On how many devices can I use Amazon Prime Video at the same time?

Have you ever asked yourself the question “Can you use Amazon Prime Video on several devices at the same time ”? Surely you want to save on the streaming TV service and you want to share the expense with family, friends or other people.

We are going to try to answer this question that thousands of users have who want to save money with an account from your streaming TV service. If you prefer Amazon Prime Video, keep reading.

First of all, you should know that this platform does not allow you to have several user profiles. This streaming TV service does not work in the same way as some of its competitors, for example, Netflix, so you should take into account some considerations before sharing your account with other people.

Can you share an account on this platform?

Probably you want to share your accounts of streaming services, satellite tv or wifi with your family or friends either to help them or to share the expenses among all and save some money while they enjoy their favorite contents.

The company Netflix stated that it has no problem allowing its customers to share their accounts with other people. To save money, this is why it leads the streaming TV service worldwide.

But other companies like this are not as receptive about it. This does not mean that you can not share your account with other people, nothing to do, because if it is possible that several devices are used at the same time to enjoy Amazon Prime Video.

Do you want to know how to watch this streaming TV on various devices? In Amazon Prime Video, when you share your account, the contents can be played on three different devices simultaneously, that is, you can watch series, movies, concerts, documentaries, etc. on those devices at the same time, without problems, simultaneously, that is, all three will play the same content at the same time, linking them to your account.

On how many devices can I open Amazon Prime Video?

On how many devices can I use Amazon Prime Video at the same time?

Like we have already said Netflix and Prime Video differ in that the first allows you to create different users, which represents a great advantage when you want to share your account, all you have to do is create your profile with your username, password and that’s it. Each one sees the content they want without mixing with what the other person is watching.

With Amazon Prime Video happens the opposite since it does not allow you to create different profiles. You can only access a single account with your username and password and that’s it. You just have to take into account that it will be complicated when you try to see the program that another user of the account is watching-

We recommend that you be very careful when sharing your Amazon Prime Video account since the other person can also order series or PPV movies with your user and only have to change the IP address of the device where they will receive the program.

Therefore, if you decide to share your Amazon Prime Video account, we recommend that you do so with a trusted person that you know is not going to play a trick on you.

Amazon Prime Video is very good and offers you a large amount of content that you won’t find in other streams.

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