How to sync emails, contacts and Outlook calendar on Android

Synchronize emails, contacts and the calendar of Hotmail or Outlook It is an important action to keep your Android device up to date. With this active configuration you will be able to have access to the agendas, events and telephone numbers at your disposal wherever you go.

However, there are many users who have reported not knowing the strategies to configure these three functions in Android. You should not worry in this guide we will tell you step by step how to synchronize emails, contacts and calendar in Hotmail.

Is it a new Microsoft feature?

Google has allowed synchronization of contacts, emails and calendars from the beginning, instead, Microsoft has recently given importance to synchronizing data with mobile devices.

Although this is not a truly “new” configuration, Microsoft enabled Exchange ActiveSync support in email accounts. But, what is this function for: with this you can synchronize emails, contacts and even the calendar.

This function is compatible with EAS 2010 WebDav, so you can link them with your devices and mail clients.

How to Synchronize Hotmail contacts, emails and calendar with Android

Google performs these functions automatically, on the other hand, Hotmail must access the settings to Synchronize emails, contacts and the calendar. But this does not mean that it is more complex, it is still a simple process.

With EAS integration you can keep an eye on your Outlook account, contacts and calendar push notifications. To the sync outlook on android You just have to access the settings and click on the corresponding options.

Synchronize an Outlook account on Android

For this first method, you must enter the settings of the cell phone or Android mobile device and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to system settings
  2. Access accounts and then “manage accounts”
  3. You will be shown a list with the accounts that your mobile has, explore until you find “Add account”
  4. Select the Outlook platform
  5. Enter your account and password
  6. Click on the “automatically sync data” button

In this way, the data especially the emails of your Outlook account will be present in your Android mobile.

How to set up an Outlook account on Android

Synchronize your Outlook contacts on Android

There are many alternatives to export or sync contacts on Android, but in this guide we offer you a very practical, easy and fast method:

  1. Enter the settings of your Android mobile
  2. Select “Applications”
  3. Explore until you find “Outlook” and click on it
  4. In the application information menu, click on “Permissions”
  5. You will be exposed to a series of contacts, click on “Contacts”
  6. And allows access to them so they can be synchronized

with these steps you can have your Outlook contacts in your mobile informationsimilar to Gmail.

How to sync Outlook contacts and calendar on Android

Synchronize Outlook calendar with Android

To achieve Outlook calendar synchronization on Android you must enter the mail client application and perform the following configuration:

  1. Enter Outlook and click on the calendar icon at the bottom
  2. It takes you to the calendar screen and touches the menu at the top
  3. Click on the add calendar icon in the upper left area
  4. Clicking there will allow you to “add account” with your personal email account associated with the Outlook account
  5. Depending on the account you are going to start with (Gmail or iCloud) you must follow a series of steps and accept the Outlook permissions.
  6. Confirm the data to log in
  7. Once the data is loaded you can enable the calendar in Android

This way, you can synchronize your data: emails, contacts and calendars on your device and manage your agendas or emails wherever you want to go. We hope that the tutorial helps you to optimize your mobile device and email client.