How to install Downloader and Filelinked on Fire Stick TV

As you know, the app Downloader is a practical application for download that you can install easily from the official store of your Amazon Fire Stick. With it you can also access another popular app, such as FileLinked. This one was formerly known as DroidAdmin, and it’s an excellent file sharing and download tool.

With FileLinked you can have files, videos, photos, music, APKs, and much more. Furthermore, you can simply be a file “downloader”, as well as a “sharer”, and even both. Something like what happens in other Torrent client apps, or P2P like eMule, etc.

Install Filelinked via Downloader

The steps you have to follow in order to get Filelinked through Downloader on your Fire Stick TV is very simple. You only have to follow these steps, since not being in the official store, things get a bit complicated compared to other apps:

  1. Go to the Amazon Fire Stick TV app store.
  2. Search and install Downloader, since it is available in this store.
  3. Once installed, you run the Downloader app.
  4. It will open with the Home tab preselected in its interface, but you must click on the right, on URL.
  5. Now enter this download URL (or cut and paste):
  6. Tap GO when it’s inserted.
  7. That should start the Filelinked app APK download.
  8. Wait for the download to be completed, and once you have it locally, click on the APK to install it. (You will need to have the unknown sources option activated). By the way, you can also delete the .apk downloaded from Downloader, since it will not be necessary and it takes up space …
  9. Now you can open the Filelinked app.

Use Filelinked from Fire Stick

Once you have Filelinked installed from the third-party source, now you have to know how to useTo do this, here is a simple tutorial to get started:

Remember that the use of these types of apps can be a danger to your security if you do not know the origin of the content you are downloading. Also, if the content is illegal, such as pirated products, you are committing a crime. Therefore, you are responsible for the use you give this app.

  1. Open the FileLinked app.
  2. You have to sign up for a FileLinked account if you don’t already have a download code. If you have it, you can skip this step. To register:
    1. Enter here.
    2. Create code.
    3. If you don’t have an account, click Register.
    4. Fill in the form and follow the steps for registration and you will be good to go. Now you can start enjoying Filelinked downloads….
  3. If you only want to upload files to share then the steps are:
    1. Go to the Filelinked website.
    2. Press Create code.
    3. Insert your credentials with which you registered.
    4. Click on Create a new configuration.
    5. You can name, enter a description, protect files with a PIN code, organize one or more files that you want to upload, etc.
    6. Once you’re done, click on Save.
    7. Click Create files.
    8. You can choose logos and others, although it is optional. You can get past all of that.
    9. Add a new file to upload what you need.
    10. When you’re done, you can tap Back to return to the main screen.
    11. Now you will see your code. Now, whoever wants to access these files through the FileLinked app to share them, will need to know this code …
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