How to pixelate a photo before sending it by WhatsApp 2021


There are times when we are forced to pixelate a photo before sending it on WhatsApp either because the face of a minor appears and we want to publish it or because we simply want to distort a part of the image.

In order to start this process there are several alternatives depending on whether you have a device with iOs or a Android. Regardless, being able to pixelate the images for free and quickly is possible in both options.

We tell you how to pixelate a photo before sending it by WhatsApp with the best apps and free websites.

Function on iPhone to pixelate a photo before sending it by WhatsApp

If you have a iPhone or an iPad and you want to know how to pixelate a photo before sending it by WhatsApp, you’re lucky. Relatively recently, this messaging application included among its editing functions the option of pixelating any part of the image before sending it.

It is a very easy and fast method with which we can distort someone’s face or hide what we do not like. To do so, you just have to follow 3 simple steps.

1. The first thing is go to chat of the person or group to which we want to send the pixelated photo. Swe choose the photo and we will see the following on the screen.

2. In the top right we have the option to select Pencil to be able to draw on the image before sending it. If we click we will see the range of colors and, at the bottom, we have the Pixelate option the picture.

3. You just need to go selecting the parts of the image you want and you will have a result such that. Now you can send your pixelated photo easily.

For Android users

In the case of users who use Android The process is a bit complicated, but downloading any of the following applications that we are going to show will be simple and fast Pixelate a photo before sending it on WhatsApp.

Apps to pixelate photos on Android

There is a great variety of Applications with which to be able to pixelate an image to send it by WhatsApp. Of all the free versions, our two favorites are as follows.



It is a Quite a complete photo editing app. Among its many options is to be able to pixelate a photo and then share it. However, the advantage of using this app is that you can retouch and improve the appearance of the image beyond just pixelating it.

Download Pixlr



If what you want is a simpler app and that it is focused only on pixelate images, Pixelator is for you. You can also find it in Google Play and you can change the hardness of the pixels in case you want it to be something more subtle and that someone’s image is not recognized at all.

Download Pixelator

Best websites to pixelate photos for free

Beyond the Android applications with which pixelate a photo before sending it on WhatsAppp, there are different free websites in which you can quickly pixelate, download and share images. Here are two of the most used by users.


What we like the most about Phixr it is its ability to edit images online. You can crop the photo before pixelating it and add some of the effects that the platform incorporates. For example, you can whiten teeth, reduce noise, or add stickers and filters.


Pinetools is an online photo retouching website that incorporates a huge variety of options. From any editing process to being able to pixelate an image. If you are looking for a free platform for this without having to download anything and that incorporates some extra functions, it is your best option.

Free apps to edit photos on Android and iOS

Before posting an image on social media or sharing those photos from yesterday’s party with your friends, you can make some color and light corrections and add filters with the best apps to edit photos on Android and iOS.

In fact, the vast majority are very easy to use and allow you to correct what you do not like so that a natural result remains.

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