WhatsApp Aero: Free Download APK November 2021

Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about WhatsApp Aero, a WhatsApp mod with which you can customize the original version to your liking and get more out of it with its advanced functions. We leave you the download link below and we tell you all the features and advantages of WhatsApp Aero for Android.

WhatsApp Aero: download free 2021

WhatsApp Aero is one of the most popular and downloaded mods to have more functions and customization options in WhatsApp. If you want to give the static of your conversations a twist and add new privacy settings, download WhatsApp Aero for free from the following link:

download whatsapp aero

WhatsApp Aero features

Before starting to use it, you should know all the features and functions that this APK brings. Many of them have to do with personalization aspects, although WhatsApp Aero goes much further and includes numerous improvements in terms of security and file delivery.

Some most important features are:

  • Be able to have a different source in each conversation, in addition to adding new emojis, customize styles of the tics or create transition effects on screen swipe.
  • Send files from up to 700 MB if they are videos and 50 MB in the case of photographs and images, including those files that WhatsApp does not accept.
  • You can know who is online, offline, who has changed the status and create a tab of groups next to the status.
  • Know who visits your profile and receive a notification when they do.
  • Hide statuses, last connection time and the typical messages of “recording audio”, “writing” and the like.
  • Once one of your contacts has sent you a message, you will not be able to delete it.

The best and worst of using this APK

It is clear that there are many advantage to use WhatsApp Aero, both visually and to be able to enjoy many other improvements. For example, being able to have a greater degree of privacy, send larger files and see who visits our profile. Although this is not very important, it is sure that many users definitely choose WhatsApp Aero.

However, like any other WhatsApp mod there are also a number of drawbacks that we must take into account when using the APK. For example, you should know that WhatsApp is capable of detecting in some cases that someone is using a mod.

When they catch you for the first time, they will block your access to the original version for approximately 72 hours, time that you should take advantage of to delete WhatsApp Aero from your phone. However, in case of being detected again, you can be permanently restricted and not be able to use WhatsApp. Although there are always tricks to return.

How can I update WhatsApp Aero?

You already know that it is an APK and that, in order to update it, you will have to download new versions and reinstall them on your device. It is not as comfortable as the apps that we can obtain from platforms such as Google Play or the App Store, but it is the price that we must pay for all these advantages.

Final recommendation

Although there are many improved versions of WhatsApp, it is best that you choose the one in which you find functions that you really use. In the case of this mod, it is one of the most popular for its good performance, free of charge and for containing many of them that the vast majority of users demand.

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