The 15 Best Applications to Watch Live Football 2021

Soccer is known as the king of sports, due to the immense number of followers it has in all parts of the world. The quality of the leagues in many countries and international competitions increases every day, which is why very good matches are offered almost every day. Therefore, this guide details the best applications to watch football live, in order to help fans to enjoy their favorite matches.

Apps to watch football

Currently, the number of applications to watch football live which allows lovers of this sport to be able to select where to watch the broadcasts of their favorite matches. Some of the most recognized and popular are described below:

Direct red

The application Direct red It is undoubtedly one of the most popular among football fans. It is an application that allows its users to view all the favorite games of football live and for free.

Through Direct red It is possible to follow in addition to the Spanish League the rest of those European and South American leagues of greater relevance. However, it is not only limited to broadcasting the matches of the national leagues, but also offers the user to watch matches corresponding to the Champions League, as well as those of the UEFA Europa League.

The procedure for downloading this application is fast and very simple, since it is only necessary to enter Google Play. Recently, iOS device users can also enjoy Direct red by downloading from the Apple Store. A list is presented showing the next games to be held, as well as a search engine that allows you to locate the matches that are of your greatest interest.

Free Direct GP

Free Direct GP

Free Direct GP It is currently considered one of the best applications available in the market to watch football. Although the download links are not found on Google Play, there is the possibility of getting the APK to be downloaded completely free of charge.

Access to this application is obtained by activating the option Unknown origins of your device. This is accomplished by scrolling to the option Settings, then to Security, and then proceed to enable the option.

Once the APK of Free Direct GP You can have total access to all live and direct football matches that take place in Spain, as well as in the rest of the countries. The APK has a list of all the competitions and matches, as well as a search engine that allows you to find the match that seems most interesting to you.

download free direct gp free


Applications to watch football live

Another of the good applications created in order to be able watch football live it is WisePlay. It has become one of the favorite applications of users when it comes to viewing football matches through a device.

In addition to all this, the application also allows you to enjoy movies and series via streaming, as long as you have a good Internet connection. Through Google Play you can download this application easily and completely free. The problem is for iOS devices, as Wiseplay it does not have iPad and iPhone compatibility.

Because its interface is very intuitive and simple, surely there will be no problem in finding all the football matches of your choice, whether they are from La Liga, the Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, or whatever from the other major European and South American leagues.



Sopcast is an application that was created in order to broadcast all those channels that offer the football matches for free, as well as live and direct. However, this application also allows the display of other extremely important sports competitions.

It is available for Android phones and tablets. Since the application cannot be found on Google Play, it is necessary to download its APK file through its official website. In the same way as for other applications, it is important that the installation is enabled from Unknown origins. For which you have to go to Settings and then to Security in order to activate the option.

After installing this application to view football for free From your mobile or tablet, the entire list of channels where you can watch football matches for free and live will be available. With Sopcast You can also see the matches of La Liga, the Champions League, and the UEFA Europa League, those corresponding to the other European and South American leagues.

download sopcast free

IBM Cloud Video (formerly Ustream)

IBM Cloud Video

This is one Android application to watch football for free and live whose main feature is a well-developed and intuitive design. You do not need to register to view the best football matches. It is possible to watch all the free football matches of La Liga, Champions League, Premier League, and other of the most relevant European and South American leagues.

In the same way as the applications described above, it is a suitable option to enjoy football for free and live, also with HD quality. The application can be downloaded directly for free from the Apple Store and Google Play and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and Android.

To be able to watch your favorite games, you just have to look in the category located in the upper left corner and confirm that that game is being broadcast.

Splive TV

Applications to watch football live

Splive TV is one of the best applications today to watch football. She takes care of broadcasting live all football matches of the most important leagues and events around the world.

In the same way as some of the applications described above, it is not within the Google Play offer, so its APK must be downloaded. Likewise, that, in other cases, you must first enter Settings, go to Security, and then activate the option Unknown origins. The quality of the images is high and the matches are displayed without cuts.

download splive tv free



With the app LivestreamIt is also possible to enjoy football matches live and completely free from your device. By using this option you can see the matches corresponding to all the most important competitions in Europe and South America.

To use it, you need to register in order to access all of its content. The application can be found in Google Play for free, so it will not be necessary to download any APK to be able to watch football matches. This application works very similar to IBM Cloud Video.



This application is very popular among football fans, since through it it is possible to watch football online, live and direct from the Android mobile or tablet. With it you can access sports channels such as GolTV, NBA Basketball, among others. Each of the channels has a chat that allows you to comment on the different plays with the other connected users.

Veetle It is not available on Google Play, so it will be necessary to download its APK for free and you must enable the installation of applications with Unknown origins, through Settings and the section of Security, where to activate the option.

Access can be carried out from a computer that has an Internet connection and its interface allows direct access to television channels, which makes it work for both Android and iOS.

download veetle free

Movistar +

Movistar +

Through the application of Movistar + You will have the possibility of watching live football, as well as a variety of movies and series. It has all the current leagues and events of the Spanish La Liga, the Champions League, and the most important European and South American leagues.

This application can be found in Google Play for free, but it must be considered that although the download of it is totally free for Android, it really is a paid service according to what is contracted with Movistar. This application is very reliable and safe; It offers the user a high quality in the images.


What is Acestream?

Acestream is another of the recommended applications for Android devices so that soccer fans can enjoy watching their favorite games live and direct from their mobile. It is a free application of payment and its download can be carried out from Google Play.

Once it is installed, what you must do is locate each of the links of those Internet channels that will allow us to view football matches.

It has an intuitive and simple interface to navigate, therefore, it is a simple process to find your favorite football match, no matter if it is from the League or the Champions League, although matches from other European and international events are also offered.


install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Kodi It is another alternative used to view live football on an Android device, although its offer includes a wide range of content, including movies, series and documentaries.

It is a multimedia platform that works by using the lists of addons or extensions. The application is available totally free of payment on Google Play.

The interface of Kodi it is very easy to use in terms of navigation within it. The only thing that needs to be done after it is installed is to add and configure the add-ons that allow you to view football matches on the device.



DAZN It is a payment platform with little time on the market, but it currently has a wide acceptance among sports fans. It has a large number of sporting events, among which football occupies a prominent place, specifically in the competition leagues of Spain and England.

In addition, it allows fans of South American football to watch live the matches of the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana, the two most important club tournaments on this continent.

The account of DAZN It can be linked with up to five different devices and connected simultaneously with two of them. The best feature is that it includes a trial period in which you can enjoy all its content for free for a month and if you do not hire the service it can be canceled before it expires.

Pirlo TV

Applications to watch football live

Our next app, Pirlo TV, is an application that offers the transmission of football matches and sporting events totally free and live, in which all the most important leagues and world championships are included.

With this application you can view two games at the same time. The downside is that a version for iOS systems is not yet available and its content is currently only enjoyed by users with an Android device, whose application can be easily downloaded from Google Play.

Orange TV

Applications to watch football live

Orange TV It works very similar to that of the application of its competitor Movistar and offers the content according to what has been established in the contracted package, with the possibility of one user connecting from the television and another from the application itself.

In reality, users who maintain a package contracted with Orange TV They have the possibility of accessing the same Movistar channels, with the only difference that the access is carried out from another place.


The best applications to watch IPTV

IPTV It presents within its offer a large number of channels in which it is possible to watch the best live online football matches of all the major leagues.

The application can be downloaded for free on Google Play and, once downloaded, you only have to choose the preferred channels to generate a list of those that allow you to easily see all the available games. It can be viewed on a Smart TV and it also works very well with Google Chrome.

Other guides to watch football for free:


As has been seen, the current offer that can be found on the website of applications to watch football live, so it is almost impossible for a fan of this sport to be left without being able to enjoy the best matches of their favorite teams.

It is important to bear in mind that within this entire range of applications there are some totally free and others for payment. However, due to the variety of applications available, the user has the possibility to choose the best one.

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