How to upload a long video to WhatsApp status in 2021

Do you want to upload a long video to WhatsApp status? WhatsApp is a real-time messaging application that can be downloaded for free in the store of your device. WhatsApp uses the Internet to send messages, images, audio or video.

The service is very similar to text messaging services, however, because WhatsApp uses the internet to send messages, the cost of using WhatsApp is significantly less than text messages. You can also use desktop WhatsApp, just go to WhatsApp website and download it on Mac or Windows.

It is popular with teens due to features like group chat, voice messages, and location sharing.

How to upload a long video to WhatsApp status

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has set a time limit for videos you place in WhatsApp status to avoid slowing down the internet during coronavirus lockdown.

WhatsApp statuses are videos that you can share with all your contacts and it is automatically deleted after 24 hours. This is the best feature that allows you to broadcast some update about yourself to all your contacts so that you don’t have to do it per contact.

Break it up into 30-second parts

The simplest way is to divide the long video that we want to upload to the WhatsApp status into fractions of 30 seconds, which is what the application itself allows. In this way we will have to manually select the parts to be able to upload it as a whole.

Once you have selected the video you want to publish in your status, upload it and you will see that WhatsApp cuts it at 30 ″. Now you will have to select the video again and, in the time frame, select the next 30 ″, that is, from 0’30 ”to 1’00”.

With this form, if the video lasts 2 minutes you will have to upload 4 fragmented parts.

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Applications to upload a long video to WhatsApp status

WhatsApp has reduced the length of the video that you can put in your status. In addition to reducing internet usage, Facebook has also done this so that people don’t share wrong information about COVID 19 and create some kind of panic.

Now, it is a bit difficult to share long videos via WhatsApp status after this duration limit. But we’ve got you covered if you want to share a long video about your status. Here’s how you can do it through some apps.



This application trims videos and cuts them into small parts so you can set those cuts in WhatsApp status one by one to share the full video. These are the steps to follow to use this application so that you can share complete videos on WhatsApp status.

  • Launch the WhatsCut application and click on “Video Splitter for Whatsapp Status”.
  • Select the video you want to share.
  • Choose the length of the video in this step and tap on “Trim and share on WhatsApp”.
  • The application will divide the videos into parts and share them as multiple WhatsApp statuses.



It is another very useful application that you can use to upload a long video to WhatsApp status. On this occasion, with SplitVideo you will be able to trim and compress the long video so that it fits in terms of duration and quality.

Once you have it downloaded from Google Play, import the video in question and set the start and end duration times. When you have it ready, just hit Split and you will have the video ready to upload it to your state.

Video Splitter

Video Splitter

Another free alternative is Video Splitter. It allows you to post long video statuses on WhatsApp, no matter how long it is.

Video Splitter Features:

  • Automatically splits 30 second clips.
  • Custom split video according to your wish.
  • Cut any clip from a long video.

Whether you record a long video from the camera or import a long video from the gallery, the video splitter for WhatsApp automatically splits the long video into series of 30-second short clips and allows you to post directly to the status.

You don’t need to use different apps to trim videos and upload them. Video splitter for whatsapp is all in one solution for cropping and posting long videos. You can customize the split video according to the length of time you want or select the start and end time to cut the clip from a long video.

Advantages of using WhatsApp

Upload a long video to a WhatsApp status

  • Send a message instantly to anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to use, even a novice mobile user can use it.
  • Voice call support.
  • Video calls available.
  • Send to anyone document files up to 100 Mb, such as PDF, slideshows, etc.
  • It has no ads on the display screen.
  • WhatsApp calls made it more reliable.
  • It also has the functions to delete the message that you have sent him (so that he cannot read what you have sent him) in a period of 1 hour.
  • Import your phone contacts and it tells you how many of your friends are using WhatsApp.
  • You can share its location, photos, status, images, documents, videos with your friends.

also can share Live Location for 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours. It also works without a SIM card, only if your account (mobile phone number) is already registered and you don’t need to spend money to chat and share with your friends (except internet charges).

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