The 16 best applications for Smart TV ▷ December 2021

If you have purchased a Smart tv recently and you don’t know how to get the most out of it, this time we bring you the best applications for your Smart TV.

The era of Smart phones has begun, on any type of screen, including 4K HDR-quality Smart TVs. The most internationally recognized brands have been given the task of launching a wide variety of Smart TVs that have surprised everyone.

It was time to innovate and take televisions to another level, that they had been used only to watch TV programs and have some kind of entertainment was boring, and that had to be changed, it is a thing of the past. By means of the nuevos Smart TV it is possible to view any type of internet content As long as you have that kind of connection. If you have not yet purchased your new Smart TV, you should start thinking about doing it, and much better if you buy one that has a QuadCore processor onwards, it is one of the best and will not make your TV too slow.

Since you have access to the internet through these Smart TVs, there are also applications that can be useful, and that, in addition, allow us to access our social networks, check email, and navigate extensively and quietly on the internet, thus providing the best entertainment.

The 16 Best Apps for Smart TV

These are the best Smart TV apps that you can use:

Screen Dreams, one of the best applications for Smart TV

If you have always dreamed of a warm environment, a cabin fireplace where you feel relaxed and calm, this application is the right one for your home. With Screen Dreams you can easily decorate your home, you can have a warm fire that does not burn or heat, as it will be inside your smart TV. If your Smart TV is 4k you will be delighted and impressed with the quality and how real that virtual fireplace looks.

It is an application that is not essential for someone but that can help you feel at home wherever you are if you have a Smart TV.


If you are lovers of social networks, you should not stop using Facebook at any time, therefore, it is now available for you to download on your smart TV.

In addition to being aware of everything that happens with your friends on this social network, it allows you to comment on any publication, change statuses, like updates or statuses that you find great and interact with your friends.

You already know how Facebook works, a very interactive social network that everyone knows and in which from young people and adults they participate at all times.


Without a doubt, Instagram has taken the world by storm, as it is one of the few efficient platforms that allows record 1 minute long videosThe impressive thing about the case is that this application makes its videos in vertical format, which contradicts the idea of ​​platforms such as Google and YouTube, who assume that not making videos in horizontal format, as they do, is a serious error and therefore they look bad.

However, it is the application most used by all youth, despite the fact that its videos are short, the launch of Instagram for Smart TV, makes it possible to record longer videos, even one hour, therefore, they have thought make some modifications that facilitate its use by older people, so that it continues to be used by the entire public regardless of age range.

The exact date on which this app will finally be launched on the market is not currently known, but its entire audience is waiting, so do not stop being attentive because you could be surprised.


In Megadede you can see countless movies and your favorite seriesIn addition to having a very varied content, its image quality is indisputable. It has different links that take you to the content you want to see, and according to which you select, more or less advertising may appear depending on the case. It is an application that is free, with diverse content, and also has the most current movies or series available, that is why we recommend it.


A very fun game for young and old in the house. In Pictionary you must guess words and phrases of the other players, and the most fun of all is that it can be done from your smart TV.

Cloud tv

Through Cloud Tv you are the official administrator of the programs you want to see on your Smart TV, You no longer have limitations to a few specific channels, but the catalog is broader and thanks to this app you can organize what you want to see whenever you and only you want.

Limits do not exist, with this application you have a world of options in front of your eyes, do not miss this opportunity.


Youtube is the web platform that allows you view videos and multimedia files quickly, easily and with great quality. An app that is used by more than half the world, is now available on slightly larger screens, it is a phenomenon and without a doubt, necessary on any Smart TV you have.

It contains a large storage of music videos, tutorials, comedies, even movies and much more than you can imagine to be found on the internet.

The most incredible thing is that now it is easier and is available to everyone, from your smart TV you can enjoy its content, watching your favorite videos.

Amazon prime

The market place par excellence opens its horizons, and it is now expanding ground in the world of cinema and series. Amazon Prime is being designed to be used on up to three different devices per user. The best thing about this app is that offers the newest and most updated content in cinema.

Rakuten TV

The old Wuaki TV It has arrived renewed, if you want to see the best movies and cinema content available, but in your home or office, you must make use of this app. From documentaries, series to the best movies to make a boring day the most fun.

An ideal application for a day or an afternoon of movies with the person you love. You can also rewatch those series that have been unforgettable for you. It is important that you know that most of the content available in this application are movies, if you want to see more than all series, you still have other good options.


When you hear the word “HBO” you can only imagine a pleasant moment watching the best series with the best sound and video quality that you cannot imagine, you will undoubtedly stay glued to your Smart TV if you decide to download this great application.


With TotalChannel You will be aware of the latest in cinema and it may be available on your Smart TV. It’s a great way to keep up to date with the newest movies and premieres, as well as documentaries and an extra surprise that you didn’t expect, you have the matches of the team of your choice at your fingertips.


If you thought you had seen it all, you really haven’t, because even the best internet sales and shopping apps have come to Smart TV. Now it will be possible to handle eBay from the comfort of your sofa.

You can look for the things you think about buying With incredible ease, in the same way you can put for sale what you do not use or consider necessary in your life.

Amazon Buy VIP

But if your thing is music, this is the right app. It is a great application where you have in your hands the stations from all over the world so that you can listen to the music that you currently like the most.

Cleaning days are not the same, with this application they will be more fun, work more calm and relaxing because while you do whatever it takes you will be able to listen to the songs that you love the most.


Another music app that gives you the best experience on your smart TV is Spotify. You can use it on different devices at the same time, but you will have your favorite songs, lists and albums in one place. In addition, it allows the creation of playlists to your liking, so you will only listen to the music you want to hear when you want, anywhere and moment.


Netflix is ​​one of the apps that you cannot stop using, recognized worldwide by the world of entertainment. It is unique, it has the better storage in movies, series and documentaries, as well as television shows most watched by the audience.

Apart from the HBO app, this is another of the most recommended applications, they will make your experience on your Smart TV something unique and unmatched, without the need to leave your home, you will have everything at your fingertips.

It is a fascinating application, I assure you that you will not want to leave your house if you use Netflix, everything will be easier.


Crackle is one of many options for watch movies legally, without any problems. It has a wide variety of titles, not as much variety as Netflix, but its use can be considered. It is an app that has been managed by the Sony Pictures Entertainment company.

Final recommendation

With the applications that we have taught you, it is accessible that your Smart TV has many functionalities. Each one, no matter how different, is unique and can only offer you fun and entertainment. You will have your music, movies, series, documentaries and even social networks in one place, under the control of your hands.

So that your SmartTV is completeYou should only add applications that stand out from the rest, that do not make your experience monotonous, and this list is a good start to enjoy your smart TV.

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