How to install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick

Did you know that you can install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick? This allows you to implement a media center, or multimedia center, in a simple way. A centralized software with everything you need, from managing music litas, to streaming channels, playing videos from your library, or having an image gallery. In addition, they support extensions of their functions through addons. Therefore, you would surely like to know how it can be installed on Amazon Fire Stick.

For its installation, you just have to follow a few simple steps, since unlike in Android, in Fire OS it will not be found in the official store. Therefore, although Amazon’s system is based on Android, installing Kodi on a Fire Stick would be something different. Of course, this process also works for other Amazon devices with FireOS, such as their tablets …

Set up Amazon Fire TV Stick for Kodi

Before starting, you should know that Kodi is an external application that you cannot find in the Amazon marketplace. Therefore, the first thing you should do is configure your device to accept the installation of applications of unknown origin.

Doing it is very easy and you will only have to follow the following steps:

  1. Press up from the controller on the Main menu to access the Choices.
  2. Once there, select Setting and click on My Fire TV. Quiet, it seems that the option is very hidden but it is very simple.
  3. Click on Choices for developers and mark as enabled the two options that appear inside: Debugged ADB and Apps of unknown origin.

Ready! You already have your device ready for install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick. The next step, therefore, will be to download and install the application. Attentive to how to do it step by step.

Download and install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick step by step

As you already know, it is not available for download and install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick. That is why you will need an application that allows you to download and install third-party applications outside of Amazon. You can directly use a browser like Firefox and download it through an APKs page.

But we recommend that you do it through another specific application for this, such as Downloader.

  1. Whether you choose one option or another you have to access Categories: in the top menu and click on Utilities.
  2. Now you have to access through the search engine (the browser or Downloader) to kodi download link.
  3. Next, select Android and then the 32-bit ARM version that is compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  4. You will see that the application begins to download. Don’t touch anything and let the device itself notify you when the download is finished.
  5. Now you have to accept the permissions of the APK (totally safe) and click Install to begin the installation.

Once finished, you will have finished install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick and you will have the application along with the rest on your device. Of course, as it is not an app from the official store, if update, you will have to download it again manually to access new versions …

Best Apps for Amazon Fire TV Stick

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