How to know if I have Amazon Prime activated

Amazon Prime is one of the largest and most successful subscription services in the world, and as its owner is the giant Amazon, they consent to their customers by benefiting them with some advantages, mainly free shipping in 1 day for two million products in stock and shipments in 2 or 3 days for several million more.

The main advantage Amazon Prime is that it gives you the opportunity to save shipping costs, which can help you a lot if you buy frequently on the Amazon platform. In addition, opening a Prime account includes other benefits, such as access to Prime Video, the TV platform that is direct competition from other platforms such as Netflix or HBO. Also, Amazon Prime gives you access to Twitch Prime, a premium account of the streaming service.

Currently, people are getting used to using all the applications that the different providers offer us, since every day we prefer to have the information and products at a certain time, just by entering through our smartphone.

Although the Amazon app allows you to consult and perform many operations, many users do not know if they have Amazon Prime activated, so Amazon allows you to manage your accounts from a Mozilla browser or Chrome to know the status of your Prime account.

The first step is enter from PC, mobile or tablet and consult (or .com if you are from outside Spain).

Once you have entered Amazon from your PC, tablet or mobile, look for the option “Accounts and lists”.

When you have selected it, now go to the section of “Subscription to Amazon Prime

On Subscription to Amazon Prime, there will be all the pertinent information that may interest you in your account, such as the type of subscription and the date of your next payment, with which you can validate if you still have the service solvent and if Prime is activated. In addition, in the event of a problem, you can be sure that it is not due to lack of payment, but that it could be a technical inconvenience.

How to cancel the automatic subscription to Amazon Prime? How to unsubscribe from Amazon Premium?

This is the scenario that you liked this platform, but it is not profitable to continue paying your account, either you cannot afford it, or you simply do not want it to be renewed automatically. So the giant Amazon te allows you to unsubscribe but with several steps that we will see below:

How to know if I have Amazon Prime activated

  1. In the page “My Amazon Prime subscription”From your account, download and click on“End my subscription and benefits“.

How to know if I have Amazon Prime activated

  1. Amazon will ask you “Are you sure you want to end your Amazon Prime benefits? Scroll down to the option and click on “Finish my advantages“.
  2. Amazon will insist on proposing that you switch to a monthly subscription plan. So scroll down until you find the option and click on “Terminate my subscription“.
  3. Finally, last step. You just have to click on “End and renounce my benefits as of MM DD YYYY“.

Once the previous steps have been completed, you have succeeded in canceling the subscription; When your subscription ends, you will not be charged anything in your bank account. If you want to stay with Amazon Prime, you just have to re-subscribe when you need to.

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