Meaning of WhatsApp 2022 emojis


As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words«. That is why it is normal that whatsapp emoji come into our life does damage to stay. Many times they allow us to transmit things that we do not always know how to express. But with so many new additions, you might want to give it a spin and find out What do WhatsApp emoticons mean?

In this emoji dictionary We leave you some of the most used by categories and their meaning. And if you are one of those who uses this messaging app a lot, do not miss our guide on How to know if my WhatsApp is being spied on from another cell phone.

New emojis for iOS 2022

whatsapp emoji meaning

After the last update to iOS 15.4, iPhone users will have verified that new emojis are within their reach in WhatsApp. For example, a melting face, military salute, people on the verge of tears and even a pregnant man. We can also find new gestures and handshakes, a slide, a wheel, a float, an identity card, an X-ray, or a disco ball.

WhatsApp emojis by category

Here you have an extensive list with the meaning of WhatsApp emojis based on their category.

emoji of faces

  • 😀 🙂 😃 smiley faces: some of the most classic emojis that we can find on WhatsApp. If you need to express your comfort or that you are satisfied with something in a discreet way, they are the best.
  • 😄 😆 😁 Faces brimming with joy: these help us to transmit more intense emotions at a time when we are full of happiness inside.
  • 😅 Face with smile and drop of sweat: there are times when we are happy but there is something that bothers us or that is shocking. The droplet of sweat reflects that state of uncertainty or disbelief.
  • 😂 🤣 laughing faces: one of the most used WhatsApp emojis for when you need to share that you can’t help laughing or something makes you very funny.
  • 🥲 ☺️ 😊 More discreet smiley faces: ideal for when we talk to someone and we want to transmit a slight smile of pleasure accompanied by some shyness.
  • 😇 🙂 🙃 Caritas of kindness: Have you been good? These emojis convey pure peace and goodness, especially when we want to tell someone that we are happy.
  • 😉 winking face: it could be said that it is the version of “Ok” in the emoji version of WhatsApp.
  • 😌 relief face: although it conveys pleasure and relief as such, it can also be used to say that we settle for something if there is no other choice.
  • 😍 🥰 Smileys with hearts: for our crush or to tell someone that we love him madly.
  • 😘 😗 😙 😚 Faces with kisses: They usually accompany the previous WhatsApp emojis. It depends on the intensity you want to transmit, you can choose one or the other.
  • 😋 😛 😝 😜 🤪 Smileys with tongue out: when we have been a little naughty or have played a little joke, tongue faces are very funny and accepted by people with love and pleasure.
  • 🤨 🧐 🤔 Insecure faces: for those moments when we don’t quite believe something or want to know more about what’s going on.
  • 🤓 Face with glasses and teeth: This emoji can also be used in times when we have been somewhat mischievous but always with good intentions.
  • 😎 Face with sunglasses: Although it can be used to say that we are relaxing or on vacation, it is also used as a symbol of triumph over something or someone.
  • 🥸 Gentleman face with glasses and mustache: sure that talking with friends you remember that teacher at school who reminds you of this emoji. Although it could also be your father, your uncle or your grandfather.
  • 🤩 🥳 Celebration faces: to celebrate news in style or congratulate someone on their birthday.
  • 😏 naughty face: The meaning of WhatsApp emojis like this one depends on the conversation you are having, although it is normally used to convey satisfaction.
  • 😒 face of few friends: when something bothers you or you think they are lying to you.
  • 😞 😔 disappointed faces: they do not end up being sad faces as such, but they do send signs of disappointment in the face of something or someone.
  • 😟 😕 ☹️ puzzled faces: for those moments in which something doesn’t fit you and transmits chaos or upsets you a little.
  • 😣 😖 😫 😩 Faces of pain: either for when you feel bad or because some comment has hurt you.
  • 🥺 😢 Little faces about to cry: above all, these emojis mean that something is hurting us and we are about to cry.
  • 😭 crying face: a living tear, for when you are fatal and sunk and do not know how to express it.
  • 😤 😠 😡 🤬 angry faces: from a slight anger to those moments in which you would send someone to sh*t.
  • 🤯 😳 amazed faces: Did they just tell you something that has left you in awe? These WhatsApp emojis express everything without the need for words.
  • 🥵 red face with tongue out: it may be that you are tired or… for those hot moments with your partner or special friend.
  • 🥶 😶‍🌫️ Ice and cold faces: it doesn’t always have to be related to the weather. They may have told you something that has left you frozen.
  • 😱 😨 😰 scary faces: they could transmit amazement although they also serve for situations of fear.
  • 😥 😓 sad faces: pain, anguish or bitterness. These emojis reflect many sad emotions.
  • 🤗 Face giving a hug: for those moments when you want to give someone a loving hug through WhatsApp emojis.
  • 🤭 🤫 🤐 Faces to keep a secret: If you want to make it clear that no one should find out what you just said, these emojis are the best.
  • 🤥 Pinocchio face: liar! No one will sneak a lie to you with this emoji.
  • 😶 face without mouth: astonishment, fear or for when you are waiting for someone to explain what just happened.
  • 😐 😑 neutral faces: if you don’t care what that person is telling you or you don’t know what to say.
  • 😬 face making a face: could be used when we do not want to send a laugh to someone in case they feel bad, but we know that there is some prank that makes us laugh.
  • 🙄 face with rolled eyes: typical of adolescents trying to roll their eyes when they do not agree with any rule or directly go off topic.
  • 😯 😦 😧 😮 😲 😵 WTF smilies: what has happened? These emojis vary depending on the intensity you want to convey.
  • 🥱 😴 sleepy faces: If you want to go to sleep and stop talking to that person, send them these emojis to make it clear.
  • 🤤 drooling face: for when we are invited to dinner or a snack with our favorite sweet. Or by the time we get a risqué photo…
  • 😪 😮‍💨 tired faces: If something frustrates you or you are tired from a long day, these emojis convey that feeling that you have reached your limit.
  • 😵‍💫 face with spiral eyes: wild nights, Ibuprofen mornings. If you had a few too many drinks at the party, you will surely end up like this WhatsApp emoji.
  • 🥴 🤢 🤮 nauseated faces: in those moments in which they send you a disgusting photo or you want to transmit the disgust that something or someone gives you.
  • 🤧 😷 🤒 🤕 sick faces: between the emojis of WhastApp we can find different emoticons for when we feel bad.
  • 🤑 Face with a $ symbol: transmits fortune and happiness at the same time, as if you had won the lottery or you have been very lucky in something.
  • 😈 👿 devil faces: they are totally opposite. While the first conveys evil with a spicy touch, the second shows outright anger.

Hand emojis and gestures

  • 🤲 Palms together up: to ask for money or to show that we are praying.
  • 👐 open hands: ideal emoji to send a loving hug.
  • 🙌 Hands up: If something has gone as expected, this WhatsApp emoji is perfect to celebrate something.
  • 👏 clapping hands: Although many believe that they are praying hands, the truth is that they are clapping hands if we look at the details above.
  • 🤝 Handshake: It can be a simple greeting or for when you reach an agreement with someone.
  • 👍 👎 Thumbs up or down: depending on whether you want to convey approval or the opposite.
  • 👊 Closed fist: depending on who you send it to, it can mean the beginning of a fight or a friendly greeting.
  • fist up: symbol of social struggle or when we want to support someone.
  • 🤞 Fingers crossed: If someone is waiting for the results of an exam or a call from the last job interview, crossed fingers convey luck.
  • ✌️Victory sign: and by the time you get it, raise that hand with the V for victory!
  • 🤟 🤘 Gestures of I love you and Rock&Roll: while the first is for the most rockers, the second is a symbol that shows the affection you have for someone.
  • 👌Thumbs up: This WhatsApp emoji could be the OK made with the fingers perfectly.
  • 🤌 Hand with fingertips together: in the purest Italian style, it serves to convey pleasure and conformity with something.
  • 🤏 hand pinching: Although it could be a symbol of pinching, it also serves to say that something is too small for us.
  • 🖖 hand with spread fingers: the typical Star Trek Vulcan salute for the most fanatic.
  • 👋 hand waving: for when we want to say hello with WhatsApp emojis but without using one of the previous faces.
  • 🤙 call me sign: It could be a symbol of requesting a call, although we can also use it in the Ronaldinho style to transmit a sign of friendship.
  • 💪 🦾 Biceps flexed: show of force or that something has gone well. Also available in inclusive version.
  • 🖕middle finger raised: in some cultures it means “I love you”, but we all know that it is usually used to send someone to take wind.
  • 🙏 Preaching hands: this WhatsApp emoji does mean that someone is praying or that you ask God that everything goes well.

people emoji

In addition to knowing the whatsapp emoji meaning of people, remember that if you hold down any of them you can change the color of the skin and in some cases the hair.

  • 🧕 woman with hijab: from the latest additions to WhatsApp emojis, showing a Muslim woman with Hijab.
  • 👰‍♂️ veiled man: also of the latest WhatsApp bets to be more inclusive with society, showing a man with a veil at his wedding.
  • 👩‍🍼 👨‍🍼 Woman and man feeding baby: Because giving the bottle doesn’t have to be just a thing for mothers, right?
  • 🙇‍♂️ 🙇‍♀️ 🙇 people praying: for men, women or children that symbolize those intimate moments in contact with God.
  • 💁‍♀️ 💁 💁‍♂️ Person attending information desk: for those of you who work in customer service or because you want to symbolize that you feel like a receptionist in some cases.
  • 🙅‍♀️ 🙅 🙅‍♂️ People making the “NO” gesture: emojis that convey that you are NOT willing to go through that in ANY WAY.
  • 🙆‍♀️ 🙆 🙆‍♂️ People gesturing “okay”: let’s say it’s similar to 👌🏼 although using our whole body.
  • 🙋‍♀️ 🙋 🙋‍♂️ people waving: if in addition to greeting emojis you want to specify more, you can send these of people sending a greeting.
  • 🧏‍♀️ 🧏 🧏‍♂️ Deaf people: These WhatsApp emojis have also been included in the latest updates to include deaf people among them.
  • 🤦‍♀️ 🤦 🤦‍♂️ People putting their hands to their heads: for those moments in which you cannot believe what they are telling you and you want to transmit confusion.
  • 🤷‍♀️ 🤷 🤷‍♂️ People Shrugging: when in doubt, nothing better than these emojis.
  • 👩‍❤️‍👨 👩‍❤️‍👩 💑 👨‍❤️‍👨 Couples in love: As you can see, both heterosexual and homosexual couples are included.
  • 👨‍👩‍👦 👨‍👩‍👧 👩‍👩‍👦 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 👨‍👨‍👦 👩‍👦 👨‍👧Different types of family: the same goes for family WhatsApp emojis, recognizing the different types there are. There are even more than we show in this list.

Other WhatsApp emojis

  • 👀 Eyes: to make it clear that you are paying attention to something or that you are looking forward to what they have to tell you.
  • 💩 WhatsApp poop: the most prominent and popular emoji of all. It can mean that something seems rubbish to you or to convey love with affection.
  • 👅 Tongue out: means that you liked something a lot or that you are starting a spicy conversation.
  • 🔥 Fire: if you accompany the previous one with this emoji, you are undoubtedly talking to someone who turns you on inside.
  • 🌪 Twister: beyond a meteorological phenomenon, the tornado can mean that something is in chaos.
  • 🌈 Rainbow: It may well mean positivism towards something or a representation of the LGBTIQ+ collective.
  • 🍆 Eggplant: It may seem like a simple vegetable, although in many cases, like the banana, it can be eaten as something spicy.
  • 🥗 Salad: before this emoji had an egg, but in order to represent the vegan society, WhatsApp decided to leave it in 100% vegetable format.
  • 🧊 Ice: for someone who is cold and distant towards you, or to remind your friends to buy ice before going to the party.
  • 💈 barber pole: has its origin in the Middle Ages, when the barbers performed surgical operations to its customers as well as tooth extractions. Red symbolizes blood.
  • 🧮 Abacus: calculation instrument created 5,000 years ago BC that is used to carry out simple arithmetic operations
  • 🏳️ 🏴 black and white flag: it can well symbolize the truce in a fight or just the opposite, a symbol of danger.
  • 🚩 Red flag: the red flag is lately used as a symbol that someone is toxic and can cause you emotional damage.
  • 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ LGBTIQ+ flags: Among the WhatsApp emojis we can find both the group’s own flag and the specific flag of transgender people.
  • 🏳‍⬛️‍🟧 refugee flag: This flag was created at the Olympic Games in 1026 to represent the first refugee to participate in they.
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