Top 10 Addons for Kodi [Actualizados 2021 ]

Are you interested in knowing what the best addons for Kodi? In this article you will find a complete list that will allow you to watch movies, play music, as well as watch series and videos for all tastes.

But the addons for Kodi that you can find in the following lines go much further, since with them you can also enjoy many other functionalities, from playing games to recording television channels, listening to the radio, viewing photos, and much more. .

For starters … What is Kodi?

If we talk about Kodi, we must keep two key concepts in mind: repositories and addons. Kodi is a very simple software, in fact, it is a simple player that stands out for having a great support of formats. However, if our intention is to get multimedia content, then we must resort to addons, which are the gateway to videos, series, films, documentaries, video games and karaoke.

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Top 10 Addons for Kodi 2021

Below you will find a full listing that collects the best addons for Kodi that you can find. This interests you!

Remember to allow to install files of unknown origin.


It is an addon with which you can enjoy movies on demand, as well as numerous series. You will find content in both the original language and in Latin and Spanish.

  • Repository:
  • Name: alpha


Another of the best addons for Kodi is Yacht, a complement that will give you access to movies, series and anime in languages ​​such as Latin, Spanish, English and also with subtitles.

  • Repository:
  • Name: Canalnereo

TV Poplar

It is one of the basic addons for Kodi users. Within the great diversity of content that you can view, its many programs, movies and children’s series stand out.

  • Repository:
  • Name: tvchopo

Palantir 2

This addon for Kodi not only has multiple movies and series, but is also ideal for those who want to download old series that you can see both on SD as well as HD.

  • Repository:
  • Name: palantir


Who does not know the addon Youtube? It is well known around the world, since it belongs to the famous online video portal YouTube. You will be able to see all its contents as its premium series, as well as easily manage your account.

  • Repository: Kodi Add-on repository > Video add-ons
  • Name: dejavurepo

Sportowa TV

Another free add-on for Kodi to watch with live sports in languages ​​such as Spanish, English and others.

  • Repository:
  • Name: blomqvist

Lili anime

Little mystery for this addon, since as its name suggests, Lili anime allows you to access anime in Latin and Spanish, both movies and series for all ages.

  • Repository:
  • Name: sourcekodileia

Pluto TV

It is the famous platform Pluto TV that you can see from Kodi live with this addon. All content is in Spanish, but Latin.

  • Repository:
  • Name: slyguy


Venom is a Kodi addon, compatible with version 18 onwards, that allows you to auto-reproduce the content you choose between movies and television shows. Also, it is extremely fast and has constant updates.

  • Repository:
  • Name: venom

Maverick TV

You will have access to the best movies, series, documentaries and entertainment channels, as well as a large amount of content dedicated to music, radio, news and much more.

  • Repository:
  • Name: dejavurepo

How to install the best addons for Kodi

how to install addons on kodi

If what you want is install addons for your Kodi media player, We give you two possible options:

  • On the one hand, you can search the addons in the main repositories and proceed with its installation by following its path on those servers.
  • Another option is to download them independently over the Internet. If you choose this path, you should know that the process is slightly more complex because you will have to dump the .ZIP file on the device and, once dumped, you will have to locate it from the Kodi media player menu.

From our point of view, the best solution is to opt for a list of the best Kodi repositories and once there, browse the different recommended servers. These will give us clues about which are the best and most reliable addons for Kodi and we will avoid those that may be infected with malware in the compressed installation file.

What are Kodi addons?

The question that arises, then, is: where do I get the addons? Well, all in good time, first, let’s try to make it clear what is that about addons. When referring to addons, we are talking about extensions through which you can easily enjoy the popular media manager known as Kodi.

The addons are not official products, that is, they are not “bought”, nor are they pre-installed. What happens with addons is that they are created by third parties. These products are intended to add extra features to the Kodi media player. More than functions, it is more about content. From these extensions, the user has the possibility of entering any type of multimedia content, from videos and music, to video games, song lyrics, among many other things.

As for the best extensions for Kodi, or as they are known, addons, these depend on the content that it offers to users. However, lthe power and quality of the addons will also depend on the developers themselves; that is, the creation and maintenance they receive from their creators will play an essential role for an addon to be more or less good.

How to know which are the best addons

It should be noted that, although addons should only be a storage space for multimedia content that can be accessed, they could become a headache for users. Some of these addons contain spyware and other forms of malware, so they could affect the device containing the Kodi software installation, as well as the user’s files.

To avoid this type of problem, it is best to consult a good list made up of the best addons for Kodi that has been reviewed and tested by other users to select a reliable one.

Currently, you can find countless addons that may be of interest to you, most of which are free, that is, you do not have to pay anything for them. If you are interested in knowing which are the best addons for Kodi, keep reading!

What is the difference between repositories and addons?

You must be clear that Kodi addons are stored in repositories; thus, what users really install in their media player are precisely those repositories. These “department stores” that are the repositories incorporate various lists of addons.

The repositories are those spaces or servers in which the creators have hosted everything they have uploaded. Regardless of the latter, too It is possible to install only addons from a .ZIP file (zipped folder). This last way of installation is not advisable because we will lose more time; in addition, it is a way very uncomfortable at the user level in the event that we intend to install a large number of addons in a short time.

The best repositories for kodi

Some of the most used and in which most of the addons described above can be found are the following:


Kodi Nerds




Kodil repository

A repository is an application where various addons are stored.

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