How to protect WhatsApp chats with password in 2021


There are times when we want to protect the contents of the messages we receive as much as possible for various reasons. This is something that designers have very much in mind and that is why they allow us protect WhatsApp chats with password and with various novel security methods.

However, not everyone is very clear if they can do it. from the settings of the application itself or, conversely, it will be necessary to download a external alternative to be able to lock our WhatsApp messages with a password.

Let me tell you that both options are possible, free and effective. We are going to teach you how to protect WhatsApp chats with a password from the app itself and the best external alternatives for it.

Methods to protect WhatsApp chats with password

We could say that there is 3 methods to protect WhatsApp chats with password, including of course the protection of our account and using more efficient methods such as blocking by paw print digital or facial recognition Face ID.

We show you how to activate each of them whether you have an Android mobile or iOS. In addition, we present you the best third-party application to protect your messages with a traditional password.

Protect your account with Two-Step Verification

One of the options that we must have activated yes or yes to increase the security level of our WhatsApp is the Verification in two steps. In this way, it will be almost impossible for someone to steal our WhatsApp account or enter to read all our messages.

When you re-register your number in WhatsApp, the application will ask you for the PIN that you entered when activating this option. If you want to activate two-step verification:

  • Go to Settings > Bill > Two-Step Verification and choose the PIN what you want.

two-step verification

Fingerprint or Face ID

If what you want is protect the conversations themselves, you should know that within the WhatsApp app itself you can do it using the methods of Fingerprint or Facial recognition. In this way you will have to put the fingerprint or use Face ID to unlock the app and enter the conversations.

In the event that your mobile has fingerprint recognition, you must go to:

  • Settings > Bill > Privacy > Fingerprint lock.


For users with newer phones that have Face ID, the procedure is the same:

  • Settings > Bill > Privacy > Screen lock > Require Face ID.

face id

Password with external applications

Before introducing you to our favorite, you can know the best password apps to block applications, including WhatsApp. However, there is one that we like the most to use specifically when it comes to protecting our WhatsApp conversations with a numeric password.

Chat Lock for WhatsApp

app protect WhatsApp chats with password

Once you have it downloaded and installed, you can choose a password with which to encrypt your conversations. You will notice that when you enter the application it does not ask for any password. Will be when you want to access a conversation when will you have to enter the PIN or password.

We can select all the chats that we want to protect. You just have to enter Chat Lock for WhatsApp and select the icon “+ “ to add the ones you want.

Download chat lock for whatsapp

Guides with apps to spy on WhatsApp

Surely on some occasion you have been curious about spy on conversations of your minor child with the intention of protecting their privacy as much as possible on the Internet. We have told you the best methods to spy on WhatsApp both with third-party apps and with tricks within the official version.

There are a wide variety of applications that we can install on our device to spy on WhatsApp. Some like WhatsApp Sniffer We have already analyzed them on our website, although the offer is increasing.

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