WhatsApp Plus: Download the latest version 2021

If you have visited our websites and the different guides on WhatsApp and its different mods, you will see that many of them offer a series of very useful functions that the original version is reluctant to launch. In the case of WhatsApp Plus, we are facing one of the most downloaded and best valued alternatives.

If you want to know what are those interesting functions and download WhatsApp Plus on your Android device, stay to read our guide today.

What is WhatsApp Plus and what is it for

WhatsApp Plus is an alternative to WhatsApp in which they have been added Extra functions that are not available in the official version.

These novelties are mainly focused on the subject of personalize the WhatsApp interface. For the rest, all messages are sent through official servers, so the security and the encryption end to end is guaranteed.

Between the Principal functions Why we love WhatsApp Plus are:

  • To be able to put the last connection time you want.
  • Customize the double blue check.
  • Choose the WhatsApp theme that you like the most.
  • Receive notification when someone connects.
  • Hide your statuses from whoever you want.

Download WhatsApp Plus [LINKS ACTUALIZADOS]

The WhatsApp Plus problem came in 2015., when its designer left the app and it ended up closing You can find a great variety of apks of WhatsApp mods on the internet in case you still want to download it, but here we leave you the latest update working today:

Download whatsapp plus apk

Alternative for Telegram

The same creator of this mod took advantage of the rise of other applications such as Telegram to launch the premium version adapted to this application. In this case we have what is known as Messenger Plus. We also leave you the download link on Google Play in case you do not want to install third-party applications on your device.

Download plus messenger on google play

Both one and the other offer an interesting variety of functions to have greater control over privacy and style of WhatsApp and Telegram.

Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Plus [FAQ]

WhatsApp Plus

As with other mods, many users have raised some doubts that are repeated about the operation of WhatsApp Plus. We will respond to 3 frequently asked questions on its compatibility with the official version, its main differences and comparison other mods for WhatsApp.

How to have WhatsApp Plus and normal WhatsApp?

The fact of installing this mod on your device it does not mean that you stop using normal WhatsApp. In fact, this apk is synchronized with the official version adding the improvements that this version brings. All the messages you receive will be filtered through the WhatsApp servers.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Plus and the normal one?

The main difference beyond its design and customizability is when it comes to sending and receiving content. With Plus version you have a greater amount of emojis and allows you to send files from up to 1GB. It is very useful if you intend to send and receive heavy high-quality videos.

However, the main drawback of using the Plus version instead of the original is being able to be banned by WhatsApp and having to stop using it for a while.

What is better WhatsApp Plus or YOWhatsApp?

Both apps are WhatsApp mods that integrate very similar functions, having some differences between them that make you opt for one or the other. In principle, their differences come in the interface, the themes available to customize and in the theme of the settings.

Regarding functionalities, both share practically the same. Take a look at our guide to download YOWhatsApp for free.

Other guides on WhatsApp

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