runs on a quasi-3D track as one of the characters in the Skunny game series. Many tracks to choose from that take place all over the world. It also includes a battle mode where you can fight against the computer or a friend. play here.

Sonic with a Gun

Become the famous green rabbit, arm yourself with courage and start beating all the Sonic levels in this hilarious game that many users of the time will remember. play here.

sonic the hedgehog

But if what you want is to play all the Sonic games directly, even the most classic ones, you have your own website so you can spend hours and hours hooked on the screen. play here.

Super Mario Bros

Although we know that there are many websites where you can find free Mario Bross browser games, it is also true that they have too many advertisements. Therefore, in this Mario fans will be able to give it their all and spend hours playing nonstop. Play here.


If you like online games that mix platform with puzzles, in this one you will have to become a mouse to collect the cheese and take it to the supreme boss as soon as possible. play here.

wonder boy

Another great classic from SEGA in the pure Sonic style that many of you will remember. Of course, do not expect great graphics since it is a remember of the time. play here.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land

And if you liked the previous one, here is the second part to advance in its levels in this classic game that is now available for free for the browser. play here.

Best free ACTION browser games

best browser action games


One of the best free action browser games that you can find and where you will have to strike down the enemies hidden in the dungeons. play here.


If you like free web games, surely you already know it. Choose the character you like the most, Billy or Jimmy, and kill all the enemies on your way. A classic. play here.


If you like action but also adventure and RPG components, this is another of the most popular. Explore the dungeons and kill all the enemies to get rewards and improve your player. play here.


Action, action and more action is what you will find in this game, another of the best for browser where you can choose between 4 characters to face your enemies. play here.

Golden Ax

For those who yearn for the 90’s, one of the SEGA games that we can enjoy online right now. Take the sword and destroy the opponents in this legendary game. play here.

Realm of the Mad God

Bullet hell games are those where you will have to destroy all the enemies that approach you en masse. This is one of the most popular that you can also enjoy in multiplayer mode. play here.

samurai showdown

As a true Samurai you must kill all the enemies that come your way with the help of your sword. A battle classic. play here.

Star Wars X Wing

The enhanced version of Star Wars: X-Wing CD-ROM features 6 new missions, improved 3D graphics, improved voice and sound. Also included are the two Tour of Duty extensions: Imperial Pursuit and B-Wing. play here.

Treasure Sand

Explore dungeons alone or in online multiplayer mode to collect new weapons to destroy monsters or human enemies. play here.

Vikings Village: Party Hard

Now that Vikings is more fashionable than ever, you can kill the bug with another of the best free browser games. Take on other vikings to get more points in each game. play here.

Best free STRATEGY browser games

best browser strategy games

Command & Conquer

One of the most popular among those of us who love real-time strategy games. To play in the browser version you will have to cache a 1GB file. play here.

Dunes 2

Another of the best free browser games for those who like real-time strategy. Survive against your opponents as you annihilate them on the planet Arrakis. play here.

forge of empires

You remember Age of Empires right? Well, here you have a web version that will remind you a lot of this classic game, where you will have to create your settlement and develop it to face your enemies. play here.


If you want something like Civilization but open source, with Freeciv you can develop your civilization in turns either alone or with friends. play here.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

GOT fans! You are in luck! Here you have the official version of the game to enjoy from the browser. Don’t expect great graphics but you’ll like to spend some time with this game. play here.

Heroes of Might and Magic

Explore the treasure maps, recruit a good army and face enemies from other kingdoms in this popular strategy game. play here.

Little War Game

Here you can also play alone against the machine or against other players. In true Warcraft style but with a few pixels… You know what I mean. You also have a chat to challenge other players. play here.


For chess lovers looking for something online from the browser, here you will have access to rankings and tournaments that you can play against other players. play here.


If you are looking for a game that gives you the freedom to choose how to play it, this massively multiplayer role-playing game is one of the top. Choose and train your character, as well as their profession and the missions you want to accomplish. play here.


A classic of strategy games that paved the way for others in the 90s. Build your city online and shape it to your liking. play here.

Sort The Court

Here, you are the King. Get ready to make the right decisions, since you will have many servants at your service who will make requests of you and you will have to decide who you say yes to and who you do not. Balance is the key. play here.

Sparta: War of Empires

Spartans! Those of you who want to play this game will have to follow Leonidas to Thermopylae and defeat the Persians like in the great 300 movie. Create your army and defend the cities. play here.

Best Free RPG Browser Games

best browser rpg games


One of the best free RPG browser games in which you will have to create your character to face hundreds of enemies. With the powers you acquire, you will fight against monsters in various quests. It requires registration, yes. play here.

Arc The Lad

If you like pure RPG-style turn-based fighting games, this is a great PlayStation classic that you can now enjoy from your browser. play here.


Create your own character and explore territories on the map to level up while fighting against all enemies. The funniest thing is that it has a community to join clubs with different players. Play here.

cross code

Another of the best free browser games from Nintendo has arrived. Role mixed with touches of action in 2D graphics that will keep you glued to the screen all day. play here.

dragon awakening

For those who love role-playing games mixed with fantasy, this is a massively multiplayer online game where you can level up and get new weapons and powers to destroy the dragons. play here.

Eye of the Beholder

With a team of 4 characters, in this case you will play alone and not in multiplayer. Explore the worlds and destroy all enemies solo and in first person. play here.


On the contrary, here you will fight in the third person. A great online game for lovers of Nordic mythology full of animations and very very addictive. play here.

Might and Magic 4

Surely you already know this saga if you like online role-playing games. The fourth part is played in first person and you will have to explore the map to overcome challenges with your six main characters. play here.

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings returns in its web version! You have great freedom to explore the worlds, very different from the movies as this game predates them. A turn-based RPG where you must defeat all enemies. play here.

Best free BATTLE ROYALE games for browser

best battle royale games for browser


Play with players from all over the world in this adventure where you will start as a small circle and you will have to eat others smaller than you to grow, avoiding them to eat you. play here.

Helmet Royale.io

A great 2D game where you must explore and collect the best weapons to defeat your opponents. Another great classic that you probably already know. play here.


An all against all in the pure Snake style. You must complete squares to obtain new territories and prevent others from taking it from you. play here.


Very similar to Agar.io but this time as if it were Pac-Man. You will have to eat the little ones to grow and prevent others from eating you. Be careful because the hole in the ground eats everything. play here.


Another game similar to Agar.io and Hole.io, but with the techniques of Snake. Eat other snakes and prevent them from eating you in another of the best free browser games. Play here.

Squadd Royale

In this case you will have to be the last one standing. With pixelated graphics, collect all the weapons you can and get on the vehicles you need to succeed. play here.


Similar to the previous one with vertical view where you can see everything that happens around you. Be careful because the rivals will want to attack you from behind. play here.

War Brokers

In this case, you can choose between the team shooter mode or the more battle royale style with Minecraft-like graphics. play here.


If you prefer a massive battle royal game where everyone goes against everyone, here you must kill everyone who moves. A pixelated style with a very fun medieval touch. Play here.

Best free browser SHOOTERS games

best browser shooter games

Bullet Force

The truth is that at the graphics level we can’t complain to be another of the best free shooter browser games. Explore the maps and kill your rivals without getting killed. play here.


In this free browser game you will have to defeat all the demons and advance defeating your enemies in the different rooms while you get new weapons. You only need the keyboard, no mouse. play here.

doom 2

And if you’ve been wanting more screens and demons, here’s the second part of this addictive game. play here.

Duke Nukem 3D

The Atomic Edition of Duke Nukem 3D contains the original three episodes of the main game, the Plutonium Pak expansion, and many additional features such as Windows themes, screen savers, puzzles, and an image carousel. play here.


With 3 different episodes, each one consists of nine levels, one of them hidden. The objective in each level is to find the exit, killing everything that stands in the way. play here.

Shell Shockers

Prepare your rifle and shoot other eggs. You can customize your character and choose the weapon you prefer. play here.


Very similar to the Doom that we have seen before. If it left you wanting more, here is the continuation with new levels. play here.

Tequila Zombies 3

For those who are more into killing zombies, in this free browser game you will have to kill them… while drinking tequila! play here.


It’s a very basic game with graphics that don’t attract much attention but end up being addictive. You’ll have to defeat enemies alone or with friends, collect new weapons and acquire vehicles to advance. play here.

Wolfenstein 3D

The great of the great that you surely already know, and without a doubt another of the best free Shooter browser games. Try it and tell us. play here.