How to use a kindle without an Amazon account

The Amazon Kindle tablet is one of the devices mtos used by readers thanks to the fact that it allows you to store, buy and read electronic books, newspapers, magazines and other products offered by Amazon can also be accessed through this device.

It is one of the most purchased devices thanks to the fact that allows you to carry a large number of books with you electronic without taking up physical space and you can also enjoy classical literature books for free.

Despite its great versatility, many users want use your kindle as i willíeven with any tablet with Android system, for this it is necessary to unlink the tablet from the Amazon account. Once this procedure has been carried out, the user will be able to install the Google Play Store and in this way use his tablet as he would with any other.

It is also possible to use your Amazon Kindle from the beginning without the need to register an Amazon accountHere are the different alternatives you have if you want to use your kindle without an Amazon account:

Start Kindle without an Amazon account

Many recent versions of the Amazon Kindle they need connectionorna Wifi when first used for user registration. You can press the X in the Wi-Fi settings to configure later so you don’t need to use your Amazon account.

Unlink your Amazon account

To use kindle without an Amazon account you must cancel Amazon account registration on the device. It is important to note that once this registration is canceled, Amazon applications cannot be installed and applications that are pre-installed on the device cannot be reinstalled.

For unsubscribe from Amazon the following steps must be performed:

  • From the Menu go to configurationorn of your device Kindle and click on My Account.
  • In My Account, press the option Cancel registration.

How to use a kindle without an Amazon account

  • Then a confirmation windoworn, in which you will confirm the cancellation and finally your account will be unlinked from the device.

How to use a kindle without an Amazon account

It is important to highlight that the device utility not beto the same once you do this procedure. You will not be able to buy books or magazines on Amazon and their native applications cannot be reinstalled.

This procedure also can be done from a computer, through the user account on the Amazon website:

  • In the user options click on Manage my content and devices.

How to use a kindle without an Amazon account

  • There they will find all devices and apps from Amazon that have been associated with your account. Then select the one you want to unlink, in this case the Kindle.
  • Once selected, click Unregister to finish.

How to use a kindle without an Amazon account

Your account will be unlinked instantly and maytos start using the applications available for Android on your device.

This procedure for unlinking your Amazon account on the Kindle device can be done on both the basic Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite, a newer version of the device that is waterproof and has a 4G connection.

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