Recover deleted videos on Android

Many times mobile users face the loss of their videos and photos, most of the time due to accidental deletion. This can cause many inconveniences, especially if they are important files. In addition, people usually do not realize it at the moment, but only after several days have passed. But there is a way recover deleted videos on Android of the mobile.

Methods to recover deleted videos from mobile

There are several methods that can be used to rrecover deleted videos on your Android mobile. These methods are as follows:

Search SD memory

This is the first method that is recommended to use when you realize that you lost your videos if you have a mobile with an SD memory. Using this memory only works if you have created a backup of these files in the SD memory, and you have not only saved your videos in the memory of the mobile.

But the method is not only to check the memory, but to use a program for the computer, which performs a deep analysis of the SD memory and also allows you recover files, including the videos that are saved in it. There are many programs to do this procedure, but the most recommended is Recuva.

This is a program developed for Windows, in order to recover deleted files, including those that have been permanently deleted. This program generally performs well at recovering files.

In order to recover the videos and photos stored on the mobile’s SD card with Recuva, you must follow the following steps:

  • The first step is to download and install the program on your computer.
  • Then you must insert the SD memory in the computer’s reader and start the recovery program.
  • The program, after a brief welcome, will ask you about the type of files you want to restore, which in this case is the Video option.
  • Click on the bottom button Next, to indicate to carry out an advanced search. You must wait a few minutes for the program to perform the search, which is usually 10 minutes.
  • At the end, it will show you the recovered videos, and you can probably recover all those videos that you deleted from your mobile. Keep in mind that some videos may be completely damaged and cannot be recovered with Recuva.

Find your videos in the cloud

If you use cloud storage services, this is considered a good alternative to recover the videos that have been deleted from the Android mobile. This operating system allows you to link with any type of files that you have stored on a cloud platform, thus being able to maintain a backup copy of all the videos.

The most popular cloud storage services are: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mega, among others. These services have the advantage that most are completely free, and make it easier to video retrieval, quickly and easily. To do this you have to go to your account on the platform you use and make a copy of the videos that are stored there, either to save them again on the mobile or on the computer.

Search for videos on social media

Currently most people have an account on more than one social network, the most common being Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In these social networks it is normal for photos and videos to be shared, which makes it an excellent option to try to recover lost files from mobile, resorting to the profile of the social network where photos and videos are usually uploaded.

To do this you just have to enter your account and search the publications you have shared the videos, This could be a way to find videos accidentally deleted from the cell phone. You can only recover the content that you have published, so it is not a valid method to recover all the photos and videos that you saved on your mobile.

Find deleted videos in My files

In Android mobiles, they have a folder called My Files, where different categories of files are stored, being the indicated place where you can search for images and videos that have been deleted from the Mobile Gallery.

For retrieve videos You must click on the Videos folder, where a series of folders will open that contain all the videos that you have recorded with your mobile, the videos received, among others. Go to the folder that interests you to recover the videos that you have deleted by mistake. You can also use the Settings menu to activate the Show hidden files option, which can also help you restore the videos.

Sometimes you can get lucky and find the videos you deleted in the My files folder of your Android mobile. But you must bear in mind that this method does not always work perfectly, since you may have completely deleted the videos; being impossible the recovery from the tools that the same device has.

Applications to recover deleted videos on an Android mobile

You can find different applications that will allow you recover deleted videos accidentally from your Android mobile, the following being the best known:


In this case you must have root permissions, to retrieve videos in a much easier way. This application makes a scan and then recovers the files that are stored in the memory, no matter what type they are: music, videos, images, among others. You must bear in mind that during the scan some files may present failures when trying to recover, just like what happens in some PC solutions.

You also have the option of choosing the file format you want to search for, taking into account that the free version allows you to search photos and videos, and wait for the search to finish, which can take a long time. In this case, the wait is worth it, and instead of showing you all the videos that you have saved on your mobile, it will only show you those that have actually been deleted. It is a totally free application.

EaseUS MobiSaver

If you are interested in recover a video that you accidentally deleted On Android, this application is one of the best options. All you have to do is download and install it on your mobile so that you can start recovering the videos that you have lost due to accidental deletion.

Video Recovery

This application is one of the most popular when you want recover videos that have been deleted from the mobile. It does not require root permissions. Videos can be recovered in different types of formats, such as, for example, AVI or MPG, provided that the space where they were stored in the mobile memory has not already been occupied by another file.

The program works quite well, and allows recover deleted videos of the memory of the mobile with a high percentage of success. You must bear in mind that some of the videos that are recovered with this application may lose resolution and quality.

To use this application, these are the steps you must follow:

  • First, install and open the application, accepting the storage permissions.
  • Then, on the main screen of the application, you must click on the option Recovery method 1, so that the application can start searching for the videos that were deleted by mistake.
  • Another way is to select the Recover SD card option, in case the deleted videos have been saved there.
  • At the end of the video recovery process, the videos will be saved in the All_Recovered_Video folder, which is located on the internal system storage.


Recover deleted videos on Android

The Android phones do not have a recycle bin, which works in a similar way to operating systems to computers. However, it is feasible that the operation of the trash can be emulated, thus being a good option to recover videos that have been accidentally deleted. The files will be permanently deleted from the memory of the mobile, if not they will be sent to a kind of trash, from where they can be recovered when the user needs it.

This is one of the best apps out there for emulate the recycle bin on Android, and it allows you to easily recover almost any type of file, regardless of format or size. You must bear in mind that the application does not recover the videos that have been deleted, but those that have been moved to the trash.

When you install the app, instead of delete videos or any other type of file, you must click on the Share option, and among the different options offered by the application, you must select Send to Dumpster, in order that when necessary, you can recover them.

Disk Video Recovery Pro

This is an application that is very powerful and is capable of recover practically any type of videos, regardless of size. It is a tool that performs a storage analysis, in order to search for files that have been deleted recently, and that the space they occupied in memory has not been filled with new information. Only in this way can the video be recovered.

The application offers several operating modes, a basic one that does not take more than two minutes to perform the analysis; a personalized modality, and a more complete one, and therefore it is the most advisable, since it makes a deep search, being also the most reliable option for retrieve videos that you accidentally deleted.

The application also offers the possibility that you can filter search depending on the video format, and even its resolution, so that you can find specific videos in a much more efficient way. To recover the videos that you have accidentally deleted with this application, you must follow the following steps:

  • First, you must open the application and select the type of analysis you want to carry out.
  • Then, click on the Start Basic Photo Scan button.
  • Select the folders where you want the application to search for the videos that have been deleted.
  • You must choose both the video format, the path where it was saved and the resolution.
  • Select for the application to start searching.
  • When the analysis is finished, the application will display a list with all the videos that it has been able to recover. You can select those that you want to save again on your mobile.


This application is considered one of the best options when it comes to recover deleted videos by accident of the mobile. This Android application can only perform the recovery process if the mobile is rooted. In the event that the mobile is not rooted, you can use the computer version of the application. Many of the application’s functionalities are only available in the paid version.

This is an application that allows recover deleted videos accidentally, without much trouble, just following the steps below:

  • First install the application on the computer and then connect the mobile using the USB cable, bearing in mind that USB debugging must be activated.
  • Then run the application, waiting for it to detect the mobile.
  • Select the Videos option found in the menu of files you want to recover.
  • You must carefully follow the steps indicated and then wait for the recovery to finish.

This application has a high degree of efficiency when performing the deleted video recovery accidentally, but because if you don’t have your mobile rooted you must use the computer version, it makes it a very impractical option.

Recover deleted videos on Android It is possible by using some of the methods indicated above or by making use of the applications mentioned. You must bear in mind that the videos that are recovered may lose quality and resolution, and that not all of them will always be recovered.

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