How to see my orders pending receipt in Amazon purchases

many times when we buy on amazon we forget the quantity of products that we must receive. For this reason, from this platform we can view pending articles.

One of the great advantages is that Amazon ships very fast so the wait for the products to arrive at our home is not usually that long, but sometimes we are a little impatient because we have to do other things during the day. For this reason, Amazon makes it possible for you to track of your packages from your application.

View pending orders in Amazon shopping

In the event that you want to know how your orders are going in Amazon purchases, the first thing you must do is log into the application with the account that you made the order. Being inside your profile, you must click on the option of the icon that has the shape of a person that is at the top.

Pressing this option displays a new screen in which you have all the necessary information about your profile. Here you just have to click on the My Orders option, and you will have access to all the products you have previously purchased. By clicking on one of the orders you have access to all the information about it and even the follow-up quickly.

Steps to locate the order on Amazon

On some occasions, when clicking on the product information, it may display a route map and the exact point where it is located appears. Well, this is the only way to know. exact location of the orderusually this appears on some products.

In the case that a amazon product does not reflect the location map in the application means that it is not available. You should keep in mind that this is not an error in the app, it’s just that Amazon reveals the location of certain products.

Also, when this Amazon location map is displayed, you will be able to see the product from the warehouse of origin and if it is in the local delivery company or if it is ready for delivery. To achieve this, remember that you must enter the My Orders option and locate the My Package Locator tab.

It is important to mention that Amazon This option is available for all accounts that make purchases on the page or directly from the application.

When will the Amazon product arrive?

It would be a very efficient method and one that many users would use to find out what time the product ordered by amazon. This would give greater peace of mind and comfort to all people, because they would know the time exactly.

Nevertheless, Amazon does not provide this information for any type of client. However, when placing the order you can choose what time you want to receive it, it can be in the morning or in the afternoon, but this will not give you the time it will arrive. Many times the delivery person can be late or can be ahead of the hour.

One of the things you should know is that there are many Amazon delivery guys who call the customer before making the shipment, all this to ensure that they are at home and that they can make the delivery. However, this is not an alternative that always happens because it is not required.

Amazon It is characterized by having responsible workers who make deliveries on time and with all possible respect.

Tracking an order placed on Amazon

In case you want to make the tracking your Amazon order, you should not do anything that we have not told you before. What you are going to do is log in, locate the My Orders option and finally go to Package Locator.

Many pages on the Internet offer you the tracking your Amazon package, you only need to know the tracking number so that you can enter it on this page. But as we mentioned before, it is not necessary because Amazon allows this option from its official platform, so you should not resort to third parties to do it.

Prevent others from entering your Amazon account purchases

One of the things you should know is that despite being a shopping app you must be careful and more with an application like Amazon. One of the things as a first strategy is that you have to add a password that is not easy to guess.

However, you must also use the two-step verification to strengthen the security of the password you set. By activating this verification, you have the possibility of receiving notifications when some people want to enter your profile irregularly or when you enter from a location that is not recognized by the system.

To activate two-step verification you must enter your profile:

  • Locate the icon of a doll that is in the upper part above.
  • You will select the My Account option.
  • Then click on Login and Security.
  • At the same time we will give the Activate option in the Two-Step Verification selection.

This will allow each time log in to amazon from any unknown device you will receive an SMS or an e-mail that will indicate this action. However, when you enter the wrong password more than twice, you will also receive this notification.

It is important that the cell phone number or personal email address is registered in the profile, so that you can receive this notification. Amazon does not charge any commission for having this function active in your profile, so you can rest easy when activating it.

Sign out of the Amazon app

Many users have doubts about how log out of amazon from the application or if they closed it correctly. This application is characterized for being one of the cleanest and for having a very fresh and fast style.

For log out of amazon You just have to select the three points that appear at the top of the top and this will display a menu with several options. You are going to give it until the end or when you find the Settings part in which a flag will also appear indicating the version you are using at that moment.

By pressing this section we will give the Exit option so that it reflects a small box with a notification to indicate if you really want to exit and you are going to confirm the request. This message always appears because it is a mechanism to ensure that you are not logging out by accident.

It is important to mention that these instructions only serve to close your session Amazon from the app. So if you have your account open on other mobiles or from your computer, these will not be closed. So to log out from the web you must follow other steps.

Log out of Amazon web from mobile

In the event that you also have an open session of amazon on the web and you want to close it, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • The first thing you should do is access the browser from where you open your Amazon account (it doesn’t matter if this is Google, Chrome or any other available browser).
  • What you have to do is click on the icon with a human body, which is located in the upper right part and is accompanied by the user’s name.
  • Selecting this icon will display which you must give it to the end, until you find the option to Exit.

In the case of log out of amazon from the web this doesn’t show the confirmation message, so you don’t have to do it. It is important that once you have made your purchase, you close your Amazon session to prevent other people from ordering products for you.

amazon website It has a clean design that allows users to find all the functions easily and without much fuss, all with the aim of offering an intuitive platform.


The amazon online store It has gained a large territory around the world, because it allows users to get any type of electrical products and appliances at a good price. They also offer products at cheaper prices.

In this sense, the platform Amazon allows users to have a location and tracking of orders, so that they have an idea of ​​when you can get home. Remember that this function is only available for some products and that any user can use it.

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