How to record WhatsApp calls in 2021 without anyone noticing


There are different ways to record WhatsApp calls without anyone noticing.

You can do it directly with the recorder that comes standard on your mobile phone or using third-party applications. The truth is that on many occasions, especially to avoid spending on our mobile rate, we usually use the audio call option in this messaging app.

In fact, being able to record the calls we make on WhatsApp is one of the requests that many like-minded users request in the new updates. However, it seems that at the moment its creators do not plan to add it.

That is why today we show you a tutorial well explained about different ways to record WhatsApp calls by way of free and easy.

How to record WhatsApp calls with the Mobile Recorder

Although it may seem incredible, it is only necessary voice recorder app that is integrated into our phone. We only have to meet one requirement: that the call occurs with free hands so that the application can capture the sound and record it.

This option is fully compatible with iPhone, Android or any operating system. In the event that you do not have by chance any voice recorder application on your smartphone, we leave you the 2 main ones with which you can record WhatsApp calls.

android voice recordervoice recorder ios

Applications to record WhatsApp calls

However, it is possible that we do not want to choose to have the hands-free activated when we receive the call that we want to record or that, directly, we want to obtain a recording with higher sound quality than that provided by the voice recorder.

For record WhatsApp calls also exist Applications specific for it. We present the best apps for both Android as for iOs.


The two best applications to record WhatsApp calls on Android are:

Call Recorder – Cube ACR

Call Recorder - Cube ACR

Totally free even if it has a premium paid version. However, the quality of the recording does not influence whether it is one option or the other. It is capable of recording all types of calls and VoIP, being able to choose between doing it automatically with all the calls you receive and make, or manually.

Download cube acr

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Another option is to have an app capable of recording the screen and supporting sound. In this way, we will use the same tactic as with the voice recorder. This is a good free option for Android and allows you to record for 1 hour, so if you want to save long-term calls it is a great option.

Download Rec. (Screen Recorder)


In the case of iPhone, we can directly use the screen recording option that is integrated in the devices or a separate application to record WhatsApp calls.

Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder

One of the advantages of this app is that, in addition to being able to record calls, it is capable of transcribing them to text. It is free and has no advertising. It has no time limit, you can easily share and export the recording and it is one of the most used for this function worldwide.

Download Rev Call Recorder

Recommendations for WhatsApp

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