How to recover a hacked WhatsApp account

Nowadays, WhatsApp is the most used messaging application by most mobile users. But, this global popularity has certain drawbacks, and a very important one is that it has become a clear target for those people who are dedicated to hacking accounts in order to access other people’s conversations or send spam.

For all this, it is extremely important that you learn how to recover a hacked whatsapp account. There are various methods that depend on how the attackers have managed to take control of your account on this messaging service.

How to recover a hacked WhatsApp account

Although WhatsApp has various security measures in place to prevent your account from being hacked, there is always the possibility of this happening. The account can be stolen by getting you to send your verification code, through WhatsApp Web or when your mobile has been stolen or lost, without having protection. Next, the processes that you must follow to recover a hacked whatsapp account.

If the WhatsApp account was hacked using the verification code

To activate WhatsApp for the first time on a mobile, it is necessary to enter your phone number and you will receive an SMS message with a code that you must enter. Without this code it will be impossible for you to activate the account. For this reason, it is of great importance that you do not share it with anyone else.

People who hack WhatsApp accounts apply a social engineering method to get the verification code from their victim. They can send you a message that your WhatsApp account has been hacked (or any other news) and They ask you to send them the verification code that you will receive by SMS. If you provide it, the hacker will be able to activate the account on another device and you will be left out of the messaging app because WhatsApp can only be used on one mobile at a time.

In this type of account theft, it is very important to act quickly, since if a person pretends to be you in front of your contacts, they could obtain private personal data and result in a more serious event.

To recover a hacked whatsapp account In this way, you have to follow the steps indicated below:

  • The first thing is to inform your contacts by phone or another way so that they know that the person who has control of your WhatsApp is impersonating your identity, thus preventing them from sharing any information with the hacker.
  • Subsequently, you must register your WhatsApp account again through your phone number.
  • Next, you have to write the six-digit code that you will receive by SMS. When many attempts are made, it is possible that the SMS will be received within a few hours. If this is your case, try to make a call. Upon proceeding to log in, the hacker’s session will be immediately logged out.
  • If you’re also asked for an additional six-digit code, the hacker may have activated two-step verification. In this case, the option that WhatsApp gives you is to wait seven days to be able to use the account again. A positive aspect is that, by carrying out the previous step, the other person’s session will be closed, so they will not be able to use your account during this period of time either.

To prevent your WhatsApp account from being hacked With this method, the solution is not to share the verification code with anyone and to be very attentive if you receive a message asking for the six digits. In addition, it is recommended that you activate two-step verification to prevent someone else from accessing your account without having the second code. You must be careful, because if you forget the code your account could be blocked for seven days.

If the WhatsApp account was hacked through a computer or WhatsApp Web

Another way for someone to have access to your WhatsApp chats It is by entering your account through WhatsApp Web, or from a desktop program such as Windows. In the case of WhatsApp Web or the app for computers, generally the person who hacks is someone who has access to your mobile, since a QR code must be scanned to log in. This action is now more difficult, since access is protected by fingerprint or facial recognition, but if the person knows the unlock code, it is not impossible to access.

Previously, it was possible to detect if another person used your WhatsApp Web quickly, because it presented you with a notification indicating that there was an active account at that moment. Currently, the notification may not be visible, but you can always go to the section where you will see the paired devices.

In case you are suspecting that someone is using your account from WhatsApp Web or another device, go to the Linked Devices section to review where your account is logged in. To do this, it is necessary to execute the following steps:

  • Enter WhatsApp and, in the menu in the upper right corner, select the option Devices with open sessions.
  • Then, you must press on a session, you will be able to see the date of the last access and the button you need to press.
  • Finally, click on said button with the name Close session in order to remove whoever is spying on you from accessing your account.

If the WhatsApp account has been hacked after the theft of the mobile

If you lose access to your mobile phone due to theft or loss, there are several ways to prevent strangers from accessing your chats. If you had the screen lock function activated by means of a fingerprint or a code, you should get rid of this situation.

Anyway, for recover a hacked whatsapp account Thus, you have to execute the steps that are indicated below:

  • The first step is to block the SIM card by calling your operator. With this you will not be able to close the active WhatsApp session, but it will prevent them from being able to verify the account again, since they will not be able to receive the SMS message.
  • In order to guarantee that no one can access your chats you have to deactivate the account. To do this you must send an email to [email protected] placing the phrase: Stolen/lost phone: Please deactivate my account and attaching your mobile phone number with the international prefix included.
  • In order to activate your account again, you need to request a duplicate SIM from your operator and verify your account again on a new mobile. It is important to note that if 30 days pass after the account is deactivated, it will be permanently deleted.

How to know if your WhatsApp account has been hacked

To Find out if your WhatsApp account has been hacked You should watch out for certain signs. The following describes a series of those that are most likely to allow access to your account in the messaging application.

You receive a message with a verification code

If you receive an SMS with a verification code (or requesting it) and you have not uninstalled and reinstalled WhatsApp, it is generally because someone is trying to access your account on your mobile without your authorization.

In no case should you provide the WhatsApp verification code to anyone or enter it in any application that requests it. In this way, you are giving access to all your data, your chats, and others. Therefore, you have to always be careful with the verification message. The recommendation is make use of a two-step verification method.

You see messages that you have not sent

if you see in individual or group chats messages that you have not sent, you have to start to have suspicions, since it is very likely that someone has entered your mobile or has sent a message without your consent and taking your identity. It would be logical for you to remember the messages that you have actually sent in group or individual conversations.

When you notice something out of the ordinary, take action and precautions. Even more if you notice that from your account insults are made to your contacts, or you try to get certain information from other people. If you use the web version, you must be very be careful, since, if you do not close the session properly, anyone who has access to your computer will be able to access your conversations easily.

You appreciate changes in your profile data

If you see changes in your profile picture, in the WhatsApp status phrase or in the name that you have given and you have not made these changes, it may be that someone is trying to steal your account. Therefore, this is an aspect that should never be neglected.

You should pay attention if you have new stickers or if they have suddenly created an avatar different from yours. The latest WhatsApp updates include a customizable Meta avatar. So it cannot be ruled out that they have created or modified it.

If you appear that you are online

If other users tell you that you were online at a certain time when you’re sure you weren’t, start to suspect that someone may be using your whatsapp account. This happens when someone enters your WhatsApp and reads your conversations. If you can access another mobile and someone notifies you, you can check it from this other number.

Another option is that they have disabled the function of seeing your activity online. Recent updates to the app allow you to remove the display of being online for yourself and others. If you have entered through another mobile and you do not appear connected, it is possible that another person has modified that option for you.

When you receive notifications

if someone tries access your WhatsApp from WhatsApp Web or from a spy app, the app will probably notify you of the situation if you have notifications turned on. Check that they are all activated and if you receive a notification when it was not you, it is possible that someone else is using it.

For added security, go to the Notifications section in your phone’s Settings and turn them all on. If you notice something strange, such as notifications for a specific chat turned off, you may suspect that the hacker is the hacker or someone who does not want you to see messages from this person.

If your mobile works slower than usual

If your mobile works slower than normal, runs out of battery sooner or consumes more data, it may someone is spying on you somehow. To check this, if you notice that you have unknown apps, you should remove them. The general process to do so requires going to Settings, Applications, Manage Applications and clicking Uninstall. If you don’t see any unknown apps, check the devices that are connected.

through connected devices

Thanks to the fact that it is possible to have 4 devices connected without keeping your phone connected, it may be that someone has taken advantage of the access to your mobile to link a WhatsApp Web application in your browser or has allowed access to one of your devices to spy on you. Therefore, go in the menu of the 3 points at the top of the messaging system to the option Paired devices and check what is there. If one appears and you have not really linked any, it is likely that they are spying on you.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the linked devices do not depend solely on your mobile being on or with coverage, so it is possible that someone is using your WhatsApp even if your mobile has been off for days. When you see the linked devices, you just have to log out of the one you think is being used to read your conversations.

How can a WhatsApp account be hacked

There are several ways to hack your whatsapp account. Next, the most frequent of them are explained.

Through WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is the easiest way to hack an account of the service, so it is the most used method. Just leave the session open on a public computer for anyone to read your conversations. Therefore, you must be careful to close it manually or remotely whenever you remember. If your session is linked to another device, another person can later use the messaging application as normal.

Through apps to clone WhatsApp

There are apps to clone whatsapp, with which you can copy an account to another device. These apps do not need to install anything on your mobile, it is enough to verify the device of the other person where it is installed, so the devices from which you access it should be checked or if you notice any suspicious movement.

With these apps, all conversations are synced and the other person can have access to everything you see. They will be able to see the received messages that you keep, photos, audios, videos and information about your contacts in the app.

By using spyware

There are applications that are installed on an iPhone and Android device, capable of showing all WhatsApp conversations to another person remotely. They are the famous spy apps and they need the hacker to have physical access to the device, since they have to install the software.

Once installed on a device, these applications can transmit all the information from the terminal to a panel that the attacker can use to see all the information he wants. In case you suspect that software of this type is installed on your mobile, the most effective and fastest way to get rid of it is to restore the device to the factory state and configure it as new.

Using the mSpy program

the app mSpyavailable for Android Y iphone, is parental control and also has its own functions for WhatsApp, among other applications. Specifically, it is designed to control the activity of your children remotely, although it may be that someone is using it without you knowing.

They have a large number of features to spy on messages and live chats, although you have to be very careful with their use. To find out if they are spying on you with it, you have to follow the signs that someone is accessing your content, since otherwise it is very difficult to verify it. You can also find out if you can at some point access the other person’s phone and see what they have installed. If it is not visible to the naked eye, you must go to the phone settings to applications.


You have learned through the information provided how to recover a hacked whatsapp account, according to the most frequent ways of hacking that exist. In addition, some ways are described that you have to know if your account in the messaging application has been stolen and some methods that malicious people use to hack your whatsapp account.

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