How to use IPTV Extreme


IPTV Extreme is one of the best options available today to view audiovisual content through IPTV technology. The number of people who have downloaded this application in recent years has been increasing progressively; and one of the main reasons is because its download is completely free. Therefore, this guide explains how to use IPTV Extreme, with the aim of helping this large number of users in the download, installation and activation processes of the application.

IPTV Extreme for Windows

To be able to install IPTV Extreme on a Windows computer, it is necessary to rely on the use of an Android emulator software, among which some of the most popular and accepted are Bluestacks and Nox Player; To carry out this installation, follow the steps indicated below:

  • The first step should be to download and install the emulator of your choice from its official website,
  • Once the emulator has been downloaded and installed on your computer, you can open it and access the Play Store and search there for the application by its IPTV Extreme name.
  • When you find it, you just have to click on the option Install and then in that of To open.

  • After installing the apk, a menu will be displayed in the upper right area of ​​the home screen.
  • When you press on this menu, a series of options will be displayed, one of which will appear with the name Lists.

How to use IPTV Extreme

  • Next, you must click on the option Add lists.
  • Once this option is chosen, there are three ways to add lists and you must select the one that indicates File or link to the list.

How to use IPTV Extreme

  • Now, what you have to do is indicate any name and paste the link of the list that you have available.

With this, you can now enjoy all the channels of the IPTV list in the IPTV Extreme app on a Windows computer.

IPTV Extreme for Android

IPTV Extreme is an application that was developed for devices with Android system, including smartphones, Tablet or Android Box. Therefore, no inconvenience should arise for the installation of IPTV Extreme on an Android device.

The steps that must be followed to achieve its installation are those indicated below.

  • To download IPTV Extreme you have to go to the application store (Play Store), and locate the name IPTV Extreme in it.
  • When the application symbol is displayed, we will only have to click on the option Install and then in that of To open.

How to use IPTV Extreme

  • Once the application has been opened, click on the menu at the top right.
  • In the list of options that is displayed, you must select the option Playlist.
  • Next, you have to click on the button for adding a list.
  • Afterwards, the two sections that are presented are completed, placing in them a name and the link of a playlist.

Now, all channels in the playlist can be viewed by using IPTV Extreme.

IPTV Extreme for Samsung

The process to enjoy the service IPTV Extreme on a Samsung TV Smart TV, consists of executing the following steps:

  • The first thing to do is download the application for Samsung TVs. The format in which it is downloaded is apk.
  • The download is carried out from a computer and then the file is transferred to the Smart TV using a pendrive (USB).
  • Next, you have to connect the USB to the TV.
  • Then the app is located inside the pendrive for its installation.
  • Once the application has been installed, a drop-down menu will be visible on its home screen.
  • Press on this menu and then on the option of Add lists.

With this last step, it will now be possible to enjoy the application.

IPTV Extreme for LG

Install IPTV Extreme on an LG TV It is a very simple procedure, and the steps to follow are listed below:

  • In order to download the app, you just have to go to the application store and look for it there, to download in the conventional way.
  • When the link of this apk for LG TVs, you must click on the option Install and then in To open.
  • When the application has downloaded it should be started.
  • Once inside the home screen, the icon of the three lines will appear, this is the menu and must be pressed.
  • At that moment a list of options will be presented, you have to scroll to the one that says Ready.
  • When the playlist has been added, it will be possible to view all its channels through IPTV Extreme,

Install IPTV Extreme on Amazon Fire TV Stick and TV Box

If you do not have a television with Android TV system or for some reason the application is not installed, there are other options to be able to use IPTV Extreme on a Smart TV.

Currently there are some TV Boxes that already have the IPTV Extreme apk installed, so you only have to buy one of them and connect it to your television. The Amazon Fire TV Stick also works with IPTV Extreme, so it can be used to install IPTV Extreme with a Smart TV, following the procedure indicated below:

  • The first step is to proceed with the activation of the security permission called Allow apps from unknown sources in the device settings. This allows the installation of unofficial applications such as IPTV Extreme.
  • Then, it is necessary to download IPTV Extreme with the use of the Downloader or EsFile Explorer application.
  • Once the download is done, the installation proceeds and thus it is possible to have Extreme IPTV on a Smart tv with the help of a TV Box or the Amazon Fire Stick.

Connect IPTV Extreme using Chromecast

Another way to use IPTV Extreme apk with a Smart TV is by using a Chromecast for which you must follow these steps:

  • The first thing is to connect with an Android smartphone and install the application on it.
  • Then, you have to make sure that the TV, the Chromecast and the cell phone are connected to the same network.
  • Then, it would only be necessary to choose the content that you want to view in the mobile app and send it to the TV.

How to enter channel lists in IPTV Extreme

The procedure required to enter or add channel lists in IPTV Extreme It consists of the steps that are described in detail below:

  • The first thing is to open the application and take note of the Mac address.
  • Go to the IPTV Extreme website.
  • Then, go to the section of Add playlists for IPTV Extreme and IPTV Extreme Pro.
  • In the section called MAC the Mac address of the device is pasted.

How to use IPTV Extreme

  • Now, you must put a name to the list in Name of the playlist.
  • The link for the selected list is then pasted.
  • Then you click on the options I am not a robot and then in Save. When you do this, a confirmation message is displayed.
  • Finally, you have to return to the device, close and reopen the application.
  • After that, the list will load automatically and you will be able to see all the channels it contains.

What to do when IPTV Extreme is not working

There are different causes that can cause this failure, therefore the following checks should be carried out in order to detect the exact reason for the problem:

  • This may be due to a temporary problem, for this, you can close and open the application in order to see if it solves the problem.
  • In case you are using a mobile data connection, proceed to disable and enable again.
  • If the connection being used is Wi-Fi, it must be switched off and on again to check if there is a problem with this connection.
  • Then, you must restart the Android or iPhone device and try to open the application to verify its operation.
  • If it still does not work, it can be consulted within the official page of the application in the Google Play store for Android or on the page of the iTunes application for iPhone to see other possible problems.

Alternatives to IPTV Extreme

Some of the applications currently available that can be used as alternatives to IPTV Extreme are briefly described below.

VLC Media Player

Currently VLC Media Player is one of the best and most popular IPTV applications for Windows that can be installed on a computer. It is a free and open source media player. In VLC you can play any time of content and it is not necessary to install codecs. In addition to playing local content from a computer, VLC Media Player It allows the reproduction of Internet videos by means of the IPTV protocol.


5KPlayer is a multimedia player, with which 4K UHD, H.265 / H.264, 3D, MP4, MKV, 360 ° videos, DVD discs, and music can be played both via streaming and in MP3, AAC, FLAC and others. The application takes advantage of the acceleration of the GPU in the computer to increase the efficiency of the video decoding process in order to be able to support resolutions of 4K and up to 8K, keeping the CPU consumption at its minimum values.


Kodi is another of the IPTV applications for Windows that can be considered as a complete alternative and that can be customized. It can be downloaded for free and is an open source application that allows the playback of IPTV content, although its interface is not very intuitive.

Kodi In addition to playing the local content you have, it also allows the installation of add-ons to view video on demand or live television. And, it can be used to play IPTV content only by pasting the desired link on the player.

I look

I look It is one of the most recommended options, since it is one of the best multiplatform IPTV players. It has versions for Ubuntu, Linux, Windows or MacOSX so it does not present compatibility problems. Its download is totally free and can be done from its official website.

It is a very simple to use open source multimedia player, it is only downloaded by choosing the operating system and then it is installed. Once installed, you have to go to the top menu and select Add source to add the URL that interests you. It has compatibility, both with online content, but also with the local media that we have on the computer.


SimpleTV is a good IPTV application that allows you to play any channel of this type. The application has the possibility to make adjustments to the brightness, contrast or volume for each channel. It also has PiP support or the ability to record live broadcasts or schedule them with a schedule.

In addition, it allows the possibility of playing several contents simultaneously, as well as download other users’ playlists or you can also create your own quickly and easily.

MyIPTV Player

MyIPTV Player It is a very interesting option that plays all kinds of IPTV channels, and has a very practical search engine. In it you can paste any video link in order to reproduce the IPTV channels. It must be taken into account that MiIPTV does not have any direct IPTV service, so it must be added.

ProgDVB / ProgTV

This is one of the best applications to watch IPTV in Windows if you want to have functions such as recording television, or have PiP support. In it, the content can be viewed in high definition and can be downloaded for free from its website.

This application has a ten-band equalizer, mosaic channel preview, PiP support, teletext, recording TV or radio channels, and compatibility with most devices.


This is a good option that allows you to load your own IPTV lists and play the content on your computer. It is a fairly basic and practical application that can be downloaded for free, although with a payment you can watch videos in full screen or eliminate ads completely.

IPTV Smarters Pro

Currently, this is one of the best applications to use IPTV, you will only need to download it through the use of available Android emulator programs. Allows the playback of any list or URL. The only negative is that the installation process is more complex than others on this list.


GSE Smart IPTV It is one of the best IPTV applications for Windows, but it is necessary to use an Android simulator on the computer to be able to install it and be used in order to reproduce the content of live TV channels.

Free TV Player

With the use of Free TV Player You can transmit all TV channels in streaming, movies, Internet radio or any type of video content. Free TV Player It is one of the best IPTV applications for Windows and it is available in the Microsoft Store. The application can be downloaded on any device that has compatibility.

Frequent questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions by IPTV Extreme users include the following:

What does IPTV technology mean and what does it consist of?

IPTV is the acronym that corresponds to Internet Protocol Television. It is a technology that is used in order to distribute video signals through broadband connections over the IP protocol.

What are IPTV lists and what are they for?

These are lists include both the IP addresses and the data necessary to connect to the IPTV broadcasts. Most of the cases are lists that contain hundreds or thousands of channels that any user can access and are one of the main reasons why IPTV technology is so popular today.

Can I get channel lists through the official IPTV Extreme website?

No, the application development team has been clear in indicating that it neither has, nor shares or sells the channel lists. If you are interested in a list, it should be found in a forum about IPTV.

How many channel lists can be added to IPTV Extreme?

In IPTV Extreme there are no limitations on the number of channels that can be added. It is possible to create all the lists that are considered necessary, however, the fact that a channel is seen depends on how up-to-date the list is or the link of the channel that is being used.

What to do if you don’t want to see the advertisements?

Although one of the advantages of the IPTV Extreme application is that it is totally free, for those users who find the advertisements that are presented annoying, they have the option of paying a price of 1.19 euros, in order to to be able to enjoy IPTV television without any type of advertising.


It can be seen that the procedures for downloading, installing and activating IPTV Extreme are really very simple. After having installed the application, it is only necessary to add the lists of preferred channels to start enjoying all its content; which is also done very easily, following a few simple steps.

Although IPTV Extreme is an application created for mobile devices with Android, there is also the option of having the content displayed on a larger screen. It can be on the TV with TV Box, Amazon Fire or Chromecast, or using cables. But, in addition, IPTV Extreme can be installed on a computer by using an Android emulator program.

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