Where are the WhatsApp audios stored?

You know where are the WhatsApp audios saved? Do you want to search for a voice memo that you have accidentally deleted and don’t know how to do it? Stay for our complete guide with some clues on where to find them and how you can get them back.

It is possible that on some occasion, cleaning your mobile to have more space, you have deleted conversations in order to eliminate voice notes and save on storage. However, this is not the correct way to do it.

We teach you where are the WhatsApp audios saved and how you can download them to always have them safely on your phone even if you don’t have a connection to listen to them.

How to download WhatsApp audio files?

First, we are going to understand how we can download WhatsApp audio notes on our phone, whether you are an iPhone or Android user.

On iPhone

To download the WhatsApp audios on our iPhone we must first download the application Readdle Documents. With this app we can read and play any file on our mobile. Once you have it, you must follow the following steps:

Download readdle documents for free

  1. Select the audio that you want to download in the WhatsApp app
  2. Among the different options that appear, select Email.
  3. Once we have it sent to our email, in the attached file we select the option to add to iCloud Drive > Documents by Readdle.

On Android

File manager

For Android devices, the process is easier. New phones with this operating system usually come with the app File manager already installed. If this is not your case, the first step will be to download it from Google Play.

Download Free File Manager

Once you have the app on your mobile, you have to look for the folder WhatsApp > Half > WhatsApp Voice and there we will have all the audios.

Where are the WhatsApp audios stored?

If you still wonder where are the WhatsApp audios stored, You should know that by default they are stored in the WhatsApp Voice Notes folder on your phone. You already know how to find its location but, if you are not sure, the route is as follows:

storage / emulated / 0 / WhatsApp / media / WhatsApp Voice Notes

You can access it directly from your phone’s storage or download an app like the one we’ve shown to find the location of the folder faster. All the audio notes that you receive through the messaging app are automatically stored there.

How to listen to saved WhatsApp voice notes?

OPUS Player

Obviously, if what you want is to listen to the audios outside of the WhatsApp app itself, you must have a playback application that supports the format of these files. One of the most downloaded and available on Google Play for free is OPUS Player.

Download opus playes free

Through this app you can also manage files, change their location and share them easily.

How to listen to deleted voice notes from WhatsApp?

If your problem is that you have accidentally deleted an important audio and you want to know the best trick to recover and listen to it, you have to know that you have several options:

  1. In the case of having deleted it from the WhatsApp Voice Notes folder but not from the WhatsApp conversation, you just have to download it again. It may not be available if it has been a long time, but if it has been recently it is the fastest way.
  2. Another option is to restore backup in which you have not yet deleted that audio to easily recover it.
  3. Finally, if your problem has been that you have deleted the voice memo from the conversation and you want to listen to it again, you should go to WhatsApp Voice Notes folder as we have taught you to be able to recover it.

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