Pirlo TV: Download to watch football for free on Android 2021


Today there are countless applications for tablets and mobiles that make it easier for people to enjoy a good football game for free. On Pirlo TV You will find one of the most used pages to watch the transmission of football matches online.

The best thing is that now it allows the possibility of watching these games through the Tablet or mobile with Android, this is because it has a page that has the ability to adapt to all types of devices. This website contains endless advantages and one of the most outstanding is that through it you can watch more than one game at the same time.

What is Pirlo TV?

Pirlo TV is one of the many alternatives found on the net to be able to watch football online for free from your PC. Thanks to the innumerable channels that this service has, it can be said that it is one of the websites with the most visits to enjoy these games, it also allows you to see PirloTV on Android.

It is one of the many websites that can be found on the Internet to watch football matches in streaming, that not only allows you to watch these games, it also gives you the option of enjoying other types of sports broadcast on television.

For some years this website has been in existence, however, the strong competition in this area kept it submerged. Due to the closure of various streaming portals with great popularity such as RojasDirecta, it has happened that users of these types of sites proceed to look for other alternatives, Pirlo TV being one of the first.

People who are football fans have managed to find one of their favorite options on Pirlo TV to feel the excitement of watching the matches of their favorite teams. You can also find the championships such as the World, European and Champions.

Despite being less in demand, on this page you can find the NBA basketball league in the same way. Entering its content is extremely easy, you only have to access its website from your computer.

Download Pirlo TV APK for Android Free

Download Pirlo TV APK

To watch Pirlo TV on Android it is recommended to use a Firefox web browser. In the same way as it is done on the PC, you must navigate to the Pirlo TV website. In it you will find a list of live matches, you just have to select the one that is of interest to you and that way you will see its content. There are many Pirlo TV pages depending on where the links are located. We leave you the most complete one that works perfectly.

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On the other hand, there are unofficial versions in APK and even in Google Play that can be a great option if you want to find the links to the games quickly and directly.

The applications that are used for this purpose, can work in the same way. You just have to download the application from your mobile, then look for the links related to the games you want to see. Streaming is probably smoother than from mobile web browser.

download pirtlo tv apk

How to watch football for free online:

The 7 Best Alternatives to PirloTV

Next, we recommend a series of alternative apps to PirloTV so that you can watch television online from your Android device.

Soccer TV

Soccer TV

This website is a good alternative to PirloTV since it allows you not only to watch football matches, but also to watch other competitions and sports such as wrestling, car racing, cricket, rugby, tennis and hockey.

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Dream tv

TV Dream

It is also a free application to enjoy soccer and other sports. In addition, it offers content of music, cartoons, live events, news, films and documentaries at any time.

It allows you to create your own playlists and in turn share various personal channels with other users. You just have to download the app and then select the desired content, even those offered in HD quality.



It refers to a premiere place to enjoy events that are broadcast live and direct from the Android mobile. In addition, it allows the connection with other users at the time the meetings are held and thus be able to see them at the same time. In it you can create alarms that warn that the game you want to see will begin.



This app, although it is not for streaming matches, is recommended for those who are sports fans, since it is the number one app of this guild in the market. It is an application that provides fully updated results of live video, news and audio streaming through the ESPN networks.

Through it, you can receive alerts related to news and results of your favorite teams and leagues, not only football, but also all sports worldwide.

Direct red

Direct red

Undoubtedly this is one of the best known applications to watch games and other sports content. It allows you to follow all sports live and direct and not miss any update.

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Sport Live TV

Sport Live TV

This is another recommended application that is available on Google Play. It is a simple application to use and provides the option to see all the matches of the European football leagues, the Euro Cup games, the Champions League, as well as all the matches that take place in the United States.

With this page you can select various sports channels such as Bein Sports, Star Sports Cricket, BT Sports, Seda Deporte, FuboTV, MOtorSport, Fox Sports, TYC Sport, Deportes Max, Sky Sports, ESPN, PTV Deportes Crcket, Sony Seis, Eurosport, Sportmax, among others. Many of these channels can be viewed in HQ quality.



In this excellent application you can not only watch the games or various sports, it also serves to watch any type of television programming such as series and news, the best thing is that it allows you to make recordings of everything that is seen at the time.

It contains 300 channels broadcast live and more than 600 VOD, which means that it offers channels with content on demand, which users can watch whenever they want. It contains channels from the United States, Spain and all over Europe, the best of all is that it works with a 3G and 4G connection.

This app has a high definition mobile link Mobile High Definition Link, it is a system that allows you to display the content of a Smartphone on a large screen. The app can show through television series and streaming HD movies from the mobile on all types of monitor or large TV screen with the intention of finding a relaxed and calm experience.

That’s all for today! We hope that with these options you can live your passion for sport to the fullest.

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