What is Lucky Patcher and what is it for?

Lucky Patcher is a Program created for modification of games and applications. This practice consists of altering the operation of a software to obtain benefits or access hidden functions.

East Program allows you to modify the applications to remove verification process license, remove Google ads, install custom patches, modify permissions, and create custom APK files.

What can be done with Lucky Patcher?

The uses of this Program they can be unethical for applications, violating the terms and conditions of use. One of the main purposes for which the program is used is usually to decrease the difficulty of a game inside a game. Users can obtain resources such as gems, gold or other objects that allow faster progress in the course of the game.

It also happens that it allows to place free form those objects that are of payment. In addition, it is also used to remove embedded advertising from video games.

East Program with their practices violates the rules of many applications, their license or even intellectual property laws so it can be considered theft to the developers.

In some cases, the use of this Program it is legitimate as it is used for much more useful, practical and legal purposes. For example, thanks to Lucky Patcher, users have the ability to create backups in the applications in APK format.

It also has other interesting functions such as, for example, the integration of any application in the system or the modification of your permissions.

To facilitate the use of the Program, Lucky Patcher use a simple color code which classifies the applications. Green is for those that have a great chance of being registered. In yellow for those with a specific patch. Blue is used to distinguish those that contain advertisements. Red and orange mark the applications that are part of the boot list or the system, respectively.

According to the official Lucky Patcher website, she describes herself as a modifier application

Lucky Patcher has patches available that mostly they are tricks to get virtual coins in games and others, making changes to the internal files of the game with the saved game. These patches are text files indicating which file fragments must be modified.

How to download it on Android?

What is Lucky Patcher and what is it for?

If you want to download on Android mobiles, first you need perform a “root” to the phone before you can start modifying apps with Lucky Patcher.

Performing a “root” on an Android means the operation that must be done to obtain superuser permissions. That way you have the permission of the phone to do the deeper changes within the operating system. This allows you to have a version of Android that is not controlled by the manufacturer, but by the developer community, a situation that has advantages and disadvantages.

East Program It is blocked by Google Play Protect so its use is blocked on Android devices. By having Lucky Patcher installed on the device, Google will recommend the user to uninstall it, instead Lucky Patcher suggests disabling Google Play Protect, which can expose the mobile, without any protection barrier against all types of malware.

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