SWYP, the adult version of TikTok that triumphs in 2021

In early 2020, the platform YouPorn announced the arrival of SWYP, a new web app that lets you swipe up to see previews of adult videos and then swipe left to see them fully, either vertically or horizontally.

“In this way, YouPorn provides a clean interface without visual distractions, as only one video thumbnail is displayed at a time. Plus, video previews automatically play once they’re displayed on the screen, so there’s no need to click play over and over again. “ explained the announcement of its launch.

What is SWYP

SWYP is inspired in the user experience and functionalities of TikTok, but its content can be accessed through a mobile browser, not a standalone application. This is because both Google Play and the Apple App Store have strict policies against pornographic content and would simply not allow an application that offered such content.

However, downloadable app or not, Swyp offers users a mobile-optimized porn viewing experience that gets you straight into ‘the action’, so to speak.

Plus, it “learns” from your habits and makes better selections for your viewing pleasure. However, you will need to log in or register to save your preferences.

“Now with the addition of YouPorn SWYP, it’s easier than ever for users to explore content based on their specific interests.” says Charlie Hughes, Vice President of YouPorn.

How to watch SWYP on your mobile

As it is a somewhat sensitive content, the Google Play and App Store platforms do not include SWYP among their applications. Therefore, you must access the official website of the platform (by scanning the QR code) to enjoy the contents in your mobile browser.

We leave you direct link here:

I want to register

Once inside, you will have to:

  1. To select “Launch SWYP
  2. Click on the 3 points in the upper right corner of the browser> “Add to home screen”.

With this, you will have direct access in your mobile menu to access all its contents whenever you want as if it were an app.

How SWYP works

Once inside your account SWYP (you must register) you will start to see content according to the preferences you have previously selected. The operation is simple and can be summarized in 3 key points:

  • If you swipe up or down you can see the next video and the previous one, just like on TikTok.
  • If you do it to the right, then you will access the full video.
  • You can also select the video creator’s profile to see more on their SWYP and YouPorn channel.

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